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  1. CoolerTD


    Hi 2 all!
  2. Thank you! I`ve used only parts from the set, and some parts left. here what is left
  3. Hi! Today I`d like to show you my latest creation. It is alternative build from LEGO set 76130 - Lambda-class T-4a shuttle I used almost all white parts from this set. I made a small stand for the model wings can be raised up to landing position It has a place for one minifigure I like it more, then original set video review is on my channel Thanks for watching!
  4. Hello 2 everyone! Let me show you my new alternative build from LEGO ninjago set 70674 It Junk - ancient Chinese sailing ship, which is used by Pyro Snakes )) I used only parts from the set 70674. Video review is here. Hope, you enjoy my MOC )
  5. My creation from four LEGO Friends set 41379 Heartlake City Restaurant, I`ve used almost all the parts from sets. It may called alternative build or multi-build. I built Italian restaurant with three floors. There is detailed interior on every floor and It fits other modular buildings. Video review with interior is on my channel Hope, you enjoy my creation. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! I wanna show my MOC, made from LEGO set 76125 It is a Stark Industries satellite with IGOR inside. When I was thinking about what to build from this set I wondered how can I use these big windows. A thought that they may be used as a satellite solar cell. And then I remembered how Tony called Veronica to deliver him Hulkbuster suit. I decided to build this satellite but, of course, I couldn`t make Veronica with Hulkbuster - that is why I place IGOR into this satellite )) I had to make it smaller and to rebuild IGOR to make is suitable to satellite. And I added a stand for this creation, where you may display Iron Man suits from the set and place the satellite. And video review of my MOC Hope, you enjoy it! Thanks!
  7. Thanks for reply! In first creator in buildings were all 4 walls< and I like it. I Like when you may open the house and get access to interior, and you may close it and use in city layout ) Thanks! It is nice set for plates, tiles and small parts. but there are really few simple bricks :)
  8. Hello everyone! Today I`d like to present you my new alternative build from the parts of the set LEGO stranger things The upside down. I`ve built a house 32 studs wight with addition of small barn and old truck. The main building has interior but does not have back wall because there are really very few bricks in the set :( I used only parts from the set in my creation (approx 15-20% parts left) here is video review of my MOC building instruction will be soon on my channel. Hope you enjoy this MOC.
  9. Hello everyone! Let me show you my alternate build for LEGO Batman set 76199. It is a Gotham-City in mini scale. More details in video review (and as a bonus - batmobile in mini scale) feel free for commenting :)
  10. Hi everyone! Here is my new alternate build for LEGO city space set 60227. I`ve build a sci-fi cafe for your LEGO CITY. Its a Space Pizza cafe! roof can be opened and there is a light brick inside More details in video review Hope, you enjoy this MOC )
  11. Hello everyone! I don`t know to what topic post such MOCs here or to Special (maybe Its time to make forum theme Alternative builds )) I`ve made war machine hover tank from LEGO set 76124 War Machine buster. Video review and building instruction is on my channel Sorry, If i`ve posted it in the wrong forum theme. Hope, you enjoy this creation.
  12. CoolerTD

    [MOC] Doctor Strange & Werewolf by Night vs. Dracula

    Nice floor and interior!