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  1. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    pause the trailer where it shows the hangar, the first order atats have more armour on the body the front feet are different and the heads are more streamlined with an extra red window on top. the atsts are different as well.
  2. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Are you going to make the new At-At seen in the trailer aswell? Love the Moc by the way it's making me scared to start mine!
  3. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Yep 43" high if in scale with my at-at
  4. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Impossible you say? ;-)
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    no but the existence of the designer vid is more than enough evidence for those in the know.
  6. (MOC)(Instructions) Cavegod's Tie Defender

    Oh forgot about the stand, it does have one ill build it and send it to Christian to add to the instructions.
  7. Bricklinking Cavegod's UCS AT-AT

    you can also use the 8x8 dish from ucs toe and rub the print off.
  8. Bricklinking Cavegod's UCS AT-AT

    Good mod, the reason the head is so loose is because origonally i was going to add pf left right movement and turbo laser recoil.
  9. [MOC] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    Didn't realise your in UK aswel, £89? blimey thats good going i've spent double that already 😂
  10. [WIP] [UCS] Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    Just wondering if you ever finnished Kylos shuttle?
  11. [WIP] [UCS] Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    I mean the length of the Zeta is about 1 3/4 lambda shuttles so you can use the ucs shuttle as a size reference. If it helps your wings are mounted incorrectly compared to the ref pictures.
  12. (MOC)(Instructions) Cavegod's Tie Defender

    because that photo was taken in 2011
  13. (MOC)(Instructions) Cavegod's Tie Defender

    yeah ut ive no idea where he is at moment
  14. (MOC)(Instructions) Cavegod's Tie Defender

    I currently have about 70% of the Sandcrawler in built in ldd including interior and pf functions. not everyones cup of tea but currently 9000+ pieces.