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Found 3 results

  1. Before starting, let's take a look at the line-up for the pirates section! @Maxim I - yours truly and organisator of the lay-out @Captain Green Hair - More famous Dutchman than the Flying Dutchman @Sebeus I - became famous for his Flying Dutchman @Faladrin - His vessel on a track is purely genious, more about this in the pictures below @Legostone - Builds stunning vessels at a tempo normal people change their underwear @kabel - Our beloved moderator. Wasn't fysically there, but his MOC's were. @Imperial Shipyards - His very first exposition. I am still dreaming about the detailing on his vessels! There were also some famous Eurobrickers busy with the Castle and Western section, but hopefully @TitusV & @Captain Braunsfeld will make a topic to show that part. Unlike last year (84m²), the pirate lay-out was a bit smaller and measured 32m². Anyway, here you go! Let's start with a small story. Due to marriage, the Green Faction became an union with the Red Faction. This dragged them in the everlasting war between Red & Blue. The Greens hoped to postpone this war as long as possible, but the Blues found it time to attack the "Prince of Stedor". This action lead to a huge reaction as the combined Red & Green fleet wasn't that far away. With the "Margot" as Flag ship, the Red & Greens prepared for a good old fashioned battle of the Line... Meanwhile, the alarm bells ringed in the Green city of Trador. People fled inside their houses while soldiers prepared to fire at the passing Blue vessels. The Aqar was just about to enter the harbour. This mighty 4th Rate opened fire at the back of the Blue Line. The Blues quickly answered with the incoming fire of Trador with their Bomb Ketch Luckily there were some peacefull scenarios as well: But that was probably more a fata morgana. The Blue Ship of the Line "La Fleure" was engaging the notorious Flying Dutchman. Helped by 2 other blue vessels they hoped to make the seas less relentless. A little bit further down the road (erm sea), the Greenies were hunting a pirate hidden on his island Some other scenes: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching! For some more pics, check my flickr. Be also sure to check the update fleet of Imperial Shipyards! This is really awesome!
  2. Traditionally seen, 2016 starts in Belgium with Brick Tricks in Tielt. It is a rather small local exposition with a nice atmosphere. 5 years ago, it was the very first event Captain Greenhair participated. And to celebrate it, he came back this year! And he even took the very godfather of fregates, the tutorial and inspiration for most of us! So it turned out we would be both on the exposition, we agreed to make the very first BoBs collab in history!!! Too bad we soon discovered we both are Eslandolan... So Corrington and Oleon might be underrepresented... Anyway, enjoy!!! Btw, the weekend of 12 & 13th November, the biggest exposition of Belgium takes place, in Antwerp. For this year, we are going for a BOBS Pirate lay-out of 100 square meter!!! We really are going for the biggest pirate lay-out ever! So if you want to be part of this, feel free to send me a message :D :D A global picture I also made some promotion, so maybe we'll get some new members in the future :D Some extra pictures Enjoy! (btw, is this a freebuild of both CGH and me or not?)
  3. "Oh Centurion, Stedor has extinquished their lighthouse again. It will be a dark night like always..." "Hahaha, our Centurion will not hear you. We are in the middle of a sea... Come on, let's sleep some... Aisha, it's your turn to watch out for coming lights" And so the Ulandian Navy Soldiers in the Ghuba-ya Biashara closed their eyes and started sleeping... A few hours later: "I saw something in the water!! The ship is moving!!" Aisha yelled, "Shut up Aisha, it's a shark swimming around the ship. Even in the moonlight you can see it is a shark. And beside, we are anchored" Aisha was right, there was a shark in the water. But also a whole bunch of Mermaids who removed the anchors of the Patrolling Vessels so they could move them to another territory. A guerilla against Ulandus together with Bregir for Square J15 For the glory of the High Council!! Long live the real Kaliphlin!! C&C ofcourse welcome!! Also UoP for: - Hydrology : Underwater - Landscape: Sideaways Rocks