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  1. aol000xw

    Updated motors comparison page

    I meant in the last image, the power bar chart, I see the old PF-XL for example but not the Control+ XL
  2. aol000xw

    Updated motors comparison page

    Isn't the chart missing the new motors?
  3. Honestly I don't know, But I already had very bad experiences with some of the cables used in PF adapters and mindstorms, Like this The kind of plastic based on plants they are using is polyethylene I think. It is quite different from ABS, softer and more flexible, so not a feasible solution for everything. Polyethylene is quite stable, so no concerned by now... but just look at that picture... I don't know what changes can they make to the ABS but when I see cracks on new not stressed parts....
  4. Well then what they need to do is find ways of capturing the carbon emissions, instead of renting bricks or selling us bricks that rot over time...
  5. Renting bricks.... <Insert Lego facepalm image here> And.. WHAT PLASTIC WASTE? Because everyone I know considering dumping anything Lego already has a queue of people waiting to take it.
  6. aol000xw

    Porsche vs Bugatti crash test

    I saw this a few days ago at some thread here.... But watching it again... It almost looks like a slot track with the Porsche running on it.... Lego Technic Slot Racing on 1:8 Scale, now that would be something.... well with non Lego branded motors anyways.
  7. aol000xw

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    It may be wrong but autism is sometimes colloquially used to describe something that has nothing to do with it, like isolation, depression, anxiety, alienation etc. anything that breaks social interaction. In that regard, wrong word, but known symptoms of social media/electronic devices abuse or misuse. So yeah I don't see Lego forcing screen use as a positive.
  8. aol000xw

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    While PDF will be available for a long long time, digital obsolescence is real. So any proprietary digital format can easily be outlived by paper instructions Kind of like PF might outlive C+...
  9. aol000xw

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    If I need to spend time in front of the screen then there are better things to do than following instructions. I am pretty sure digital instructions would steer me away from purchasing Lego.
  10. aol000xw

    42056 - Porsche GT3 RS - Crash Test

    OMG I want that software to simulate crash after crash!
  11. aol000xw

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I somehow expect a LaFerrari
  12. aol000xw

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    You'll have to pry the paper instructions from my cold dead hands, thank you.
  13. I see on this conversation the same kind of speculation that floats around licensing, many guesses and opinions but very little facts, There are safe harbors on IP laws on every country and you can use a brand name as long as you follow the rules. There is some degree of variation from country to country, but you can mention model and brand when you want to commercialize something that is compatible o designed for a product. It is not the same "Lego MYTHING" that ""MYTHING compatible with LEGO" or "MYTHING for Lego". Anyone can take a look at the guidelines book for selling in Amazon for example and will find rules depicting exactly this type cases. No need to invent things or choke children to make a point, it is way easier. Of course that does not prevent any rights holder from abusing the system and taking your items down even if you did nothing wrong. Or even someone who isn't the rights holder from doing so, as the burden of proof falls over the infringing party.
  14. Well there is fair use you know... Just stating that you make something compatible with X does not make that an infringement. Wording is important however and a disclaimer stating that it is not a Lego product not endorsed by Lego and that Lego is a Trademark property of TLG etc may help. The typical legalese crap.
  15. Perhaps changing the description to "Whatever compatible with Lego System" Instead of "Lego Whatever" may be enough. But still... Lego, WTF