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Found 6 results

  1. ~This topic is for in-character interaction only, and only open to those joining the faction. Questions and out-of-character discussion should be posted into the General Discussion topic.~ PROGRESS. CREATION. LIBERTY. On a late summer's night, a secret assembly took place in the Chateau de Shadeaux, located high on top of the Crescent Hill. Count Noctus Shadeaux had heard that his rival merchant, Heinrich Hinckwell, had formed an alliance earlier that day, and thus summoned those great houses that had been left on the outs into his mansion: the Ji Pei, foreign ambassadors and innovators, and the Guild of Invision, alchemists that dominated the potion business in the city. To counter their rivals, the Shadeaux, the Ji Pei and the Guild of Invision put together the Crescent Union, as it would later be called, during that night. "It is insulting zat 'Einrich does not deem us worzy ouf zoining 'is effourts tu regain 'old ouf zis city!" "But Count Shadeaux, we are as much of a threat to him and his allies as the Wolfgang. Surely you understand that. Look at us; a true menagerie of foreigners and minority races." "Hmmm, yes. We have all changed this city in our own way too, we have." "U'lalah ith right; only ve knov vhat vreedom truly meanth! It ith conthant change and adaptation! Eubric cannot remain vree in the handth ov Volvgang nor thith Thungold Allianthe!" "Exactement! Zat is why we 'ave to create an opposing force, one to be reckoned wiz! We must give zis city a ruleur who can truly change it four ze betteur." "But who would be such a leader? I would say you are a force to be reckoned with, Umbra. With your cunning and determination, nothing could stand in our way." "Do not sell yourself short, my son. You are wise beyond your years, and your military training will be desperately needed in the times to come." "I agree with your mother, Jun. You would make a fine king for us, and make Eubric a close ally with the mighty Xu." "What about our Guildmaster, hmmm? The Masked Man has been around for centuries, and with his mastermind at our helm, nothing would stand in our way." "Speculation is worthless. We need to see which one among us is the most popular - that is the only way to beat Ulric to the throne. I say we do as the others did and call the Heroicans to join us. They are not always trustworthy, but if we can convince those most loyal to our cause to spread the word, we could win over the common folk's favor." "Zo, we shall leave it tu 'Eroica tu decide who becomes our noble ruler, n'est-ce pas?" All three families agreed to this, and thus choice members of Heroica were sent letters to invite them into the Crescent Union. JOINING THE CRESCENT UNION: ~ If a player character has reputation with the Shadeaux, the Ji Pei or the Guild of Invision, they can opt to join the Crescent Union by posting a "letter" where he or she expresses their will to this topic. ~ Once the character has joined, they will lose all reputation with the Hinckwells, the Bonapartes and the Ziegfrieds, including access to the expert job classes those Houses offer. Reputation with the Wolfgang is not affected. ~ If at any point the character wants to quit the Crescent Union, they will lose all reputation among the three Houses in it as well. ~ By joining the faction, the player character has access to the faction-specific shop, as well as any future events held by the faction. ~ Some future quests will be geared towards a certain faction, while members of the opposing faction may be locked out of them. So please consider your options before joining! MEMBERS: Atramor Gibbin (CallMePie) Boris Bruhalv (Waterbrick Down) The Demon Germ (samuraiturtle) Dyric Rone (The Legonater) Ezeran Yanarr (MysticModulus) Guts Holla (Scubacarrot) Hoke Ablesword (UsernameMDM) Hybros (JimBee) Lind Whisperer (Lind Whisperer) Na'im Thamir (Enceladus) Sorrow (Endgame) Terry Yelnats (Endgame) Tesni Hightribe (Peppermint_M) Thormanil Nihai (swils) Torald Waruelf (Alfadas) Warlen Melimane (The Chosen Minifigure) CRESCENT STORE: Grating Stone (WP +1 to one weapon upon use.) Costs 250 gold. First Aid Kit (Completely restores health and removes all negative effects for the entire party once when used.) Costs 150 gold. Libra Signet (This sealing ring bears the secret emblem of the merchant’s guild. The owner can purchase items at a discount (decided by the QM) in any store during a quest. Does not apply to the Marketplace.) Costs 500 gold. Moebius Ring (This ring only has one side, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life. The wearer is automatically revived to full health once per battle; accessory.) Costs 1000 gold. Tritech Enhancement (A device that can be attached to any weapon inseparably. The enhanced weapon ignores defense and damages undead.) Costs 1000 gold. FIRST FACTION EVENT: KINGMAKERS ~ All members of the Crescent Union may suggest one candidate to become the ruler supported by the faction. You may only vote for one candidate, but you may change your vote as long as the voting is on. ~ The candidate can be a known NPC or a player character, but not a completely new, made-up character. It has to be a humanoid, not animal, plant or an inanimate object. ~ The influence that the player character's suggestion has is affected by the reputation he or she has among the Houses: each good reputation gives 1 influence, great reputation 2 influence, and outstanding reputation 3 influence. ~ The voting lasts until the end of the year 2015. Once the event is over, the candidate with the most influence behind them will become the faction's choice for the first king or queen of Eubric. Votes: Guts Holla: 11 (5 votes by Guts, 2 votes by Dyric, 1 by Na'im, 1 by Terry, 2 by Boris) Jun Ji Pei: 13 (5 votes by Atramor, 3 votes by Warlen, 5 votes by Hybros) Lind Whisperer: 5 (2 votes by Lind, 2 by Demon Germ, 1 by Torald) Umbra Shadeaux: 4 (4 votes by Thormanil)
  2. On a wintry day, three heroes of Heroica arrived to the Hinckwell Villa. They were escorted to the room where the lady of the house was waiting for them. "So, you are the three gentlemen that answered my call", said Laureline Hinckwell in her soft, melodic voice. "Welcome to the Hinckwell Villa, and more specifically, the Music Hall, where I keep my instruments. Unfortunately I get a chance to play them all too seldom nowadays, for my duties as the wife of the wealthiest merchant in the city keep me busy... But I digress. The song that is in question has never been played under this roof, in any case. It has been almost thirty years since I composed it. I was a silly young girl back then, with my head up in the clouds. His name was Taliesin, fair of hair and blue of eye, and we formed quite a duet when we performed together in various taverns around Uland. However, my dreams were bigger than his. When I was approached by Heinrich to perform in this very house, I couldn't refuse. However, the invitation was for me only. Taliesin was upset, we argued, and later that night I found myself from Heinrich's arms." With a hint of sadness in her smile, Laureline walked to the grand piano standing in the middle of the room. "I chose fame and fortune over my first love. This song I wrote for Taliesin, and I call it Lovebird." Party: Darksten (Comrade Commander) 35 year old male human Ranger *Party Leader* Level 14 *Immune to poisoned, bleeding, cursed, jinxed and blinded* Power: 20 (14+6) Defense: 2 Health: 20/20 (6+13+1) Gold: 442 Equipment: Crossbow (WP:6), Sand-Worm Hide (SP: 2, bodywear), Tribal Amulet (Wearer is immune to poisoned, bleeding, cursed, jinxed, and blinded; suitable to barbarians, rangers, beast warriors; accessory) Inventory: Weapons: Spider String Bow (WP:4, darkness-elemental bow) Artifacts: Safety Blanket (SP:1, protects from Afraid, backwear) Consumables: Potion x14, Grand Potion x2, Health Core, Remedy x6, Elixir, Phoenix Essence x2, Mead x4, Smelling Salts x2, Nostrum x2, Soma, Ambrosia, Root Beer (Restores 10 health, or can be used as a bomb against undead enemies for 20 damage. The Root Beer does not affect non-undead enemies), Aeolus Bomb, Floral Bomb, Smoke bomb, Lightning Bomb x8, Venom x3, Bone x3 Tools: Bedroll, Pickaxe, Shovel, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Magic Compass Bobby "Young" Bucks Jr. (Zepher) 19 year old human Rogue Level 4 *Immune to cursed**Attacks cause enamored* Power: 14 (4+10) Defense: 3 Health: 10/10 (7+3) Gold: 46 Equipment: Hue and Saturation whip (WP: 10; causes Enamored), Nondescript Cape (SP: 3; protects from Cursed effect; suitable for rogues; backwear) Inventory: Potion x2, Grand Potion, Health Core, Remedy x2, Mead, Smoke Bomb Leofwein Twynam (Capt.JohnPaul) 18 Year Old Human Barbarian Level 4 Power: 10 (4+5+1) Defense: 1 Health: 12/12 (8+3+1) Gold: 98 Equipment: War Axe (WP:5), Mr. Snuggles (Accessory, +1 HP, +1 Power, +1 SP, cannot be imbued with scrolls, suitable for barbarians) Inventory: War Axe (WP:3), Remedy, Mead x2, Venom x2
  3. Heroica RPG - Quest #104: Ace Assassin: Dual Dragoons At the request of the Dragonlord, Veteran of Heroica, six Heroes gather at the Eubric docks just as dawn begins to break. Those Heroes are: The Party: Actaeon Artus (Actaeon) *Party Leader* 21 year old male human Level 1 Ranger Power: 4 Health: 6/6 Gold: 5 Equipment: Bow (WP:3) Inventory: Smoke Bomb, Potion, Bedroll Siercon (Siercon and Coral) Male, Age and species unknown Level 6 Mage Power: 14 (6 levels + 8 WP) Defense: 1 (Robe of the Magi) Health: 10/10 (5 base + 5 lvl) Ether: 10/10 (5 base + 5 lvl) Gold: 41 Equipment: Lullaby Wand (WP:8, deals sleep-effect; wand), Robe of the Magi (SP:1), Inventory: *Sylvania's Cowl (Artifact, Head Wear, Animal Talk), Spellbound Gloves (Power +5 to spells) *Diamond (Light), Scroll of Sleep, Bedroll *Potion x2, Remedy The Demon Germ (Samurai Turtle) ??? years old ; Half Demon; Male Level 1 Rogue Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 7/7 Ether: 0 Gold 5 Equipment: Copper Dagger (WP:3; dagger) Inventory: Venom, Potion, Bedroll Warlen Melimane and Quarion the floating skull (The Chosen Minifigure) 17 Year old Male Half-Elf Level 1 Mage Power: 4 Health: 5/5 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 5 Equipment: Gold-Coated bat staff (Wp:3) Inventory: Potion, Amethyst (Darkness), bedroll Yuji Daeth (Daeth) 34 year old male Croaken (Frog based race) Level 1 cleric Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 9/9 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 10 Equipment: Slightly Sharpened Croaken Staff (WP:3; staff) Inventory: Remedy, Potion Kiray Nastayo, A Hero Who Is Actually Worth Something 24 year old female human Level 4 Knight Power: 7 Defense: 2 Health: 13/13 Gold: 5 Equipment: Sword of the Kin (WP:3), Scutum Shield (SP:2; shield) Inventory: Potion, Banana (Restores full health when eaten), Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 elemental damage to all opponents), Bedroll The morning fog still has not lifted, leaving the harbor itself shrouded behind a murky curtain of gray mist, but eventually the Heroes find their employer, again locked in deep discussion with Count Shadeaux. Waiting impatiently nearby is the seventh member of their party, a dark-garbed teenager who glares at the party as they approach. "...why you were training them in the first place?" "Dragonlourd, you of all personnes zhould know why I can non trust--" "Heroes. Running behind as usual, I see." The Dragonlord is the first to look up, but unlike the girl he smiles, a boisterous grin spreading across his face as he sights the Heroes. "Heroes! Good to see some fresh blood in the organization--though of course, a couple of you have done some good work for us already." Dragonlord nods in acknowledgement of Siercon and Kiray, though Count Shadeaux merely frowns more deeply than he already was. "Are you all ready for this adventure?" "Mon Dieu, Dragonlord, you speak like zis is un plaisir voyage and non an imminente catastrophe!" What will the party do? QM Note: Welcome to the Quest, 104ers! Hope you're excited as I am! Please check to make sure your stats are correct, and if you make any marketplace posts, I'll be sure to update these. You have 24 hours to confrim. Siercon, some of your stats were off; if you've used any consumables that permanently altered your stats, could you please link me to them? Also, since you are only Level 6, you can only have one Artifact equipped at a time; I've left the Robe of the Magi since that was what you already had equipped. Daeth and The Chosen Minifigure, you had both included your images as attachments rather than as image links from other sites. I have taken the liberty of uploading them to my Photobucket account (and in the case of Warlen and Quarion resizing them to normal size), you can now use them in the future by typing the following: Warlen: [img=] Quarion: [img=] Daeth: [img=]
  4. ~This quest is for chosen heroes only! If you wish to play, please herd over to the Rules and Discussion to learn how to do so! Thanks.~ The Party members, each at their own time found their way to the Albatross, a two story building of maple and oak, and pass through the small anteroom, passing by the fumbling clerk who tried to book them for room, to find themselves in the bar of the inn. Since it was midday, the building was relatively empty, with only two groups of patrons, and the ever-present Barkeep, still cleaning one of his cups with a piece of cloth. The Party recognised one group of Patrons as their benefactors. The Hinckwell employees were sharing stories as they emptied their glasses. The mustached Hinckwell was clearly fond of the alchohol, and apeared to be slightly inebriated dispite the early hour. His associate was speaking jocularly. The Hooded man spoke. "...So the other guy said, "it was the work of the mad wizard," and then I said... "I knew't!" The brown haired Hinckwell laughed boisterously. At the other table, two women (one rather man-like it attire and body-shape) seemed locked in discussion. "It's been fa' too long." Stated the bow-tied and vested woman in a pronounced 'Bronx' accent, a drink pressed against her lips. "Hold on." the woman stated, returning her attention to her drink. She shook it, her hand consumed by a ring of flame, and a the liquid began boilling. "I prefoir mine shaken and boint." She smiled, flashing an actor's grin at her associate. "So how's the mister, missus Lawrence?" She queried slyly with a wink. "It's not 'missus Lawrence.'" Stated the cloaked woman in black business attire with a cold, dissinterested, but boyish voice. The bowtied woman appeared shocked, but the sentiment was clearly exaggerated. "Miss Finch?" She questioned. "no." Stated the hooded figure. "Xanataci?" The woman wondered, actually surprised now. "Yes." "Your maiden name? My woid, what happened?" the incredulous woman queried. "We'll have time to discuss that later. Right now, I want to discuss a business proposal with you." The Hooded figure stated, her face cold. Party: Name: William Harkenshire *Party Leader* Level: 18 Warden Power: 29 Health: 33/33 Gold: 45 SP: 14 Equipment: Croise Crossbow (WP: 12), Chimera Armor (Torsowear, Suitable for Knights and Barbarians, +2 SP, +2 Health), Pauldrons (SP +2, suitable to Knights, Dragoons and Skirmishers; accessory), Mirror Shield (SP:10, user is immune to light-elemental damage; shield) Inventory: Repeating Crossbow (WP: 5 May not be upgraded; Fire; Hastened), Hand Cannon (WP: 5; Lightning, Wood), Lion Knight Shield (SP: 4, suitable for Knights), Amulet of the Elven Horse Rider (Power +1 on the front row, doubles movement), Sapphire, Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, Pickaxe, Skeleton Decoy, Shovel, Magnifying Glass, Venom, Elven Bomb, Bomb XX, Wave Sword (WP: 11; Darkness; Cursed Effect), 4 Fire Bombs, Water Bomb, Elixer, Military Grade Water Bomb, Military Grade Lightning Bomb, Bone, Magic Saucepan, Nostrum, Rito Feather (consumable, grants the hastened- and blessed-effects upon use for one battle) Alexandre le Chevalier (Played by Capt.JohnPaul) Level 22 1/3 Black Knight, 20 year old elf male*Immune to Stunned* Power: 32 Defense: 14 Health: 40/40 Gold: 12 Equipment: Sword of the Elven Blademaster (WP: 10 ;ignores SP, +1 gold per successful strike), Cross Heater Shield (SP: 10), Dapper Hat (Headwear, wearer has a 1/6 chance of becoming encouraged at the start of each battle), Black Knight Armor (SP:4, protects from Stunned effect.) Inventory: Potions (7), Bedroll, Smoke Bomb 2x, Fire Bomb, Feather Duster of DOOM (WP: 1), Eyepatch (Headwear: 1/2 chance to prevent blinded-effect. Costs 20 gold. A hero cannot equip more than 1 eyepatch) Deadly Venom x2, Tome of The Regret, Volatile Venom x6, Mead 4x, Nostrum 3x, Smelling Salts x1, Grand Potion, Emerald (Wood) Sir Brickington, KRT (Brickington) 19 year old human male knight Level 12.5 Power: 20 (Level 12 + WP: 8) Defense: 7 Health: 21/21 Gold: 208 Equipment: Pirate Cutlass (WP:8, steals five gold every critical hit, has hollow blade that has remedy installed), Great Sword Mk. II (WP: 4), Duplovian Helmet of the Guard: - SP:2 Immunity to Magic and healing, Shield (WP: 5) Inventory: Bedroll, Smoke Bomb, Soma, Water Bomb, Mead, Smelling Salts, 3x Potion, Grating Stone, Triangle Shield (SP: 2), Winged Helmet (SP:2) QM Note: Please confirm within the next 48 hours, and correct your stats if I got them wrong.
  5. A small group of heroes leave the Hall at first light and make their way outside the walls of the city. They are.... The Party Dyric Rone *Party Leader* Level 20 1/3 Assassin *Immune to Wood, Water, Earth, Ice, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light, Darkness* Power: 32: Defense: 3 Health: 32/32 Gold: 115 Equipment: Requiem (WP: 20; wood, light and darkness-elemental, ranged), Lucky Die, Tricorne (SP:3, Water, Wood, Earth, Ice, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light, Darkness - elemental) Sticky Gloves (Increases amount of gold stolen by 50%; handwear) Inventory: Double Chain Whip (WP:10), Throwing Knife (WP:4, ranged, retrievable), Longsword (WP: 3), Aquamarine (Water), Diamond, 4 Potions, 4 Grand Potions, Elixir, 2 Remedies, Mead, 2 Venoms, Smoke Bomb, Skeleton Decoy, 3 Mythril Shards (3/4 of a Mythril), Silver Ore (Worth 60 gold), Bone, Grand Potion, Winged Sandals, Pheonix Essence, Smelling Salt Bedroll, Shovel Thothwick Level 24.33 Black Knight *Damage Undead* *Immune to Stunned* Power: 38 (34 Ranged) Defense: 10 Health: 39/39 Gold: 449 Equipment: Banana Sabre (WP:12, Heals Metasimians when used on them), Skull Shield (SP:6; immunity to darkness-elemental damage; suitable to Black Knights only), Black Knight's Armour (SP:4, protects from stunned-effect), Cultist's Hat (regular attacks do Damage to Undead) Inventory: Shuriken (WP 8), Sabre (WP 10), 1 Bedroll, 1 Telescope, 1 Potion, 9 Cosmic Essences, 1 Venom, 5 Deadly venoms, Grand Zoot Cookie, Sapphire, Dragon Scale Karie Alderflask Level 17.5 Witch Power: 24 Defense: 2 Health: 31/31 Ether: 23/23 Gold: 302 Equipment: Oculoid Palm (WP: 11, Whip, successful hits lowers the target's level. Coils around the user's arm and mimics a tattoo outside of battle.) by 1. Ethereal Cloak (SP +2, Max. Ether +4),Catsuit (Wearer has 1/3 chance to completely avoid rolls of COUNTER and DAMAGE and Free Hits; suitable to women only; bodywear) Inventory: Grand Tonic, Mead (1), Remedy (1), Venom (7), Smoke bomb (1), Pixie Dust (1),Telescope (1), Bedroll (1), Emergency Essence (1) Quest Items: Entry 11, Map of Brendenton (1), Spider Coin (worth 1 gp), Forest Journal Aretefacts/Weapons: Heirloom Dagger (WP: 3), Scroll of Newtity (costs 10 ether)(usable by ex-Amphibians only), Lover's Locket (Accessory, Protects from enamoured effect), Trickster's Mask of the Elf (Accessory, changes user's appearance into an Elf) Sexy (WP: 7, Rapier, Disregards SP, usable by Knights and Rogues), Paper Doll (Accesory, prevents Hexing) Gemstones: Topaz The city walls of Eubric look as haphazardly thrown together as everything else in the bustling port. They had the appearance that the contractor had totally forgotten that he had agreed to build them, and then the day before the project had been due some friend had taken mercy on him and reminded him that he had agreed to construct them. Stones are piled high with mortar. Some places have intricate arches and stone work, most do not. The years have not been kind to the walls - they are now supplemented with huge wooden beams. The heroes wander around a little before they find their employer - Lord Henry Hinckwell, brother to the esteemed head of the Hinckwell house. He sits proudly on his horse, staring down at them with slight annoyance and slight intrigue. "Hello heroes, I hope that you are well rested, you have a long day of travel before you. Here is the situation. I have recently arranged with the Guild of Invision to send a shipment of explosives to the High Kingdoms for mining purposes. Sadly, it looks like the explosives will not be making it there on time. Sir Grady the Bold was en route to Bric'Bay Fort when he was belayed by a group of mercenaries. Sir Grady, tell them." "My troops and I were carrying the crates north when on the Eubric Highway a group of disreputable fellows plunged out of the forest. They slaughtered my troops and I barely escaped with my life. I was able to disarm and kill one of the bandits, and when I picked up his sword, I found that it was Shadeaux made." "The Shadeaux have had an eye on this shipment for a long time, and I have very good reason to believe that they have taken it and will be attempting to sell it to someone else. Our families have always been at odds, but we never fight openly - it would make sense if they or one of their cronies, probably a Shawe, hired bandits to make it appear like a random attack. I responded in turn by hiring a group of bandits led by Strong-Chested Bors, but they have not returned and I fear the worst. I am forced to turn to your organization. Make no mistakes, I have no love for you. My own son, Sir Roderick Hinckwell, mysteriously disappeared in service to you, and your representatives at Lord Guffington's party were troublesome to say the least. Besides that, I have heard that you are in many ways responsible for the troubles we suffered in Brendenton. My nephew Lorcan has assured me that he has worked well with a least a few of your numbers in the past, however, and I'm running out of options. You are to find Shawe, find the shipment, and return it to me. Are there any questions?"
  6. -The following forum is for chosen members who have signed up and have been chosen for the quest. If you'd like to join the game, head over to the Discussion and Rules Forum to find out how!- Sorrow(Endgame) *Party Leader* 428 years old undead Assassin Level 22 *Immune to Light and Blinded* Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 6 Health: 33/33 (7+21+5) Gold: 2543 (Owed 200 gold by Karie) Equipment: Mockthril Longbow (WP: 22 Ice and Darkness Elemental), Sticky Gloves (Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up), suitable for rogues and beast warriors; handwear),Night’s Helmet (SP:6, immunity to light and blinded; headwear) Inventory: Longsword (WP: 5), Armor of the Croise (SP: 1, +2 power; bodywear), Dark Cloak (Backwear, SP:1, Max Health +1, Power +1, suitable for rogues and barbarians), Archer's Hat (Artifact, headwear, Power +1, suitable for Rangers and their Advanced Classes), Scarf of Misfortune (Accessory, Wearer deals the Jinxed effect on every third round),Grand Potion x5, Health Core,Tonic, Ether Core x1, Remedy x5, Phoenix Essence x3, Venom, Deadly Venom, Mead x6, Smelling Salts x5, Nostrum x2, Dragon Scale x1, Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 random elemental damage to all opponents), Bedroll Romulus Dean(TheBoyWonder) Level 16.5 Raider *Immune to Fragile* Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 5 Health: 29/29 (7+15+7) Gold: 30 (30 to Loreal) Equipment: Combrys (WP:15, consecutive successful strikes raise Combry's WP by 1, unsuccessful strikes drop it to it's base WP), Sticky Gloves , Heavy Armour (SP5 protects from Fragile) Inventory: Bedroll, Staff of The Frog Paladin (WP:6, 1/6 chance of Amphibianocs Blessing (protects from damage)), Venom x3, Sylvania's Cowl(grants Animal Talk to Wearer), Phoenix Essence, Throwing Dagger (WP: 6), Scarlet Hood (Headwear, Power +4, Protects from Stunned), Meteor Blade (WP:10, Light), Spiked Club (WP:10, Earth) Grimwald Gjinko(LordoftheNoobs) 69 year old male gnome Cleric Level 4 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 0 Health: 12/12 (9+3) Ether: 8/8 (5+3) Gold: 0 (Owes Arthur 50 gold) Equipment: Broomstick (WP: 3) Inventory:Scroll of Frailty, Remedy, Potion x2, Bunch of Cherries (10/10 cherries that each restore 1 ether when eaten, up to the user to choose how many are eaten at a time), Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 random elemental damage to all opponents), Bedroll. Mizuki Kimura(zakura) 21-year-old female human Assassin Level 16.5 Power Bonus: 0 Health: 27/27 (7+15+5) Gold: 150 Equipment:Sticky Gloves( Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up)), Magic Viper Skin (accessory, heals 1 health to wearer each round of battle, unless knocked out) Inventory:Top Hat (WP: 14. 50% Stun chance, retrievable), Sylph Shuriken (WP:12, wind- and light-elemental, retrievable), Dagger (WP:10), Explosive Handcannon (WP:8/16 to Rock Monsters), Grand Potion, Potion, Phoenix Essence, 2 Venoms, Deadly Venom, 3 Nostrums, 2 Holy Bombs, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass, Death Progg Claw, Trial Brew, Rito Feather (consumable, grants the hastened- and blessed-effects upon use for one battle) Thormanil Nihai, Dragonslayer (Played by swils) Level 28 Raider *Natural Respite**Deals Water damage* *Immune to Darkness, Water, Bound, and Slowed* Power Bonus: +1 Defense: 3 Health: 42 (8+27+7) Gold: 2311 Equipment:Frozen Saber (WP: 9; Stuns enemies), Bright Armor (SP: 3, Null Darkness), Aqua Gear (Wearer deals and is immune to water elemental damage), Winged Sandals (Wearer is immune to bound and slowed effects) Inventory: Weapons & Shields: Wyvern's Tailblade (WP: 12, suitable for Barbarians & Knights), Thundering Totem (WP:9, lightning), Tongue on a Stick (WP:1, Miss -> "Aim"), Dragonsbane Lance (WP: 20, triple damage to enemies with 'Dragon' in their name, lance), Wooden Shield (SP:5, immune to wood elemental) Artifacts: Trickster's Mask of the Gender Swap (Accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Weredog (Accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Elf(Accessory), Fighter’s Boots(Footwear, +10 damage to melee attacks. Suitable for QMs only), Medal of Glory (Wearer gains triple experience, accessory) Consumables: Smelling Salts(2), Deadly Venom(2), Phoenix Essence(1), Remedy(5), 2pc&biscuit(1), Jinxy Juice(1) (Q35), Fire Bomb(2), Milk(1), Potion(2), Venom(3), Lightning Bomb, Grand Potion(2), Smoke Bomb(1), Ice Bomb(1), Bones(3), Water Bombs(5), Mead(2), Tiger Balm(1) Misc:Pickaxe, Shovel, Amethyst, Grating Stone, Teleportapple Near the gates of Eubric lies a cart and a rather anxious looking man. He is pacing back and forth in a small circle, taking out his pocket watch every few seconds to check the time. "Mordred, relax already. They'll be here, it's still almost a full half hour till the scheduled rendezvous" "I don't know why you are so sure of that. These mercenary types have absolutely no respect for loyalty or punctuality. Why the masters insist on hiring low-life scum like them, I will never understand." "Oh, I don't know. I've seen a couple of 'em at a bar or two around town. Always seemed like rather pleasant folk to me. Besides, I don't see what good worrying is going to do ya. Looks like you've already begun to carve a ditch in the road with your pacing." *Grunt* "Drunken Buffoon." Welcome to Escort Service (My first quest)! You have 24 hours to shop and confirm. Please feel free to correct me if I make a mistake as it is probably going to happen more than once.