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  1. Loved the game! Love the project!
  2. Any luck with narrowing the wheelbase maybe? I just built it 2 days ago and that was my first thing planned for rework. Also, I can't seem to find narrower wheels that would fit the scale. Not sure if anyone has suggestions? Btw the MOC is really cool
  3. This is a cute build - my first thought when I saw it was actually the 500
  4. Ivorrr

    Technic Clones

    Isn't discussing a non-lego product (apart from the allowed buwizz 3rd party tires and such) not allowed on this forum?
  5. This TC idea sounds very interesting! Will be much more complicated than the previous ones I participated in but I am already excited about the challenge! How am I going to focus at work for the rest of the day?! On the weight/part count limit, need to take in consideration the different battery options (rechargeable weights less than 6x battery box). Also would it be allowed to have the power supply being outside of the MOC and connected via cables? Just thinking if I didn't manage to locate the box on the bottom, would produce extra effort on the mechanisms to move things around
  6. I checked all page of voting post I hope I can get any votes. ------Reviewed all votes------- Damn... What's the problem in my entry??? I am not serious on this one - the drive from the contest that results in ton of fun building the entry is all that I need
  7. 22: 10 38: 6 36: 4 24: 3 11: 2 4: 1 That was fun again!
  8. 32. 8858 Rebel Rocker! Original set: 8858 Rebel Wrecker Discussion topic: Features: Same as the original - Front / rear suspension - HOG steering - Fake engine connected to rear axle - Winch Pictures:
  9. Added seats and winch This time with 81.6 x 38R tires but now they are too big. I am going to stay with the original wheels - none other just look as good for me
  10. Well, these are studless elements even though used in the original model. There is no studfull parts used apart from the engine blocks in the MOC. I see your point but that was simply my approach to the build (and hopefully in line with the rules of the contest)
  11. So I dont know which wheel version to decide on and need your help. Vote which of the 4 options is the best! 1) Original (balloon tire and original rim) 2) 68.7 x 34R tire + original rim flipped 3) balloon tire + 32020 rim https://rebrickable.com/parts/32020/wheel-432-x-18-with-extended-axle-stem/ 4) 68.7 x 34R tire + 32020 rim (these dont fit well and need to centre its position for the picture)
  12. At first I was hesitating with using these type of pieces due to the theme of the contest but I have now tried putting that exact one (same was in the Arocs) and it does look well! I actually fell in love in the original balloons with the 90s "monster truck" vibe but I will try other ones. I don't have many rims in white - maybe 32020 from barcode truck will fit any off-road tires somehow. Thanks for the good words guys!
  13. Geeting closer to the finish... - Front modified - rear wheel arches - and finally wheels on! Things to do: - HOG. Not sure yet whether to use the original beemer light or this will be considered studfull - seats... I have just realized looking at the online instructions that I have something missing in my original second hand bought 8858... I dont have the blue seats!!!