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  1. Hi, I am new to all these custom bricks. Is there a way to directly upload these files into Stud.io, if I can get the zips to extract (which I haven't been able to yet) Thanks up front!
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me why bricks in the folder I use as library on my computer do not show up in LeoCad? I got a folder from the LDD site and added some more parts, then zipped it and directed LeoCad to use that folder as library. Also, why do the minifigure parts only show up in the Minifig Wizard and not in the actual program? Drives me CRAZY, as the Minifig Wiz is rather limited; no search option, no use of file names and the descriptions in the Wiz do not match the official descriptions, often. Help this newbie out, please! Thanks!
  3. Hi, Upfront, excuses if this is covered somewhere else, but there is SO MUCH stuff on this side; I looked, but could not find the answers to the questions I have. It comes down to this; how does one design the Lego bricks that pop up in the various digital building programs? What programs do you use? Because I love to build, but SO many bricks I want to use are not available or take ages to pop-up. So, how does one go around that? Thanks in advance!
  4. HamsterHuey

    Newbie into castles, fantasy and SF

    Thanks, 12 Volts! I have been testing Studio that last few days. Looks magnificent!
  5. HamsterHuey

    Newbie into castles, fantasy and SF

    Thanks, Deraven. I am on a less than XP computer for now, as soon as I update that, I'll give Studio a try. I also frequent the new parts page on Ldraw.org, but that seems to be a half yearly update. Is there a place where I can find newer brick-.dat's? It's a bit of a mixed blessing when I have to swap bricks for something not listed, as it is fun, searching for a replacement, but I rather have the proper brick. I think in Studio you can design your own bricks?
  6. Hello everybody! My name is Jamie, a 49 bearded fella from Cambridge, drawn to digital Lego building because I am really loving those modular sets, but was too poor to buy 'm all. So I looked into digital Lego and found this site first and fell in love with all of your dedication and fun builds. I am using LeoCad and would love to find out the differences between the other programs, as I've already encountered that a lot bricks from the sets I am building (using official Lego PDF building plans) are not digitized yet. So if you have pointers where to get unofficial parts that are up to date with the latest bricks, I would love to find out. As said, I am a newbie when it comes to LDraw, in it for the relaxation of it all, but expect a lot of questions! So, here is my first question; how long does it take for new bricks to pop up digitally? Anyways, I am looking forward to chatting with all of you's, but am not online often, so be patient with me!