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  1. Honest question, brick built sculptures are kind of easy but how do they dust that thing? Technic gives a transformers vibe to it.
  2. Wow, the patterns of repeating structures are mesmerizing. Edit: is the tongue motorized or something? There is some kind of pulley there....
  3. Who buys what or why is hard to tell, but I guess it is reasonable to think people will expect what they pay for to work as intended. If there was an honest explanation of what is going on with it, would be way easier to left it behind, the problem is companies don't like accountability, so they never recognize a mistake unless forced into it. That makes communication and feedback pretty hard. I like the Porsche more than the Chiron but the Chiron is a better Technic set than the Porsche. So I was planing on improving the Porsche with some Chiron parts -quite annoying that the new brake discs aren't backwards compatible-.. So the new rims can't fit old hubs, but can old rims be used on new disc brake hubs using pins?
  4. Thank you this will be really helpful on following this discussion about Chiron merits. It is a pretty coherent list that highlights the different interests of different people. Fidelity and playability for example. There is a specific thread for Chiron mods and improvements to focus on how to improve on that long list.
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    Technic Pub

    Back when it launched I did purchase two 41999 and one is still sealed. My intention back then was to increase my dark blue parts stock but never got to open both. It is getting increasingly hard for me to open it but I am not interested in selling it, I am just stuck with it in its sealed form.
  6. There isn't a single point to be made and for sure if it were it would have not been made dozens of times, but thank you for your effort on micro moderating me by answering a rhetorical question.
  7. No and it is not moaning. I am sharing my thoughts with others doing exactly the same with their own opinions, and learning or reflecting on them on a matter of high interest to us. Why should I stop? I am not going to pretend I know what TLG is trying to achieve with these new super-cars or their cost/pricing strategies beyond making profits but it is exactly the notion that the Chiron is there just to look good what makes me keep on it. This is Technic not model Team, has people forgotten it? Also I don't see a reason for people who don't agree with what TLG is doing to just shut up and resign, surely TLG can do better that this. I sure know that a wise use of my wallet is the best message, but sharing ideas on forums like this is a good one too.
  8. Improving and modding is great, be it by yourself or based on others work, and I expect a lot of great mods to come. But that can't be used as an excuse by TLG to sell flawed designs. Modding is an option, can't be mandatory for the declared simply work. There are many sets every year, some don't work exactly smooth, steering is a prime candidate for jerkiness. But it is ok -kind off-. A suspension that simply sinks however is a major flaw, and the Porsche and the Chiron are the pinnacle of Technic somehow or at the very least an above average product, and price tag reflects that. Quality should reflect it too even if design or functions don't meet everyone expectations. The Chiron has more technical flaws than the suspension, steering for example is awful but even if not perfect it works, so that as unimpressive as it is is acceptable. There are many things that I like about it however and i appreciate the shiny new parts beyond anything else, however I can't understand, with all the effort put in the packaging and the marketing that they let something like that the suspension pass. At this point in time, when i think in 2020 I am pretty sure there will be a couple interesting new parts, a great design and great packaging. An interesting model for sure. But the question that comes to me time after time is "Will it work?" Not too flattery Also the positives can't make for the negatives, you can't expect I'll be happy for you to paying for my dinner if you spit in it.
  9. The Porsche gearbox sequence was not right per the instructions. That is not related to the heavy fine tuning involved in making the gear shifting work.
  10. I guess there is a great degree of variance in spring hardness due to loose tolerances. Anyways even in the videos at launch event, I think even in the one built by Sariel, there were problems. Even If 80% of the sets work Ok it is still a flaw. I am not playing roulette when buying Lego. What irks me is the implicit lack of respect for consumers when selling something flawed, and the afterwards arrogant attitude so common theses days. Yeah It was a very polite FU. Lego response to Porsche gearbox issues Edit: so back then they were unable to make it work properly so they made it wrong to make it playable, Can someone explain to me how does Chiron suspension apply to playability?
  11. Too many apologetic here. Price, design and functions are debatable and in the end a matter of choice but a functional flaw isn't. The suspension does not work period. That is a flaw, in an halo product, sold in special boxes with glorified building instructions not like regular Technic was ever, one aggravated by the price tag if you will. Will they acknowledge there is a flaw in the design of the Chiron? Did I miss an apology for the flaw in the Porsche gearbox? I think I remember a "You are holding it wrong" kind of response. At this point I can't think of bad QA, I think they simply don't care. It is so easy to make money on these sets that they don't need to care. They can throw anything at us, make a big thing of some marketing tactic and call it a day. Was it that hard to make the suspension work? Would any AFOL show a supercar here with that kind of suspension? It looks they put way more effort on the marketing side than they put on the Chiron. I was 6 when I got my 8860, now I try to picture myself at 6 again, building the Chiron with great effort and almost can feel the sadness wondering what did I do wrong.Now show your shiny Chiron to someone not into Lego and rationalize, justify and explain why it behaves like a stone in a pond where it should be a working marvel of Technic.
  12. How that suspension can pass any kind of QA is really worrisome. For an AFOL it can be bothersome, but for a child it is even worse. What is the point of Technic when something so basic simply does not work? I don't think children will grow into AFOLs from flawed designs; after all model kits are prettier than Lego. Back then for me it was the "how does this work?". But lately too many sets focus too much on the looks and too little in the functions. That may be good for today sales, but sure won't help tomorrow ones.
  13. So why does the suspension stay extended but not recover from compression? Too weak springs for the weight I guess, but is friction playing a rol?
  14. So boxes match just in one dimension I was hoping for just a differece in height. Yeah well I care, I'm that weird. Unexpectedly I like the blue rim... a lot
  15. 8880 CV joint was the most realistic hub design, why did they never made something like that afterwards? Today suspension designs are mostly based on same part as 8860. Isn't due a better adjustable or dampened part? Kind of the hybrids people make with pneumatic cylinders for example. The Porsche and the Chiron are sleek, beautiful works, however 8860/8880 are superior in many aspects even being kind of raw. Is there a market today for a "back to the basics/just the technics" model today? Probably 99% of the thecnic models use a combustion engine. Did TLG consider releasing a fully detailed combustion engine ever? Lego 8455 -penumatic backhoe- is a pneumatic marvel) any specific reason we never got another set so focused on pneumatics? Air tank, why so rare?