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Found 39 results

  1. Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you The Smurfs in real 3D Lego mosaic Two pictures in one... ...another pictures... Smurfs world... all 3D Lego mosaics... and my whole collection. And short
  2. Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you my real 3D mosaic with the characters from the world of Walt Disney building process My all mosaics and short YT video I used a lot of single and double slops and 4 baseplates 32x32
  3. 3DTutorials

    Helicopter Lego 3D

    hello guys this my model lego helicopter in 3D with Softimage : Please escuse me for my English, I am French:) I am a fan of légo technic and I wanted to work on the 3D assembly(editing) of my model of helicopter. I made the 3D at the same time as I went up my Helicopter really lego and here is the result :) Do not hesitate has to tell me that you think of it :)
  4. Greetings, If anyone is interested, I've made some additions to LPub and posted version 1.0 to LPub3D on Here are most of the added features/enhancements: LPub3D ------------ -Integrated 3D Viewer powered by LeoCAD -Set ROTSTEP (step rotation) meta using 3D Viewer -Fade previous step's parts -Use any LDraw colour as fade colour -Manage colour parts for complete part fade -Unlimited PLI part annotations -Split the BOM (divide parts over number of BOM occurrences) -Formatted front and back cover pages -Automatically generate formatted cover pages -POV/L3P high-quality rendered instructions -Customizable front and back cover pages -Text and picture (e.g. logo) front and back page attributes -Customizable content page header and footer -LDraw editor line numbers -64/32-bit automatic installer -Automatic check for updates -Qt 4.8.6 -Bugfixes and robustness improvements Screenshots:
  5. MarkLaBarr

    Mark LaBarr Here!

    Hey guys! I'm a Blender artist and I just wanted to share some resources here. With this videotutorial series you'll learn how to create 3D Lego art! Final Result:
  6. Hello, Mugbearer here reporting from sleepy Russia, 04:00 am GMT +3. My LDD just started updating itself with the 4.3.8 patch, so I wanted to ask: am I late for the party or is it something new? If it's new, who knows what are new features and bricks? I guess I would try to find them myself and post a screenshot, so let's start a discussion of a recent patch!
  7. This was a project for the science week at my highschool We have to share our results of the science week on a webpage, so I decided that Eurobricks could be a good choice. About us We are a group of four people, around 16 years old. Nobody of us has a lot of experience at programming, but we all tried to give our best. I, Swisstechnic, know how to build a stable CNC milling machine out of LEGO, but it would be impossible for me to do the whole programming part. Huge thanks to my mates! The Construction I've already made a construction of a CNC-milling machine some weeks ago, but I never had the motivation to start programming it. The design of our milling machine is inspired by Arthur Sacek's on youtube, which impressed us a lot. It uses for each axle a touch sensor to calculate the driller's position. Because of the huge battery waste, we ran the NXT directly via a transformer, as well as the Power Functions M motor for the driller. Drilling Material The grey Material is a flower foam, which is quite blowy and easy to drill through. The driller is the only party that isn't LEGO. Programming We've used the BricxCC Command Center. I think you can all imagine that the coolest thing would be if you could just take a 3D object (from Blender/CAD) and directly calculate it's positions how it should move etc.. There is a way to do this with "G-Code" that you can generate, but we all had no idea how to use this in the BricxCC Command Center. That's why it was quite hard to program objects with curves, such as a circles or cosinus/sinus curvers. Straight objects are easy. This is the code for one cosine curve: #define GESCH 35 #define VERSCH 3 int durchgang; float tiefe; sub fahren(){ RotateMotor(OUT_A,GESCH,-2620); RotateMotor(OUT_B,GESCH,VERSCH); RotateMotor(OUT_C,GESCH,tiefe); durchgang ++; RotateMotor(OUT_A,GESCH,2620); RotateMotor(OUT_B,GESCH,VERSCH); RotateMotor(OUT_C,GESCH,tiefe); durchgang ++; } task main () { while(durchgang<=360) { if (durchgang>0) { tiefe = ((1-cos(durchgang*PI/180)-(1-cos((durchgang-1)*PI/180)))*1928); fahren(); } else { tiefe = ((1-cos(durchgang*PI/180))*1928); fahren(); } } } It takes the milling machine around 1,5 hours for the cosinus curve. If someone knows how to handle G-Code with the BricxCC Command Center for a milling machine like ours, we all would be really thankful! Perhaps I'll upload a youtube film. (I can't post more images, I'll try it later)
  8. Hi people. If you need a quick and dirty LDraw model viewer that works on any platform, JLDraw is for you. Small, fast, portable, with some interesting functions. Some features: Uses 3D acceleration if supported by your graphic card Works fast on aged computers (tested on: 2007 notebook with integrated Intel video card; 2008 Mac PowerBook; 2010 desktop with entry-level ATI Radeon card; many others) Uses standard LDraw part library without uncompressing the "" part library file (put downloaded library in same folder where is the program and "it works™") Support for both unzipped LDraw library and zipped library without reload program Rotate, pan and zoom with buttons or with mouse Center view right-clicking on a brick (as LDD) Select parts to view part type and color Hide parts to see internal structure Orthogonal or perspective view Lighting or flat shading Polygons, lines or both displayed Can save a screenshot of "what you see" (PNG format) Checks model and parts for invalid part/colors/sub-parts/sub-models Requires: Java Runtime 6 or later 3D capable video card (work with integrated cards. With entry-level 3D cards is FAST!) LDraw part library "" in same folder where is the program or your LDraw folder 1Gb RAM Some numbers: Loads and render a 1300 parts Technic model in few seconds Rotation and zoom performs at minimum 40fps with an entry level 3D card (ATI Radeon HD5450). Try it: Latest release (2014-09-14) SourceForge Project Page
  9. I decided to make this topic where I will post all my animations. So here's my first LDD animation, YMCA: Followed by my first serious Sonic animation: Later I made a GTA 5 reaction spoof: Continuing I made a technic animation for the [MINI] contest: And here is my latest animation, which was a study into walking and making smooth movements. Each walking cycle uses 32 individual models to create smooth walking cycle:
  10. Creatorman

    TLG and 3D Printing

    We all know LEGO prototypes with 3D printing, but when I was surfing the web when I found this. Now, to be honest, I get why LEGO doesn't want to distribute through 3D printing yet, but as an evolving technology, could you see this taking the place of buying from a store? How would this affect LEGO and the consumer? Would this hinder LEGO? I, for one, can see this being used to help improve the replacement parts service. Imagine trying to get a retired piece, for a certain set now. Without printing, you may have to buy from the secondary market, but if LEGO had 3D printing, we could get replacement parts printed from a computer file. Granted, it is not 3D printing is not perfect at the moment, but I am sure that by 10 years, it's quality may rival molded plastics. What do you is your guys' opinion and why?
  11. Hi, Here is another MOD of this faboulous model (#60053): LLD file will be shared when will be operational. Just have a look on this stereo render (if you have 3D glasses of course) If some are interested, I could then write a note to realize this kind of pics.
  12. Hi, A few months ago I built a 3D Puzzle on a bored day. It just came into my mind and I built it. A lot of people tried it and most of them really liked it, because it wasn't impossible difficult, but certainly not easy. A few days ago, I came across the puzzle again, and I decided to make building instructions for it. You can download the instructions here. I didn't bothered making pictures of it, but JunkStyleGio made a render of it:
  13. Hi everyone, We are announcing our 1st 'Sketchfast' contest with cash reward! You have 72 hours (starting now) to design the best 3D model on the theme of lego mindstorms! You'll find details on how to participate here: http://blog.sketchfa...hfast-contest-1