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  1. Isn't it time to update the 2016 reviews Index? No 2H Reviews there,
  2. Porsche Pricing & Availability

    Now I want to know what that 100% is about. Also I might get it just to know if they copied all the flaws too.
  3. This is the set I am most excited about and the wheels picture does not disappoint, really looking forward to the review.
  4. In Zblj video It looks quite a game changer. Do you have any future plans if everything goes well with BuWizz? I know it is a premature question but perhaps you got some ideas already... I am thinking about motors be it compact, powerful, small or toroidal, current Lego offerings are weak, heavy and bulky.
  5. So clean and simple... love it, And with front suspension too!
  6. I want to see it with the new tires too
  7. For 911 not so much change in 40 years, so unless not a 911 I can't imagine anything wildly different. That is good otherwise your dream Porsche can become a Panamera nightmare.
  8. That is ok when batteries have run dry, more concerned when batteries reach its EoL and no longer can hold a charge. Anyways it looks like a tinkering friendly design. and pretty convenient. Is latency that much good versus SBrick? Also is the Android app running Ok? SBrick wan't great in that regard.
  9. After the initial reviews the Porsche became a PASS to me, but all the mods published to date have slowly changed my stance on the set. Now I will get it for sure, (second hand or on sale), the HoG shifting.on the video was too cool to resist.
  10. I like it but I'd hate to end with a paperweight once the batteries die. User replaceable 18650 batteries would be awesome.(not sure if that is what it uses).
  11. Porsche Pricing & Availability

    Do you think they really went out of stock and are under manufacturing pressure to make more sets or more likely fixing the packaging (book damaging boxes) or even the wrong gear sequence in the manual?
  12. Porsche Pricing & Availability

    Weight differences aside this set is completely out of average due to the 1.3Kg of manual weight . That alone is about 1/4 of the full package. The manual as nice as it might be isn't comparable in cost -and that includes editorial, design, print, and bind processes- to parts costs if you use weight as the metric. So in my opinion any statistic based on weight will be flawed by definition. Any added value the buyer may give to the manual is completely subjective. Anyways a 911 hardcover book can be found from a couple euro to a few hundreds, but isn't hard to find nice onces for 30€ and that is way better than what is in the box. I understand the set is something Lego never did before, looks amazing and has many pros, however no matter how much attractive that makes the set, the pricing isn't fair. If that's something AFOLs will deal with and get it anyways, is another matter. Sure many will rationalize it just to feel comfortable enough to buy it... even with flawed gear box, after all fixing it is part of the fun even if that is not the point.
  13. Porsche Pricing & Availability

    This is flawed 42056 box weights 4.8Kg and that is including the book. What is next putting rocks in the box and paying them at Lego parts price? You are building the statistics to support your point of view. Not objective at all.
  14. [MOC] Esso Gas Station 1953

    Love the electric installation.