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  1. After I've read about the working warning beakons I searched a bit on google around and found a picture of the backside of the packaging of the 42068. There is a small picture on the lower right side that shows the two leds mounted on the roof between the mirrors facing forward. They are mounted on stud form each other. But I have to say that naming them beacons is a bit exagurated. If they are not at least blinking through a mechanism they are just two lights.
  2. Thank you for the great feedback. Next time I will try to insert the pictures correct. The manual pump is conected to the whole system. I haven´t removed it to have extra capacity besides the 2 small pumps. For example when the battery is dead. P.S. It took me lets say some time till I had installed the whole tubing ;)
  3. Hi, as you can see I´m new here so I hope I´m doing right with the guidelines. ;) Now back to topic some weeks ago I started to mod the 42053. I´m pretty happy how it turned out and hope you like it. Here a list what I modded: - pressure tank between the wheels - pneumatic front shield (controlled by switch above power switch) - aditionall pneumatic connection for the trailer (controlled by switch in the undercariage) - a 3 side tipper to transport the other atatchments ( tipping mechanism by efferman) - 3 intercangeable boom atatchments - L motor + 2nd small pneumatic pump - completely new boom design: - 3 pice boom - double cylinder in the first stage - new single cylinder - new normal cylinder to controll the bucket (normal cylinder because I ran out of big ones ;) ) - new lengths for the single abstracts to come closer to the original - new and in my eyes way better tubing ;) Because I can´t upload more than one usable picture here I uploaded the others on flickr. https://flic.kr/s/aHskTuTJPM