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  1. aol000xw

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Guys have you discussed the future of third party power bricks like SBrick and Buwizz given what this brings to the table?
  2. aol000xw

    42100 - Still a toy?

    If I can give it to a 12 year old child so he can play with it and have fun and enjoy it and learn and have positive experiences it can be considered a toy. "expensive" is a relative term based on disposable income. For some it will expensive for others not so much. There are other factors too, some people buy toys for their children all year long and some concentrate them in select dates, some people prefer lots of smaller presents and some less and bigger. That can affect greatly to the definition of expensive. Furthermore when I got 8860 as a child given the time and economy in my country it was at least as "expensive" as this one. And it was a few hundred parts, we are talking 4000 and electronics here. So price is again relative. Children of the age that this set will be targeted to also manage electronics with their eyes shut, and get their first phone almost when they leave the pacifier so complexity in that regard don't dismiss either the fact that it can be a toy. Yes, it is big, complex and perhaps expensive but still a toy... or not. What do you want it to be? It might be a collector's item sealed for 100 years or It might be a dirt chip toy with all the parts laying on the ground getting chewed and lost. It might be a nice decoration on a shelf or the fuel for the imagination of the next Elon Musk.
  3. aol000xw

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    That body work is amazing. The patterning is mesmerizing.
  4. Yellow cylinders made sense back then... when all that we got was yellow machinery. Nowadays the gray used in LAs is a more sensible approach. Really surprised they kept the new cylinders in yellow. Also never understood by what logic the air tank wasn't yellow, not that I'd like it to be it. In the end there are so many different interests, preferences and expectations that the only truth is that we want more. But for god's sake, make it work properly. edit: I lost the quote and the the thing about cylinders doesn't make sense without it...oh well.
  5. Those who are not into something are usually quite less forgiving on its flaws because they don't expect any. Everyone knows what a suspension is and how it feels even if they don't know how or what makes it work.. They experience it every day in cars, bikes whatever. People isn't stupid, show them a flawed Lego one and they will ask why it doesn't work. And if you tell them it is normal for Lego they will think Lego is crap. At least that has been my experience in the past. And man it was embarrassing. Edit: BTW why is LDD so outdated, many Technic parts are not there. I know they don't make money out of it. But it is a great tool that sure helps in planning and later getting more parts. It is a bit careless from them. Even if there are alternatives I think it is a must for them to have it and keep it up to date. Parts should be readily available not requiring a software update, just a data download. Edit: One more thing... The unspoken problem on Lego in recent years. With bigger sets every year It is taking a staggering amount of space. I can't fathom this over the next 20 years.
  6. It is obvious that there are nicer sets, bigger sets, innovative sets; not all are bigger nicer and new but I think Technic is better in everything except one thing... the basics. Over the years there have been moments of true awe and innovation. The change to studless the obvious one, but pneumatics in 8455 come to mind. Linear Actuators as hated as those are by some made 8043 amazing. And the Chiron new gear box parts are as simple as brilliant. However there is some kind of stagnation. Let me go back to the venerable 8880. 4 wheel drive. It is not the fact that it was 4WD but the differentials how it evolved from 8860. Now we are still like in 1994. I miss some innovations on this departing from old 8880, like a torsen or something. 4 wheel steering/suspension. It's all in The hubs. There have been a lot of new hubs since 1994, but are any of those really better? Do those allow better geometry? More fidelity? How is behavior of those functions? V8 Engine. We are still on the same parts and with bigger models those engines look tiny. Brick built engines are nicer in my opinion but no new parts that give a middleground in size/complexity allowing valves for example. Gearbox. Ok in the last two years they got this covered. Keep improving!! Popup headlights, Just a secondary function, nice to have, not rare on many current sets, so no complains. Body work. This has improved beyond recognition. Seats. Man wtf!! 8860 seats were incredible, amazing. We never got seats like those again. So for me Technic is a 50%/50% We got a studless revolution, many new parts and technics, but the basics (steering/suspension/engine/differentials) haven't changed/improved in 25 years, and are too frequently poorly implemented. BTW why can't we have something like this?
  7. Old Lego is still better for me today in some ways. While studless is way superior 8860 makes me enjoy the most in it's simplicity. Everything there is a function. I've been pondering for a while the concept of Lego as a "monopoly". Technic (and Lego for the most part) is just a set of specifications for interconnects. And for those patents where due long ago. So good times for third parties delivering high quality components and I hope that will put some pressure on TLG. While purists will find it outrageous, Technic is a tool for me, and I find myself more and more eyeing the 3D-print and third-party market. Specialized parts even metal ones, or low friction metal bearings become very attractive when you want to mix functions and performance. While I don't expect TLG to go that far I have a hard time understanding their slow reactions to things like Bluetooth controllers, or lighting in models. I wish they were willing to take more risks, For example GBC is a big thing in Lego and they have nothing to show for it.
  8. New sets look good, there is attention to detail here and there, and there are somewhat bigger ones than usual available. All of that is good and nice to have, and so weaker B-Models are an acceptable collateral . But at the same time at the very least sets over 200€ can't be weak technically, flawed functions on such a price are a show stopper..
  9. aol000xw

    LEGO Technic Dinosaur at The LEGO House

    Honest question, brick built sculptures are kind of easy but how do they dust that thing? Technic gives a transformers vibe to it.
  10. aol000xw

    LEGO Technic Dinosaur at The LEGO House

    Wow, the patterns of repeating structures are mesmerizing. Edit: is the tongue motorized or something? There is some kind of pulley there....
  11. aol000xw

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Who buys what or why is hard to tell, but I guess it is reasonable to think people will expect what they pay for to work as intended. If there was an honest explanation of what is going on with it, would be way easier to left it behind, the problem is companies don't like accountability, so they never recognize a mistake unless forced into it. That makes communication and feedback pretty hard. I like the Porsche more than the Chiron but the Chiron is a better Technic set than the Porsche. So I was planing on improving the Porsche with some Chiron parts -quite annoying that the new brake discs aren't backwards compatible-.. So the new rims can't fit old hubs, but can old rims be used on new disc brake hubs using pins?
  12. aol000xw

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Thank you this will be really helpful on following this discussion about Chiron merits. It is a pretty coherent list that highlights the different interests of different people. Fidelity and playability for example. There is a specific thread for Chiron mods and improvements to focus on how to improve on that long list.
  13. aol000xw

    Technic Pub

    Back when it launched I did purchase two 41999 and one is still sealed. My intention back then was to increase my dark blue parts stock but never got to open both. It is getting increasingly hard for me to open it but I am not interested in selling it, I am just stuck with it in its sealed form.
  14. aol000xw

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    There isn't a single point to be made and for sure if it were it would have not been made dozens of times, but thank you for your effort on micro moderating me by answering a rhetorical question.
  15. aol000xw

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    No and it is not moaning. I am sharing my thoughts with others doing exactly the same with their own opinions, and learning or reflecting on them on a matter of high interest to us. Why should I stop? I am not going to pretend I know what TLG is trying to achieve with these new super-cars or their cost/pricing strategies beyond making profits but it is exactly the notion that the Chiron is there just to look good what makes me keep on it. This is Technic not model Team, has people forgotten it? Also I don't see a reason for people who don't agree with what TLG is doing to just shut up and resign, surely TLG can do better that this. I sure know that a wise use of my wallet is the best message, but sharing ideas on forums like this is a good one too.