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  1. Hi! LEGO CITY Arctic alternative build. I have build this "X-Wing" like arctic fliyer from the set 60192. video review and instruction in video
  2. How to build anti-zombies ATV from the LEGO set 60195 Tutorial and review alternative build
  3. Thanks! This set is good enough for the parts to making MOCs. And I think LEGO Ninjago is very profitable theme in terms of the parts.
  4. Hello everyone! My alternative model for the set 75930 INDORAPTOR RAMPAGE AT LOCKWOOD ESTATE Fits to other creator expert modular buildings. and video review with building instruction Hope, you enjoy it!
  5. CoolerTD

    [MOC] Food truck alternative build from the set 60182

    Thank for your replies I am glad that you like my creations ) And yesterday I bought LEGO Jurassic World 75930 - I want to build classical modular building from it )
  6. Hello everybody! here is my alternative build from the LEGO set 60182. It is a food truck. And a vodeo review Hope, you enjoy it.
  7. CoolerTD

    [MOC] Small cafe from the set 60182 alternative build

    Thanks for yours reply!
  8. Hello! I have build the small cafe from the set 60182. It is alternative build - i use the parts from the set And a video review with tutorial how to build it Hope you enjoy it!
  9. Hello! Here is my alternative model for the set 60181 forest tractor And a video review with tutorial how to build it Hope you enjoy it
  10. Hello! I'd like to present you alternative buildin for the set 75208 Yoda's hut It is a WW1 biplane, built from the parts of this set Hope, your enjoy it!
  11. Thanks for reply! lately I was carried away by the creation of alternative models from the sets
  12. Hello everyone! here is my another alternative model. Now I rebuild LEGO 70638 Katana VII. a Called it Kai`s combat crawler. And a video review. Hope you enjoy it!
  13. Thanks for reply. Now I am thinking about MOC, using two these sets ) there cool parts in this set, so I think it worth buying another one (double minifigures can be sold)
  14. A gun build from LEGO set 75206
  15. CoolerTD

    Alternative model for the set 75209

    Thanks for reply! )