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  1. mjjas13

    [Concept Art] - AT-HE

    I don't know of any. Other than the AT-AT seen in Rebels and Fallen Order but the only similarity that has to an AT-TE seems to be the rear facing cannon.
  2. Here is my entry: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/185972-concept-art-at-he/. Thanks.
  3. mjjas13

    [Concept Art] - AT-HE

    So, here is my entry for the May the 4th contest. I used this as an excuse to finally build the AT-HE seen in the concept art photo below. It was supposed to be the walker that bridged the gap between the AT-TE and the AT-AT and it ended up looking like a mix between the two with some of the UT-AT mixed in. I had to build this digitally due to some time constraints so instead of phase 2 clone troopers I have what I am calling phase 2 clone scout troopers. I also decided to add some of the concept art's background in the mosaic style to try to capture the concept art feel. Reference Pic: Long-legged_AT-TE by mjjas13, on Flickr MOC Pic: AT-HE by mjjas13, on Flickr
  4. mjjas13

    [MOC] TheNerdyOne's Fleet

    Really well done. Any chance on getting the files?
  5. mjjas13

    Review: 7250 Clone Scout Walker

    I was wondering why the Jedi Scout Fighter looked familiar(the alternate set).