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  1. Ivorrr

    [MOC] 3 Speed automatic transmission gearbox

    Amazing idea! I feel recently you guys are stepping into another level of engineering with all the CVT and automatic gearbox. I am wondering if we will ever see an automatic in a LEGO set
  2. Congratulations to the winner and everyone participating! Even though my entry wasn't even close to being as awesome as others, I had great fun having a clear goal for building the MOC. I hope for another contest comming soon as another furlough period is on the horizon and need to get my hands busy
  3. I think that it can actually have quite a number of applications! Think about crawlers for example. In addition, any modern car has an option to have an automatic transmission. Supercars as well as LEGO supercars are usually large and heavy so can't go too fast so it also seems an option if you want to use it for a motorised MOC. Thanks for sharing Paweł. Brilliant!
  4. I can't say anything else than OH MY GOD! So many functions! Congratulations man! Simply amazed
  5. It looks so scary to put any LEGO electronics into water. Anyway, cool boat:)
  6. Ivorrr

    [MOC] Ambulance Pullback

    Nice little pullback. Doesn't the rear suspension make it harder to use the pull back/loosing traction?
  7. From the first look I was wondering why is it in TECHNIC forum and then I got it. Amazing! This one should go to the technic index!
  8. Ivorrr

    [MOC] Toyota AE86 from Initial D

    You must make a vid with the background music of:
  9. Ivorrr

    [TC18] Dodge Challenger 1970 (WIP)

    I absolutely need to build it for display! Might do something about the roof
  10. Ivorrr

    Air cooled classic car

    Gentlemen! Chill! Why all the hostility? That was supposed to be fun. Maybe he's had an idea long ago and never got to finish it. Now with the contents, a perfect opportunity to get back to it and do it again?
  11. Guys your work is amazing with the mods. My original is staring at me at the shelf all the time for the past week and I'm having trouble with standing it's flaws but now I stumble upon this thread and I'm thrilled to put the mods in. Thanks!
  12. Fun quiz. The tyres added extra mystery layer and deceit. Thanks
  13. Ivorrr

    Fiat 125p

    Amazing! Have you noticed that it must have been designed originaly based on the american muscle cars from the 60-70s? Love the "duży Fiat"
  14. Ivorrr

    [TC18] Orange Cabrio

    Whoah it does actually quite resemble this Alfa! Thanks! The doors dont open sadly:( They sit tied under a funky angle held by a connector from the bottom and by the top of the rear fender