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Found 205 results

  1. cmaddison

    FAPC Attack of the Fish

    Puny humans, so safe and happy on your dry land...well no longer. For too long we have watched beneath the waves as you played, swam, fought and stole from our domain. You've brought this fate upon yourselves, for now you will know what it is like to have your domain invaded. We have developed new technologies (which is amazing considering our lack of thumbs, or hands altogether) and now we WALK ON LAND! Run if you must, but you cannot escape The Rise. We will find you. We will kill you. And WE, we will flush YOU down the toilets from now on!
  2. jedi1984

    MSFC Blacktron Mining Plant

    Hi all! Here’s my entry for the Micro Sci-Fi Contest: This is a microscale Blacktron mining plant, situated - obviously - on Planet Blacktron. You say: weren’t Blacktrons a group of raiders? Yes, you're right, but they also needed iron to make starships, so… :-) One thing I noticed during the making of this vignette: I’m really bad at building microscale stuff (this is my first one), so I had to “cheat” with the addition of a flying Blacktron mining droid, just to make everything better eh eh! Anyway everything fits a 16 x 14 studs baseplate, so I'm still legit (or at least I think so). Additional notes & credits: some mecha building techniques are taken from flickr user IronSniper (I think he’s the best at it). The overall idea of the mining plant is taken from classic Lego sets and from The Brothers Brick administrator Nannan Z (see his “Oasis” diorama, it’s one of the best Sci-Fi Lego things I’ve ever seen). Hope you’ll enjoy it and forgive my english…
  3. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] Hawken-like Mech

    Was just tinkering with different cockpits for microfigs. Had a feeling that I need to improve and here it is. Hawken-like Mech by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Microfig Hawken-like Mech.lxf Appreciably smaller than any of my previous models, pretty compact. Based on Hawken, one of the best multiplayer Mecha shooters I know. =D Equipped with auto-gun, rocket launcher (Possibly basic TOW launcher from the game) and repair drone
  4. glenbricker

    Mecha Tank, Korra, and Amon

    This is a Mecha Tank, Korra, and Amon I have designed. Here is a close up of the figs. I am relatively satisfied with Korra. Not sure how I feel about Amon. On the Left you can see that the cockpit opens very much like that in the animation. The canopy raises, the upper plates hinge upward, and the lower plates hinge out. This one also has the "grappling hook" The tank on the right depicts a printed canopy that more accurately depicts the Canopy form the series. I am torn though. Do you guys think this looks better or just the full on clear one? Here are some more Tank weapons, the Bola and the electromagnet. I will soon be finishing my Hiroshi to pilot the Tank. I look forward to hearing any feedback you may have good or bad! If you really like this set then you can support it on Cuusoo here: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/29158 Cheers, Again, thank you for looking, any feedback, and your support!
  5. OrangeKNight

    Hawken - War is a Machine

    Hey everyone! Hawken Just had a big Beta Event for the weekend so I fianlly got off my butt and got some game time in, had a blast! Between this and Mech Warrior Online looks like we'll have lots of Mech goodness for sometime! Hawken has a great Aesthetic so naturally it got my creative juices flowing! I had been having a good run with the Rocketeer mech, so I designed this guy based on it(or at leat it's weapons) Had a lot of fun with this, Hawkens Aesthetic and my Dense Building style meshed really well and I'm really liking hte overall size I got here, big enough for figs but small enough to be able to (relatively) easily build more than one or two! I think I'll try to build something based on the Assault Mech next, I've grown attached to it's big square head! So hit me up with any C&C you guys have, but keep in mind that these won't be you average LDD MOC, these are built and colored with Actual Bricks in mind! There are NO Floating parts, NO iffy connections and NO Parts in un-produced Colors(mistakes still happen thought), just keep it in mind. Mike