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  1. Though I like LDD with all the new parts, have you ever tried LDraw? Even more parts there and some good software too. I use LDCad to model and Stud.io for rendering and sometimes for instructions.
  2. OK, great. I will await patiently then. Thanks again.
  3. Is there link to download all new parts in a zip or rar file? The last post I can find in this thread is from September 11, 2021. I have a feeling that since then a lot of parts were added but in this thread here, I can only find a link to loose files. Thanks to all who make this possible. Though I am a "hardcore" LDraw user, I ever so often need to turn to LDD for my digital models.
  4. OK, didn't know. My main tools for digital LEGO are LDraw based and lately a bit more Stud.io. I love the feature in Stud.io where you can find bricks you use that are not available in the color you want, but Stud.io can search and replace those with colors that (nearly) match.
  5. I guess that is heritage to the very beginning of LDD when you could model and order a design. I think in the basic mode back then were bricks that were actually available to order. In the extended version for instance you can make any brick any color I think. In theory you could not have ordered that design back then. Now I think there are still only bricks in the basic mode there that actually exist in the available color.
  6. OK, I see. I have checked with 11477 which is not in the normal basic version, but is in the Extended version. I cannot post better screenshots, but here is the normal version filter on part 11477 you see it is not there. The second screenshot is the Extended version filter on 11477 so you see it is there.
  7. Those parts are all available I think? What version are you using?
  8. OK, Roland, forgot about that. I think you mentioned that earlier to me I do think Pinnacle means the cvs export for the partslist of a model.
  9. The script that can generate a partslist does have its limits and times out with too many parts I think. Perhaps 1.7 solves this problem? Haven't tried and tested that version, but will do soon. There are other tools that generate parts list: LDPub3D can create a visual BOM. BrickStock imports an LDraw model and generate a list of parts including quantities required and images. BrickLink allows you to upload an LDraw model into a wanted list. Rebrickable can create a list from your model too.
  10. Thank you all. I have everything up and running again.
  11. OK, thanks! Mac is updated and tile 2x2 w/bow is there! ;-) I'll do my Windows machines tomorrow and install the custom parts again. Thanks for all the work! Much appreciated. I must admit I am a die-hard LDraw user and use LDCad most of the time for modeling, but doing a certain project that required me to work in LDD I dove into it again.
  12. OK, I have 4.3.10 brick version 2248.1 on my Mac and 4.3.11 version 777 on my Windows desktop PC. Have to check my Windows 10 laptop yet. Do I need to update or downgrade? How to get that tile in?
  13. Nope. Not found by neither searching for a name, both part numbers, visually in de plates pallette. What is its number or description in LDD? This is a pretty basic part that has been around for some time. Is it custom or does it supposed to exist in the last official LDD release from LEGO? Tnx
  14. Hi all, Did I miss something or is part 27925 tile 2x2 corner round still missing in LDD? Neither can I find it by name or alternative part number 78560. Can this be added? Thanks!
  15. Great news Roland. I will download today!