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  1. Commodore Hornbricker

    Just an idea to make things kind of more interesting...

    That was directed at me wasn't it.
  2. Commodore Hornbricker

    Just an idea to make things kind of more interesting...

    I know. I wish I had more time. I do check in as often as I can. Keep me posted you dirty bluecoat!
  3. Commodore Hornbricker

    Just an idea to make things kind of more interesting...

    Did I see a Tournament of Retribution III mention . The Bluecoats finally finished licking their wounds eh! That would be Awesome!
  4. Commodore Hornbricker

    Happy B-day Khorne and more

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I got two of these! Seemed fitting as I manage a City and work in City Hall. Turned 39....sheesh
  5. Commodore Hornbricker

    MOC: Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma

    Thanks for all the nice reply's. It was a lot of fun to build with her and to build again in general its been over a year since I built anything other than the new modular buildings by Lego. The model attracted a lot of positive attention at her school (most of the kindergarten through 4th grade boys have elevated her to god like status) and you'll all be happy to know she got an A+. My wife wanted to donate it to the Mission as a permanet display. I am thinking about it....its almost all my brown tiles on the darn roof, plus its gotta be around 10,000 pieces easy. Maybe a temporary display would be better .
  6. If you live in California you know that in the 4th grade you do a California Mission project complete with model. My daughter built this one with a little assistance from me. Sorry the photos aren't great quality.
  7. Commodore Hornbricker

    Black Peark & Queen Anne Combined/Merged

    WoW. That's a lot of sails. She must be really fast. Interesting idea
  8. Commodore Hornbricker

    Liberty Inn

    Great job. It is a beautiful set of village structures. Should go great with your pirate era theme.
  9. Commodore Hornbricker

    My Most Depressing Lego-Related Day Ever...

    First try and rinse them with the hose to get the bigger "bits" out as best you can. then toss a bunch in a pillow case and tie the end off real good and put them in the washing machine with some old towels and wash in hot water with detergent. I haven't had to deal with this specific issue but I have rreceived so really filthy Lego off EBay in the past and it has worked well.
  10. Commodore Hornbricker

    Review: 6235 Buried Treasure

    Great review! With all the PotC sets out it is heart warming to see a classic set reviewed in such a nice way. Unlike punkkid364, I missed almost all the classic pirates originally because I was too old. While I now only own one of these sets officially I could build a lot of the out of my collection. Big Cam is right on. I'd buy a bunch today for that original price. Nice job.
  11. Commodore Hornbricker

    The corrupt english officer - "The adventures of Indiana Selleck v

    Great call on the Indiana Selleck (he wishes he had that second chance). Nice little scene. Gotta love the clutter of the storage area. For the record most english officers are much more organized!
  12. Commodore Hornbricker

    New Products/Colors from BrickForge!

    Lovin the broken bottle and the splatter effect. I had to place a big order! Brickforge is great and there stuff adds that little special extra to mocs especially comics.
  13. Commodore Hornbricker

    A Match for the Imperial Flagship?

    In special circumstances sure...but I don't read his question to include that. It's funny because Lego never made a bomb ketch or rocket ship and the question was about ships Lego made. Like you say row a ships boat alongside 1st rate man o war and you sink her but what does that have to do with the question. My money's on the IFS vs any other Lego tall ship. I'd go SES finishing a distant second in fighting strength.
  14. Commodore Hornbricker

    A Match for the Imperial Flagship?

    Hmmm. It occurs to me that since the IFS and the QAR and FD (if ever produced) aren't actually from the same theme, meaning the IFS is from a normal pirate line and the others are from PoTC a pirate line with magic/supernatural powers, couldn't you just as easily say that when the crew of the FD teleported over to the IFS that the crew of the IFS time traveled and came back in the Imperial Star Destroyer?
  15. Commodore Hornbricker

    A Match for the Imperial Flagship?

    That's just funny