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Found 4 results

  1. So the weekend of November 12 and 13, Brickmania Antwerp took place in well erm Antwerp (Belgium). It is the biggest event in Belgium, so I always want to do something extra for this event. One year ago, I had the idea to organise a 100m² Pirate Lay-out. I started advertising over here and some people were interested joining my lay-out. Half a year ago, I woke up, realising my appartment was around 100m² in size. So in other words, I had to fill a lay-out the size of my appartment... Here is the participants list: I think this should be everyone... :D A lot of sleepless nights, panic attacks and brainstorming later, Brickmania Antwerp opened and people were delighted to see the following lay-out: Enjoy! More pictures: my Flickr Video by Tomsche Video by Christian - Some additional numbers: 64 ships and over 2000 minifigs!!! The tables were 10x10m - The lay-out will be licenced as royal commerce by the participants
  2. The first pictures of BoBS promoted on Lego Fan Events start hitting BOBS, time to co-ordinate our efforts and make a list so you can enjoy past expositions! Events in gold are events with a lot of BoBs participants, some of them even coming from abroad! Do you want to put an event on the list? Comment in this topic and I'll put the event and the participants on the list. Interested in participating in an event? Comment here and I'll put you on the list. Upcomming Events Brickmania Limburg 2016 (Belgium) Also called: BML When: 27 & 28 august 2016 Where: Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium (not far from Maastricht and the German Border) Organiser BoBs lay-out: Maxim I Participants: Maxim I, Belgium (Esl) Sebeus I, Belgium (Ole) Kabel, Germany (Esl) TitusV, Belgium (ESL) Captain Greenhair (ESL) [*]Status: registration closed [*]Website: Skaerbaek Fan Weekend 2016 (Denmark) Also called: LFW, Skaerbaek When: 24 & 25 september 2016 Where: Skaerbaek, Denmark Organiser BoBs lay-out: Maxim I Participants: Maxim I, Belgium (Esl) ??? Come on people! [*]Status: open, registration will start 1st of April Brickmania Antwerpen 2016 (Belgium) Also called: BMA When: 12 & 13 november 2016 Where: Antwerp, Belgium (2h drive from Amsterdam, 2h30 drive from Cologne, 3h drive from Paris ) Organiser BoBs lay-out: Maxim I Goal: A 84 square meter Pirate lay-out Participants: Captain Braunsfeld, Germany (Esl) Captain Green Hair, Netherlands (Esl) Imperial Shipyards, Germany Kabel, Germany (Esl) Legostone, Germany (Esl) Maxim I, Belgium (Esl) Pimbo, Netherlands (Cor) Sebeus I., Belgium (Ole) Tomsche, Belgium (Cor) TitusV, Belgium (Esl) Bonaparte, Belgium => ? Ecclesiastes, Netherlands => ? Lord Vladivus, England (Cor) => ? Faladrin, France => ? And a few Belug-members adding to the lay-out [*]Status: open, registration started [*]Website: more events to be announced! Past Events (the deeplink takes you to the topic of the event that has been posted in EB or outside EB, full with pictures) Brick Tricks 2016 (6 & 7 february, Tielt, Belgium) with Maxim I & Captain Greenhair [*]Rails in the Rockies 2016 (around 15 february, Estes Park, Colorado, USA) with Vedauwoo [*]Oakwood Retirement Home Lego Family event (9 april, Madison, Wisconsin, USA) with Phred & Andrew [*]Brickmania Wetteren 2016 (9 & 10 april, Wetteren, Belgium) with Maxim I, TitusV, Tomsche, Sebeus, Peter G. & LJ Hornblower
  3. Participants: Maxim I (ESL), TitusV (ESL), Tomsche (COR), Sebeus (OLE), LJ Hornblower (Nat), Peter G. (Pirates) Story 1: Flotilla In Need On a chilly morning, Lord Damaximus and his fiancee Margot, Lady Elysabeth and Lord Smaugton were doing business in Quinsville. After talking recent politics and the death of King Stephan of Oleon, the Eslandolans boarded their ships and set sail. The Purple Rain and Golden Star headed for Elysabethtown to take in provision for their further voyage. The ship passed some of the newly discovered islands (especially the one with the cannibals was interesting)... The so peacefull voyage stopped abruptly when the two shipped crossed the "Beatrix" and "Pegasus", both ships under command of promising Oleon admiral Sebeus. Out of the blue, the Beatrix started firing at the Purple Rain.... Luckily for the "Purple Rain" and "Golden Star", the Eslandolan flagship "Margot" set sail out of Elysabethtown... The moment the crew of "Beatrix" saw the "Margot" getting near, they stopped their fire and tried to flee ... Together with the "Margot", the Eslandolan flotilla managed to arrive safely in Elysabethtown... Story 2: The Arise of Pirate Captain Sebeus Back in his young days, Sebeus dreamed of being the greatest Oleon admiral ever. As a young kid, he always played with wooden ships and knew the tricks of sailing better than most so called captains... His talents didn't remain unknown, and he was spotted by the high admirallity of Oleon. King Stephan himself took care of the boy and tought him everything he knew. Due the many hours spent together, Sebeus saw King Stephan as his Godfather. So the moment King Stephan died due to a mysterious reason, Sebeus felt betrayed by his Oleon brothers and went rogue. He took the "Beatrix", the ship he was promised to command one day and together with the "Pegasus", they set sail to the unknown. The first vessels they came across were flying the "Eslandolan flag". 'Perfect' Sebeus thought as he had heard the rumours of the Eslandolan King claiming the Oleon throne. After the first salvo, someone was suddenly yelling "Margot". Sebeus got a chill. Even with the "Beatrix", he had was match against the pride of Terra Versa, so he ordered to stop firing and set sail again. He also knew he would not be welcome in Oleon's society anymore. And thus he started the legend of Captain Sebeus, the new terror of the Brickseas... [OOC] as many have noticed, real life Sebeus is not that active anymore due to real life. Still, he was very surprised to hear the King of Oleon had died as it was named after him and he set up Oleon. As he will still be too busy the upcomming months, he proposed to become a NPC pirate captain (like Bloody Bill for example). He hopes to get amnesty when he has building time again... So at Ska, you got a new Pirate Captain to add in the next MRCA!!! Story 3: The revenge on an Oleon Trader Not long after the previous events, a group of Eslandolans managed to sneak by a small Oleon Trade ship and captured it. The moment they went aboard, the Oleon cowards surrendered. [OOC] we asked first permission if we may capture the ship. Yes Tomsche, we Eslandolans first ask if we MAY capture a ship instead of just capturing it.... The BoBS lay-out at Brickmania Wetteren 2016 I hope you enjoyed the pictures!! It was a very nice weekend! Next Brickmania Bobs Lay-out: Limburg (Belgium) 27 & 28 august. More BoBS lay-outs can be found here
  4. Traditionally seen, 2016 starts in Belgium with Brick Tricks in Tielt. It is a rather small local exposition with a nice atmosphere. 5 years ago, it was the very first event Captain Greenhair participated. And to celebrate it, he came back this year! And he even took the very godfather of fregates, the tutorial and inspiration for most of us! So it turned out we would be both on the exposition, we agreed to make the very first BoBs collab in history!!! Too bad we soon discovered we both are Eslandolan... So Corrington and Oleon might be underrepresented... Anyway, enjoy!!! Btw, the weekend of 12 & 13th November, the biggest exposition of Belgium takes place, in Antwerp. For this year, we are going for a BOBS Pirate lay-out of 100 square meter!!! We really are going for the biggest pirate lay-out ever! So if you want to be part of this, feel free to send me a message :D :D A global picture I also made some promotion, so maybe we'll get some new members in the future :D Some extra pictures Enjoy! (btw, is this a freebuild of both CGH and me or not?)