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  1. BRICKYWOOD - Day 6

    I apologize for my absence, I was unexpectedly separated from my computer for an extended period. I should be back in action sometime tomorrow. Again I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  2. BRICKYWOOD - Day 6

    Vote: Studcille De Mille (Khscarymovie4).
  3. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Well, that explains some things. Unvote: Audrey Hepbrick (Dragonator)
  4. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    I personally feel that, between Audrey's general inactivity and lack of proper defense for her behavior she is a person who seems scummy to me. Her sudden bout of fishing today and apparent lack of trust for the only confirmed townie we've seen so far only makes me more leery of her. The only thing that makes me in any way hesitant to vote is this sudden blocker claim. But I don't feel that this claim has enough weight to dissuade me from voting for her. Vote: Audrey Hepbrick (Dragonator)
  5. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    How could you possibly know that? Did you know it earlier? If so, why did you not volunteer this information before? Roleclaim to whom exactly? You seem to be awfully interested in what everyone did at night. So your defense is to excuse yourself for not doing a good job of appearing to be a townie. Convincing. Yes, practically everyone here has said that at some point. It does not contribute to the discussion or help up in any way. It seems more like a stock phrase used to make oneself seem more town.
  6. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Before anything, I'd like to ask why everyone seems to think that last night's death was caused by Burpamont? It's entirely possible that last night's killer was the vigilante. I'm almost in agreement with you, however I don't feel as strongly about Thelma as you do.
  7. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Why? Glenn is basically confirmed to either be the investigator or in contact with him. If they voted for the wrong person yesterday then the reason is more likely to be that the investigator didn't get a scum result on last night's investigation rather than foul play.
  8. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    What? But I never voted for her yesterday, both my votes were for entirely different people. How on earth did that happen?
  9. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Look, he started out asking for information on weather or not I had been told that my death would trigger an event for someone else with no explanation as to why, which seemed very scummy at the time. The explanation I just passed on to you only came after I had voted for him. And anyway, he never asked if I had a role, only if I was aware of his. And if I did have a role his questions would still have been scummy as I'd have no way of telling if he really was selling the truth or lying to me to get me to reveal information to the scum. Conversely, if I don't have a role than it becomes less scummy as the scum would have no reason to tell such a lie to a normal townie.
  10. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Well, after my vote for him I received a message from him stating that the reason he was asking me strange questions was that he had a condition where if I was killed his role would change from vanilla townie to something else. Unfortunately by the time I saw the message the day had already ended.
  11. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    Warning in case of merging, what you are about to read was written twelve minutes after the above. I've already started doubting my decision to vote for Gopher, Leonardo has contacted me in private and started asking me if I'm aware of anyone having a role linked to me (my death causing an event for another player or similar). This feels threatening to me and reminiscent of fishing. I really don't feel safe right now. Unvote: Gopher (Zepher) Vote: Legonardo Brickcaprio (Umbra-Manis)
  12. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    I am trying to decide who to vote for right now. As I have said I find William's behavior yesterday and his odd inconsistency about what his role was supposed to be suspicious, but voting for him now would be useless as there is no chance of him getting lynched and providing us with information. On the other hand I don't feel fine with voting for Rosamund Bricke. As others have pointed out she feels more like an overeager townie than a scum. Leonardo is someone I'm starting to feel a little weird about, but I'll let that wait for now. Gopher is very interesting right now though. His Vote for Ari yesterday was without any real reasoning behind it other than 'we need some forward movement and a lynch or a conviction or whatever' and comes off as a little strange since it came immediately after criticizing Glenn's initial reasons for voting in the very same post. And yet today he says that one of his reasons for voting for Ari was because he 'thought Ms. Clutch had a good reason for voting as she did', a statement that contradicts what he actually said. In addition to that His initial vote today was a very weak attack on Nash Brickman for making a vote against Glenn yesterday that was in fact perfectly logical at the time. All in all it's starting to seem to me as if Gopher is more scummy than my other choices, therefore; Vote: Gopher (Zepher)
  13. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    I never claimed that Ari told William that he was an investigator, in fact that would be counter to my express opinion that William is probably lying. As to your second question that is sort of what I'm saying, the final vote had not been cast yet when he made his claim to being in contact with an investigator that had cleared Ari, the whole I-saw-Ari-investigate-someone-and assumed-he-was-town story came after Ari told us he was scum, which would, in this scenario, be a combination frantic attempt to clear his own name/make himself look good to the town.
  14. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    No, that's not what you said, what you said was; If you admit that the first investigator was Ari then I don't see how you could still say there are two investigators since Ari is the only person other than Glenn's 'contact' who claimed to be the investigator.
  15. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    Look, no-one is denying that Glenn is either the or in contact with the investigator, but I see no evidence of there being a second investigator anywhere. The only other person who has been claimed as an investigator was Ari Nougat.