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  1. That isn't necessarily true. And those aren't true, because a MOC isn't by definition a creative work or a form of art. A MOC could be a creative work, but most times it isn't. A Lego sculpture is a creative work, a Lego car isn't a creative work. And a Lego Lambo not only isn't a creative work, it is a rip off. BTW you can't take a photo of anything you want and claim copyright, beacuse you might be infringing on someone else copyright in first place. For example you can take a picture of the Eiffel tower and sell copies as long as it wasn't at night because the illumination added a few years ago is an art work still covered by copyright.
  2. Care to share what kind of commitments and obligations ? Just curious.
  3. Something -like making a MOC of a known supercar- may take a lot of work, It doesn't necessarily translates into any rights over it. Kind of going to Yellowstone national park, clearing a path of terrain, planting some apple trees, taking care of them... and after so much efforts, tourists go and steal your apples... Where those yours in first place? Even instructions aren't safe. The instructions got copyright, but what those instructions represent -the steps , the model- don't. If I buy a copy of the instructions I can't scan and print a copy, but I can create new instructions with those same steps. You can sketch an amazing drawing of a new concept car and I can't make copies of that sketch but unless you got design patents for the ornamental details of that concept car I can build it for real.
  4. As far as I know it kind of go like this: If your MOC is a sculpture made out of Lego bricks, as long as that sculpture is an original design you might be covered by copyright. If your MOC is a functional item like a car you will need to patent the design to get any rights. Lego Technic by nature is closer to beign mechanical than creative hence closer to patents than to copyright. Once the patents over a design expire its free for all. Any reproduction of an existing thing like a car is by definition not a creative work. In a MOC Lego Technic is just the medium, just like clay or wood, so little relevance on itself, except that for the most part its a medium for creating mechanisms, something not covered by copyright. By the way Lego lost many trials trying to copyright bricks. A 2x4 red brick isn't like Mickey Mouse, Lego has no rights over it. So usually MOCs are infringing on someone else rights and not covered by any rights.
  5. On what basis could anyone own any rights on a design based on a Ford or a Bugatti for example? If anything those brands could sue someone selling instructions or sets based on their designs, that is all. Not that it is worth it. And Lego has nothing to do here. To begin with Lego didn't invent the brick. There were other brands before them.... Yeah they made certain improvements but patents on those expired long ago. What I do with any Lego parts I purchase, or parts that look like Lego but aren't Lego branded isn't Lego bussiness as long as I don't use the Lego brand.
  6. This is so great, the kind of thing that younger me expected to find in technic sets. Older and cynical me lost any hope long ago. Anyways, thanks for sharing, great job, as always.
  7. I am not interested in buying clones but If MK is making progress in becoming a Lego alternative instead of a Lego copycat I will simply welcome it. I think TLG needs some competition and I am not so much praising MK as being genuinely intrigued. The reason for considering getting both is to get a clearer picture of where MK stands in terms of quality and design.
  8. That looks like a blanket statement, got anything to support it? I can't see a single point where the MK Lambo looks like the TLG Lambo and quite a few that I like better in the MK.
  9. Looking side by side this and the Mould King Lambo.... the front wheel arches on this one look awful. The side view looks way better in the MK imho. Mould King designing and making new parts... could make me consider some of their models if those are novel and not clones. I am considering getting both Lambos.
  10. The "Something that will fit the 42098 - Car Transporter. " combined with the " Maybe a good limitation would be only 43.2 mm tires are allowed: " sounds nice. That way it will be a more apples to apples contest. Yes cars... boring to some, but challenging to stand out within those constraints For example given wheelbase/track ranges, max height and the list of tires allowed. Perhaps two categories, Model Team / Technic. I think rules that give a certain level of consistency to all the entries make for a better contest. A couple ideas.. Machinery -yellow of course- in a given scale. A very small context to design an Intermodal container at a given scale and then Given that "standard" design build anything designed to move that container.
  11. aol000xw

    Night mode

    Currently there are almost two dozen Star Wars sets sitting on my shelves, from the Original X-Wing to the last Falcon, and I will get the last ISD this year. (Btw thanks Efferman for designing that amazing MF stand) I usually have no lights on in the room as there is an aquarium that provides enough ambient light, so the sets rest in a penumbra cast by the shelves themselves. I realized how amazing lights would look and last year I decided it was time to budget for some leds. So one by one those sets will be disassembled, washed with warm soapy water, and rebuilt including third party or custom lights. Some sets deserve to be lit by design, so it is a shame that when TLG made the second edition of the XWing, Snowspeeder, MF and ISD missed the opportunity.
  12. A lot of Lego boxes and a lot of Ferreros... win/win I use those Stanley sorting boxes that got smaller yellow boxes inside. I also got a ton of chinese food round plastic containers I use for sorting before building.