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  1. I've already disassembled this model. Probably I just limited it's motion by surrounding structures.
  2. Hello everyone! I continue my experiments with CADA micromotors, this time I tried to shrink the scale. I was limited in pieces but I think it's Ok for demonstration :) Hope you like it :)
  3. Hi everyone! I'd like to share my new motorization project. This time I've modified Bugatti 42151: BuWizz 2.0 receiver as a power source, BuWizz-motor for rear-wheel drive and PF servo-motor for steering. As usually I tried to keep the original look of the set as much as possible and it was unexpectedly difficult to place all the electronic components. The main problem is a width of the model - the inner space between doors is only seven stud wide, so it's impossible to place the receiver between the doors as it's eight stud long. So I've ended up with pretty unconventional receiver placement. You can find details and test-drive in my video: Thanks for watching :)
  4. Not In my composition. It seems the only way to insert 3.0 is to modify doors and to mount the receiver transverse.
  5. Hi! Today I’d like to show you my experiments with a Technic set 8436 from 2004. The truck has no complex mechanisms but the set has its glory due to a number of different pneumatic rigs. Another interesting feature – the model has an even width like the sets from 90th, but it is built out of modern Technic beams that have an odd length. And I really like the look of the truck. You can take a closer look at this rarity set, here is my detailed review: Since the truck is pretty simple, I decided to motorized it and I did it in two different ways. The first model contains five CADA micro-motors and as a result – some interesting extra functions like independently working fake engine and tiltable cabin. The second version has only two functions and three motors: Power Functions servo-motor for steering and two BuWizz buggy-motors for rear-wheel drive (slow output). And as a promised bonus – a detailed review of the CADA micro-motor. I’ve been waiting something like this since the appearance of the Power Functions system, but unfortunately 9V micro-motors from 90th hadn’t got a substitution in the new system. Thanks for watching :)
  6. I didn't try it. I suppose the speed wouldn't change significantly. It seems these motors have a decent reducer and the force needed to drive the model on a flat surface isn't too big, so probably in my model a rotation speed of motors is about the maximum.
  7. I bought it on Ali twice, the store's name is Miguba.
  8. BuWizz motor costs 29 Euro. CADA motor - about 7 Euro.
  9. Awesome model, so interesting transmission for such a small scale! These wheels fit the scale perfectly, hopefully TLG will introduce a big replica of these tires one day.
  10. Hi everyone! Some time ago I found out about CADA micro-motors, and finally I did some simple tests. I didn't find here detailed information (maybe I was not enough attentive), so I think it could be useful to post a short review here. Would love to get a feedback from experienced owners, since it's my first experience with these motors :)
  11. This is an awesome idea to combine a shelf model and RC set. Very cool model!
  12. Looks stylish! And I love these white plastic wheels.
  13. Thank you! Yes, the worm reducer and two extra 12t gears offer a lot of opportunities, I like this set very much.
  14. Hello my dear friends! Today I'd like to share my collection of the alternative models for the Telehandler 42133. All the videos contain detailed building instructions, if somebody want to build the model. 1. The first one is skidder. A few years ago I've created large-scale RC skidder (Skidder John Deere 648L), and this time I have a tiny version. The functions: steering, blade elevation, boom elevation, the claw. 2. The second one is a racing car with adaptive aerodynamics. The feature that I'm waiting for years to be introduced in 1:8 Technic supercars :) The steering mechanism activates the spoiler, so the car has more downforce at curves. And due to the weight of the wing the steering has a return-to-center feature. 3. The next one is a jet plane. The feature of this model is an adjustable wing geometry, like in the set 9394. 4. And the last one - dozer compactor. This model has two functions: steering and blade elevation. Nothing special, but pretty playable and looks not so bad :) Thanks for watching, I hope you'll find something interesting here :)
  15. That's incredible! This layout is a dream of any kid from 3 to 99 :)))
  16. Very cool model! The original machine is absolutely brutal :)
  17. This is an incredible piece of engineering, it will take a lot of time to understand how it works, awesome model! Can you recommend good source of information, how to calculate differential transmissions with adders and subtractors?
  18. Do you mean the real dozers? I'm almost certain that CAT D11 is too expensive to work at ski resorts. Thank you :) Yes, I'm trying to overcome the main reason of my inactivity - my English is getting better, and now it takes less time and suffering to read, write and film :) I have a lot of interesting videos on my main channel, I hope I'll refilm the most interesting movies for my English channel as well.
  19. Hi! I'd like to share some thoughts regarding a winter test-drive of my 42131 CAT D11 Dozer. The first indoor tests left very good impressions, and I was excited to try it outdoor. I still remember a short video from the official LEGO website, were the 8275 Dozer pushes snow (it was about 15 years ago :)) The set isn't new, I tried to find something similar here, but without any results. Sorry, if this topic has been already discussed. - Let's begin with the most important function - a motion. It works very well indoor, especially on a soft surface, but for moving in snow grousers are too small. Of course the model can push some amount of snow but it tends to stuck and skid. Some additional beams on tracks will improve the situation. - As we know, the blade elevation in a stock model works extremely slow, I tried to solve this problem by replacing gears near the actuators. Instead of 12:20 reduction I've done 20:12, but the system even couldn't complete a calibration, so I ended up with 12:12 ratio. But in outdoor conditions (it was pretty cold) it didn't work, probably because of accumulators voltage drop. So, during the test-drive I couldn't change the elevation at all. And as a result, I also didn't use a blade tilting mechanism. - Of course, the ladder mechanism works perfectly in any conditions :) - And the last function - a ripper. If we follow building instructions of the set, ripper won't even touch the ground, so it's necessary to change its connection points. The ripper works very well in loose snow. It would be cooler to have three teeth instead of one, but there is a risk, that it will be not a ripper but anchor, because of low tracks friction :) So, without any modifications the model has pretty low performance in snow (yes, I'm spoilt by BuWizz and buggy-motors). But I had a lot of fun during these tests, you can check the dozer in action: Thanks for watching!
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    This project is absolutely mind-blowing! You must have infinite patience. Just don't stop :)