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  1. Hi! I have build alternative model from the set 70643. The temple is cool but I wanted to build simle house without the cave. hope you will enjoy it.
  2. Hi! I tried to build LEGO WALL-E as an alternative model of the set 60159. In this model I use the LEGO parts only from the set 60159 I like building alternative models from the sets, and hope you will enjoy it
  3. MOC LEGO Nano-Reef

    Thank you for supporting! Thank you )
  4. MOC LEGO Nano-Reef

    I desided to download my project to LEGO Ideas. So, you may support it ;)
  5. LEGO Pirates Display

    I am glad that you like it )
  6. LEGO Pirates Display

    Thank you! There are 5 or 6 seaguls on the display ) Someday I will build a ship ;) Thanks!
  7. LEGO Pirates Display

    Hi! I`d like to present you LEGO Pirates display on my exhebition GameBrick. Other fotos on flickr Hope, you will enjoy it )
  8. Hi 2 all! Here is a small alternative model from the LEGO set 75198. some kind of AT RT tutorial is in video Thanks for watching!
  9. MOC LEGO Nano-Reef

  10. MOC LEGO Nano-Reef

    Hello everybody! I would like to present you my LEGO Nano - Reef ) It is a small saltwater reef aquarium with a clownfish. here is a video with review (sorry, only in russian) Hope, you will enjoy it )
  11. 2018 Lego Trains

    Really cool news! Thanks!
  12. [MOC] Cruiser Avrora

    Hello! I want to present my greatest MOC for now. It is a Cruiser Avrora in scale 1:88. an a small video from building process
  13. Hi! I want to show you my grader in microscale! Maybe it is not so micro, but i do not know how it describe )))
  14. [MOC] MAD CAT in microscale (or MFZ)

    Thanks 2 all! I have added a video tutorial for this MOC
  15. Hi! Today i tried myself in building microscale mech. I choose a MED CAT. Maybe i will build a diorama... maybe )) add a video tutorial