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  1. SnapLock

    Review: 10246 Detective's Office

    Totally agree with you, the height does seem rather small. Also 2x buildings on a 32x32 base-plate with a lots of spare studs behind the buildings are these buildings 12 studs in width?. It still looks great style wise, however this might be a set i buy and look at it after i have built it & regret the amount of $$$ i have spent on it. $239 for us Aussie's .
  2. Are the 2015 sets that are due for a January release be available to buy today being the start of the new year? Or is that just wishful thinking.
  3. Does anyone know if Australia will be getting the new Shell V power 2014 promo polybags? Tia
  4. SnapLock

    Mini MOC Series - South Australian Icons

    Very cool cant wait to see more
  5. SnapLock

    [MOC] Narrow Gauge Single Fairlie

    THis is great! I Love Narrow gauge i think they are a great layouts or even great for an 'Add on' to an existing full size Lego train layout. Thanks for sharing its looks like a great train. I know this is a bit rude to ask but can you post instructions of how to set up the wheels ?
  6. SnapLock

    MOC - Optimus Prime (G1)

    Very cool ,Looks Ultra awesome!
  7. SnapLock

    Alternate Models Challenge - 60056 Tow Truck

    very cool
  8. SnapLock

    Lucky LEGO Train Finds

    I bought a tub of second hand Lego for $30Aud at a garage sale, in the tub was three 9volt train motors in great working order. i was pretty happy with that.
  9. SnapLock

    Arctic Base Camp 60036 disappointing

    Agreed some kennels for the huskies would have been a great idea.
  10. I recently purchased the Arctic Base camp ( $115 Aud) & I'm really disappointed in the actual height of the set.I have increased the set height by 1xbrick and think it looks much better. Overall i like the idea of the arctic theme however just lately im finding after purchasing and building Lego sets i look at the end product and think "WoW i paid that much money for this!".I guess im expecting too much from what is essentially a child's toy.
  11. That is interesting which K-mart had the passenger train? I asked at my local K-mart in the adelaide hills and they said all they are getting is the train station and that's it for the train theme. I hate my local K-mart! ... lol
  12. SnapLock

    Riverside Raid

    Cool thanks for sharing i liked it.
  13. Can someone tell me how do i find out Release dates of Lego sets into retail shops like Big/k-mart/target/myer e.t.c. I am trying to find out when the Lego Ultra Agents will hit the stores as i really want the Ultra Agents Mission HQ truck but refuse to buy form Lego online due to the outrageous shipping fee's. Any info would be much appreciated.
  14. I went to Marion In Adelaide today, the only shop that had the new city cargo train 60052 was Myers and they wanted $300 , Big W had the new city passenger train for $198. but only 1 left. I don't get to Adelaide very often but when i do, it never fails too disappoint!