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  1. The UnDead Pirates...

    Hello all, I have just completed a new Brickfilm The UnDead Pirates. This is a mini adventure of a small village that is pillaged by a band of zombie/skeleton/undead, band of pirates. The Bluecoat army is defenceless against these ruthless cutthroat pirates that stop at nothing! however a mysterious Hero comes to take on Brickbone and his undead army of pirates in this Swashbuckling adventure! Well here is the link to the video, and let me know what you guys think! Thanks and enjoy! The Undead Pirates
  2. Thanks I'm gonna try to save it to CMYK cause I did notice one decal that had a light normal yellow did print out nice rather then the mustard yellow that looked blochy
  3. Hey guys so I'm hoping to get some feedback from people who print decals. I've got really into making my own decals lately using Krita a free draw software. After I'm done making them I take them into a program where I then re-scale to the actual Minifigures size without quality lost. However the quality seems to lack after printing. I'm currently using an Epson 424 inkjet printer. The yellow decals seem to be print very ugly seeing the micro dots instead of just a flush yellow, and alot of the emblems seem ridged and not smooth. I've been doing research but don't seem to be finding the answers I need. So my question is will a Laser printer print a sharp clean image out rather then a inkjet or is my inkjet not the highest quality. The DPI on my printer is I think 1446-5000 something not sure if that's a big spec for resolution or cleaner print , but it's the same as some higher priced inkjet printers. Well hope to get some feedback from you guys thanks.
  4. Gunslinger "An American Western"

    Thanks for the great feedback I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  5. Gunslinger is a film about 4 bandits in search of the notorious man they call Gunslinger. Arriving in the deserted town of Legoredo the bandits start searching from building to building in search of him. This is a film that took a few weeks to make, I've also been learning a lot more with getting better lighting, better shots, and good camera angles. This film I did a lot of zoom in and outs as usings different aperture settings to blur out the background more, as well as using my new camera dolly slider. This film was a lot of fun to make and i hope everyone has as much fun watching as i did making it! This is part 1 of a part 2, the second part which will be titled American Gold is starting production in a few weeks! Let me know what you guys think :-) Thanks, - Matt-
  6. "The Brave Knight"

    The Brave knight is a short brickfilm based on lego set 6034 Black Monarch's Ghost. This film shows exactly what happen when the knight opened the door to find what was inside! Enjoy.
  7. Hey guys, well after 7 months of filming I have finally finished my feature film Battle of Kerak. There's some new techniques I learned , chroma key, adding in special effects, this was a lot of fun and and it adds to the movie. Things I don't like are I filmed 24fps which on a lot of scenes I didn't take enough photos so the animation looks a little choppy and too fast. When I started filming back in Oct I started off using a logitech C-920 webcam and sony movie studio 9.0. and the capture mode. Then in Jan. of this year I upgraded to a Nikon d3300 which I then was using Digicam for about 70% of this film. By the end of the film I finally upgraded to Dragonframe which is great and helps out alot! I love how you have instant playback and onionskin to help out. The film battle of Kerak was inspired by Kingdom of heaven, and the show Arn. I decided to make my own story of the film and here it is. Please comment, like ,subscribe or just simply watch the film. Thanks guys and hope you enjoy Youtube Link Battle Of Kerak Film -Matt-
  8. A Weathered Lodging

    Very great build! At first glance I didn't even think this was made out of Legos. Awesome though and good use of colors, the ground plates make the structure really pop.
  9. Great Review. Sadly the figure I wanted to see most is still kept secret. I wanna know what the big deal is with him? Since I love pirates so much this is the one figure in this series I'm most excited about.
  10. Hello fellow Eurobrickers, For the past 4 months now I've been working on a new Brickfilm. Its nearing its completion so I decided to throw some clips together and make a trailer. The film is about the great crusade, it follows a young Hospitaller Knight who is traveling to Kerak castle in search of a new life. When arriving trouble begins, war happens shortly after! heres the Trailer, Please like, Subscribe, and comment if you like what you see, and thanks for watching. YOUTUBE_LINK
  11. Curse of the Blue Angel

    Very awesome job man!! I loved all the effects you added and the camera style you did filming all the chase scenes. What kind of camera did you use?
  12. Redcoats vs bluecoats

    Now looking at armies, I feel like the old bluecoats with the red look like the Prussian army. The new bluecoats with the white now look more like French, although they fly the same flag.
  13. CCC XIV Royal James

    This is a great looking ship you have here. I like the rigging an sails. Also the whole overall design. Well done.
  14. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Well I was hoping atleast for an 8-10 set theme! I mean if angry birds got a line and Potc doesn't.... I mean come on! Anyways a ship is always awesome, and Lego is smart to do so. Lego pirate ships are cash cows and double if not triple in sales, after they are retired on Ebay and other sites. Also if there testing the waters with a ship first to see if the line is worthy, well maybe we will see a line for potc. -Fingers crossed-