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  1. yeah, i've been trying that. almost drives me crazy. i have removed almost everything thats in the way, but no luck. i am at a point that i stopped and moved on. i'll see how far i can get without aligning everything perfectly.
  2. has anybody attempted to make the new ucs star destroyer (75252)? im stuck with lining up the sides. is there anyone that can help me?
  3. lixiuus


    there was a megabloks halo game in development at that time. it was cancelled, but recently someone found a playable build.
  4. lixiuus

    [MOC-WIP] Revenge of the Sith Tantive IV

    the article you mention, says that the Sundered Heart is a heavily modified CR90.
  5. if you put ldd in extended mode, you can use the fez in any color
  6. I am trying to add stickers/decals on my model using mlcad, but I can't figure it out. Does anybody know how I can add them?
  7. finding nemo was fun, so i think that the sequel could turn out to be a great movie.
  8. lixiuus

    What are you reading?

    reading The Shining by Stephen King right now. quite a good book, really scary sometimes
  9. lixiuus

    What was the last movie you watched?

    hotel transylvania. sony's second best animated film thusfar IMO, first being Surf's Up.
  10. Toy Story 4 would probably not be a good idea IMO. I don't get the problem people have with Brave. true, it's a bit to much disney, but merida's hair and the scottish voice acting were awesome.
  11. lixiuus

    [MOC] Halo 4 1:1 Scale Magnum

  12. lixiuus

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    is there already a Mara Jade minifig? that would be awesome. and maybe Kar Vastor will be cool
  13. lixiuus

    [Moc] Lightsaber Bookends

    those are amazing