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  1. Another take on the front suspention: Is it possible that @Sariel really did a building error which causes the sagging suspention? In the speedbuilding video it's visible at about 8:22 that Sariel has build the springs in completely vertical. I've not seen the instructions yet but on another picture it looked like the springs were oriented with an angle one stud further out on the suspention arm. I'm not yet an engeneer but an shorter leverage should aplay way more force to the springs! That would explain the sagging!
  2. The already discussed steering feature of the 42080 isn't actually that new. The 8443 from the 80s I think features a similar system where an axle is steared additionally to a turntable.
  3. Hey guys In my opinon it's far most likely that it will be the Ford GT. I don't think that it will be a car which is already out of production because both sides want to make the most possible profit they can. So it has to something new, something hot. Also for lego I think it has to be a brand which is known by everybody. In my opinion Bugatti or McLaren aren't popular enough for the wide range of people the product should reach. Chevrolet is also not very popular in europe. Audi, Mercedes and Ferrai are good but in my eyes they have no special car which is brand new. And the portofino is the absulute entrylevel Ferrari. I don't think they would like to have build the least fascinating car. Porsche is of course out. So I think Ford is most likely because Ford isn't just a supercarbrand but also a massproducer. Everybody could probably have a Ford. Not the GT but a entrylevel one. Also I would consider that Ford has made very much effort to advertise their GT. For example they made up a big public interest with the distribution of the cars. They build the car to grow the brand. A lego car would come perfect in this moment. The production is at least not finished until 2019 so it is in my eyes new enough. The BP 23 is not even revealed so this would be a candidate for 202? in my eyes.
  4. After I've read about the working warning beakons I searched a bit on google around and found a picture of the backside of the packaging of the 42068. There is a small picture on the lower right side that shows the two leds mounted on the roof between the mirrors facing forward. They are mounted on stud form each other. But I have to say that naming them beacons is a bit exagurated. If they are not at least blinking through a mechanism they are just two lights.
  5. Thank you for the great feedback. Next time I will try to insert the pictures correct. The manual pump is conected to the whole system. I haven´t removed it to have extra capacity besides the 2 small pumps. For example when the battery is dead. P.S. It took me lets say some time till I had installed the whole tubing ;)
  6. Hi, as you can see I´m new here so I hope I´m doing right with the guidelines. ;) Now back to topic some weeks ago I started to mod the 42053. I´m pretty happy how it turned out and hope you like it. Here a list what I modded: - pressure tank between the wheels - pneumatic front shield (controlled by switch above power switch) - aditionall pneumatic connection for the trailer (controlled by switch in the undercariage) - a 3 side tipper to transport the other atatchments ( tipping mechanism by efferman) - 3 intercangeable boom atatchments - L motor + 2nd small pneumatic pump - completely new boom design: - 3 pice boom - double cylinder in the first stage - new single cylinder - new normal cylinder to controll the bucket (normal cylinder because I ran out of big ones ;) ) - new lengths for the single abstracts to come closer to the original - new and in my eyes way better tubing ;) Because I can´t upload more than one usable picture here I uploaded the others on flickr.