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  1. Sir Dillon

    I Scream Clone History Mod

    Awww yeah. Glad to see you back on top Josh! The natives were starting to get restless.
  2. Sir Dillon

    [MOC] Life Below

    Thanks purpleparadox! The subway along the one edge was all by one person, and others coordinated with him and placed their modules on top of his. Other than that everyone along the edge built the whole height. Many of the people in the middle did not build supports for their creations, so we have everything from stacks of miscellaneous bricks to boxes and pick-a-brick cups holding up the modules.
  3. Sir Dillon

    [MOC] Life Below

    Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you all like the build. That's a good idea that I wish I had thought of. I originally wanted tunnels on either side of the creation, leading to the adjacent modules. The adjacent spots weren't claimed until after I was already past that part in my build though, so it was decided there are implied tunnels through the building doors or something. You can pretend the same thing leading up to the top building, but a visible tunnel of stairway would have been cool. Carter was the layout coordinator, and he designed a topographic map of the overall display that was measured in bricks. Each participant could then build his section accordingly so everything would match up when we met at the convention. However, this display ended up being a little too intense for most of the contributors, who did not finish their module on time or misread the map and their module was not the correct height. So everything was laid out ahead of time, but we ended up having a whole lot of on site building anyway. It took us until the last day BrickFair to finally get everything together properly. I think the end result is great, but it was a mess to make and we almost did not get it done.
  4. Sir Dillon

    The Pub at the End of the World

    This is so lovely. I am particularly impressed by the roof work.
  5. Sir Dillon

    [MOC] Life Below

    Thanks everyone! Horry - I like your color suggestions and agree they probably would have improved the build. Unfortunately I do not have the pieces to make the changes. I decided to use my dark tan parts on the layer of ground instead of a building, and do not have many piecess in the dark brown color.
  6. Sir Dillon

    [MOC] Life Below

    Hello! Here is my latest build, part of the collaborative post-apocalypse display at BrickFair 2012. Be sure to check out Chris Edwards' photos of the whole display: [link] Feedback is appreciated. Cheers!
  7. Sir Dillon

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    MMCB Capes is another place that sells custom cloth accessories.
  8. Sir Dillon

    Our History Mod is History

    Another one bites the dust! Thanks for all the work you've put into this forum Josh, you've been a great contributor to the site. I just wish I had been around more to bug you. Best of luck in your future endeavors and see you around the site.
  9. Wow, you're back!

  10. I'm not sure if it's proper to respond via PM or here or what, but hi! You're awesome.

  11. Hey look! It's you! Hi! :)

  12. Sir Dillon

    CAT 1: The heart of Arkham

    I'm glad you were inspired by my work, and I realize you are not only copying me - a lot of work has been done to make this your own. However, it is still clearly based on my creation, with many details taken directly from my work. I don't think you could have done that without directly looking at my creation while building your own, they are too alike to be just something you remembered. Considering you took the time to reference other inspirations but not mine, it feels like you are trying to win a contest while making others believe that my ideas are your own.
  13. Sir Dillon

    CAT 1: The heart of Arkham

    Hello! You've made a cool creation here, Fianat. I'm sure you're aware that this is very similar to my build Viktor's Office. I'm flattered that you wanted to build a creation like mine, and you've made some neat alterations. I especially like that you've taken the time to add an interior - something I didn't do. You're photography is also very nice, I wish I could have achieved such clear photos. Most people borrow from other creations or use them for inspiration, but when so many things are taken directly from one work, it's courteous to give the original builder some credit. I feel like that is important in this case considering you've entered it into a contest and the voters might not realize these ideas are not original. Keep on building!
  14. Sir Dillon

    Mini Space Frigate

    A poor word choice on my part. I meant stuffed as in "packed full".
  15. Sir Dillon

    Mini Space Frigate

    This mini ship is awesome, you've really stuffed it with building techniques.