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  1. Now that we've got an HD picture: I really like Nick Fury, Talos doesn't look all that bad, and I'm pretty fond of the Quinjet. Carol is a bit of a dissapointment because of the hair and lack of boots. I would have prefered dual molded with a little bit of line work, but just dual molding would have made it look way better. Hopefully she'll be in A4 sets with dual molded legs.
  2. Marvelous Spidey

    76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Combined (MOC)

    I did, but it’s mostly just reorganized so that there’s not two identical sides. I made the top floor of the apartment Peter’s room and the second floor Aunt May’s and I put a seating area in the back of the pizza joint.
  3. Marvelous Spidey

    76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Combined (MOC)

    Ever since I first saw 76108 at the beginning of the year, I've wanted to make the Sanctum and Peter's apartment two distinct buildings. I picked up my first copy of the set when it released, but didn't want to spend full price on another one when I already had the minifigures. Recently, there was a sale on Amazon and I finally was able to pick up a second one and combine them! It was a fun challenge to make this new set and ten transform it into the back half of the buildings. I was able to finish the build with only the two sets and about two dozen or so pieces I had at my disposal, and there was a lot of trial and error. I hope you all like how it turned out! The only thing I'm not crazy about is the large window in the back of the bottom floor of the Sanctum, but I didn't have to pieces to really do much else.
  4. Marvelous Spidey

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Currently available as a free gift with $99 purchases. I added the Winter Fire House to my cart and it came up so it should be on all purchases
  5. Marvelous Spidey


    I know some of these are far fetched, but I think all of these would work as minifigs in blind bags: Lilo Goofy Sorcerer Mickey Hercules Meg Mary Poppins Miguel Hector Aurora Belle Black suit Donald (DuckTales) Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales) Hiro Yokai Cruella Boo (in the monster suit) Flik Dot Notes: I would love to see a Stitch in his alien form and the red suit now that the four arm mold exists, but I'm not sure they'd do a variant of him. Hector and Miguel would be really cool to see how they realize the skeletal aspects. Flik and Dot (or Princess Atta) could use the same head mold similar to how Mickey/Minnie and Donald/Daisy share head molds. I'd love a sleeping face on Aurora. And Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde both would be great as minifigs but would both need new unique head molds. I would hope they would give Scrooge a new head mold, as I think the Donald/Daisy mold would miss a few key features (the glasses and side tufts). I would LOVE to see Huey, Duey and Louie but I think three spots may be too much for them. I personally don't see them expanding the two minifig selections from last time but hope they give the singles a partner this time around. There were only two minifigs last time that didn't have a pair (Stitch and Maleficent) so I wanted to maintain that put also give them their pairs so I settled on 4 singles. There were around 23 new molds last time (by my count), and assuming that stays constant: Lilo gets a new hairpiece (1), Goofy gets a new head mold (2) and hat (3), Mickey gets a new hat (4), Hercules gets a new hairpiece (5), Meg gets a new hairpiece (6), Miguel gets no new molds, Hector gets a new skeleton leg mold (7) and a hat with hair mold (8), Aurora gets a new hairpiece (9), Belle gets a new hairpiece (10), Donald gets no new molds, Scrooge gets a new head mold (12), a new cane mold (13) and a new hat (14), Hiro gets a new helmet mold (15), Yokai gets no new molds, Cruella gets a new hairpiece (16) and a new dalmation mold (17), Boo gets a new mold for the monster suit as a neck piece (18) and a new hairpiece (19), while Flik and Dot use a new head mold in two different colors (20 and 21). They could save a couple molds combining hats with the head mold on Goofy and Scrooge but I like the idea of them being more versitile. Tangled, Cinderella, Mulan, Pocahontas, Snow White, Brave, and Frozen are all movies I could see them pulling from too, but I didn't want to put too many princesses in since Ariel was the only one last time. There are way too many characters to pick from and so many I'd love to see, put these are my picks for the next series. If they do a D2C of Sleeping Beauty's castle I could see her being in that and Cinderella taking her spot. I hope you enjoyed my overly detailed analysis of what Disney characters LEGO will make next
  6. From what's been said, the understanding seems to be that 4+ is a replacement for Juniors so that it can apply to more themes
  7. Personally, I think these sets are actually pretty decent. Not sure I'll buy any other than the ones with Gwen and 2099, but I'm not suprised that they're going back to the same main villains. You've got to get the hits (i.e. Joker for Batman pretty much every DC wave) for newer kids and these are good versions of each of them, barring DOc Ock's arms. I do wish they'd name them better though, the names are honestly the worst parts of these sets...
  8. More than likely the mech isn't based off anything in particular. It really doesn't look like Sp//dr, and is clearly just based off the general shape of a spider in my opinion.
  9. Pretty sure it's a regular dock worker since it looks like he's operating the crane
  10. I saw it on instagram. Torn purple clothes, purple legs with green printing. Green arms and purple hands.
  11. Just saw the green goblin torso. It's...fine. No dual molded legs and definitely not as good as the bridge battle one. Still just an orange head so who knows if the head will make up for it
  12. That Sandman is outstanding! Love the Nexo Knights piece they used for his lower body, absolutely perfect. Nice to have an updated Vulture too, but I wish they would print webs on Spideys arms like they did for the MCU minifig.
  13. Marvelous Spidey

    Lego and Nintendo partnership?!?!

    If you look at the instagram post, it's almost certainly fake based on some of the other game names: Metroid Equestrian Races, Luigi's Mansion Pop!, Pokemon Diamand and Pearl remakes, etc. If Metroid Equestrian Races is real, Nintendo has fully jumped the shark. Or alien shark-horse, if you'll excuse my terrible joke.
  14. Marvelous Spidey

    Review: 5005254 Lego Harry Potter Bricktober Minifigure Pack

    Great review! I can't wait to get my hands on these. I do agree that Hooch needs a different hair though, although creating a new mold just for this character I guess was decided to be too much. I keep thinking Nakia's hair in grey would work, but I also feel like that's not pointy enough.
  15. Marvelous Spidey

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Have we gotten a date for the Bricktober pack being available at B&N in the US? I'm assuming it'll be October but it sounds like Europe is getting it early, so hopefully we do too