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  1. peme

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Maybe I am wrong, but to me it sounded like Mike was teasing Cafe Corner rerelease. The video was professionally prepared with high production values and great comedic punches, I think it was fact checked as well.
  2. Thank you. Unfortunately, the dog is not mine. It is part of the official build, but I like it as well.
  3. If anyone wanted to try, I am sharing LDD file with the model (this time using no spares).
  4. I had a spare 31065 set and none of the secondary builds looked good when displayed with other creator buildings, so I decided to mod it a little bit... EDIT: I made some changes. Now the house features full interior with kitchen, toilet, living room and a cozy attic. I also compiled instructions for the build - LDD file
  5. I don't think that this necessarily means these accounts are fake created just to vote for one minifigure. I was following these forums for ages but only this game finally persuade me to register. BTW several new users with zero posts voted for both figures so I really don't see this as a problem.
  6. peme

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I fully agree and they do even include the pins.