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  1. Yeah, it is a terrible design, but it's not like LEGO is intentionally making them bad, they're just trying to capitalize on the (presumed) hype for the Avengers game.
  2. Anya is an exciting addition (along with Noir) but I'm not really fond of the game versions of Thor, Cap, or the AIM soldier. Iron Man looks great too, but I was really hoping the AIM soldiers would look good to make me want to buy these sets :/ I wish the old hazmat suit guy was a little less expensive cause just adding that helmet would make the figure look way better.
  3. Pretty sure a mosiac was just SPECULATION from when the name was first unveiled, from what I can remember no one has corroborated that. As someone esle pointed out, "zebra" is probably just a code name for whatever line this is. Very unlikely to be the final name
  4. After seeing FFH last night, I'm REALLY hoping one of those unreleased sets is another FFH set. The red and black suit looks amazing in the movie, and I would probably buy an extra one if it comes out to put on my desk. FFH SPOILERS BELOW
  5. Looked at the pics on i09 and there looks to be a few new pieces (new flat stud shooter??) in this set. Gotta say, I thought this was a prank at first when I saw it on Instagram, but I'm really happy with it. The helicopter is honestly a cool looking build (even if I would have prefered a bigger leviathan instead) and the figures are great. I didn't but the quinjet and I still haven't decided whether I'm going to buy the compound so a BW with better batons doesn't bother me at all. Fingers crossed for one more FFH and one or two more Endgame sets in the mysterious four sets
  6. Marvelous Spidey

    LEGO Disney Minifigures & D2Cs - Rumors and Discussion

    You can actually get some pretty good deals on ebay for them a little after they come out. Right when they release and after they're retired though the prices are way higher
  7. What Spider-Man sets are you talking about?
  8. Marvelous Spidey

    Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    I'm really happy that the FFH pack is real. Not crazy about the new look for these packs but that's whatever. Spidey looks to be blue and red with a lot of black printing added, I'm very happy with how Ned turned out Maria Hill looks fine. Very excited to get this when it comes out.
  9. Have we gotten any more info on that supposed Far From Home minfig pack? After looking at it more it feels really faked to me, but we had some reliable leakers say it was real. Just curious if it's been debunked or not.
  10. It kind of looks like Spidey has uneven eyes. That would definitely be cool! He looks like the red/blue suit though Looking at it again, I wouldn't count on the colors being overly accurate. If you look at Ned's hands they look like the light flesh color ones instead of the flesh or medium dark flesh color like his head.
  11. Marvelous Spidey

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    I'm not a fan of the show but I'm VERY tempted to get this just for the minifigures and because I LOVE the idea of being able to flip the set over
  12. Marvelous Spidey

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Personally, I think that using fabric wings on a brick built structure could work for the wings. I'm not as against everyone else is on the wings not being moulded, especially since we'd get more posability that way. Has LEGO done fabric wings in a while though? I can't remember seeing any recently.
  13. Marvelous Spidey


    2 of 18! Yeah! Although I did say that I wish they'd do the ducks and that Frozen could be there too... so maybe half credit?
  14. Marvelous Spidey

    LEGO Disney Minifigures & D2Cs - Rumors and Discussion

    I really love these! I agree that I really wish they had included Lilo and Goofy but other than that I have no big complaints. My favs are: Hercules (more like HUNK-ules) Anna and Elsa (although they look like they have the old dress pieces?) Edna (that new hair tho) Frozone (with his disc!) Hades (I like that they used a new piece for his legs rather than the standard dress piece)
  15. Yes, I did see the head when it was leaked and LOVE it for her! Sorry, I meant to only critique the rest of the minifig but I guess that wasn't clear. I definitely plan on using that head as a basis to make a much better MJ!