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  1. Really enjoyed following this Milan! Im struggling to find a place for all my bricks so this is very inspiring! Looking forward to more updates! CF
  2. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Hi there, been awhile since i've posted here. Just wondering, has anyone heard of any pre christmas sales yet? Keen to purchase some of the star wars sets from this year and the upcoming ones, just need a good sale. Also for all the UCS collectors, I hope you've checked out this guy's collection up for sale. I would love to own those sets but sadly they are too costly. Hope some of you pick them up as they seem like fairly good prices. CF
  3. looking forward to summer and lego

  4. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Nothing special really in terms of the sale on warehouse' website. I may have been too late? Was anyone up at 6am to see the deals online? I got an email yesterday from Toyworld, they are having an upto 60% off sale storewide, not sure when though. Also next thursday - 11th July, they are having 25% off ALL Lego! So some of the larger sets should be priced alot lower. Here's a link to the sneak preview. CF
  5. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Just reading my weekly Warehouse mailer, noticing The Great Annual Toy Sale starts online at 7am on Friday! Starts in store at 6am on Saturday. Im sensing some good deals both in store and online, will have to keep my eyes on the site on friday morning! CF
  6. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Sorry for the double post. Just wondered however if people have noticed this on trademe! Seems like a decent price for a UCS set, pretty much new condition. CF
  7. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Whoever it is, they have a nice collection they're selling off. Those prices seem alittle too high, I think I might get afew of the sets through BL instead. CF
  8. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    That is ALOT of Lego! Will have to keep my eyes on it, thanks for the find! CF
  9. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Interesting reads for both articles. I agree with some of the points, especially about there being a lot of conflict in sets where good minifigures vs evil minifigures. Thanks for the links Alternator! CF
  10. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Thanks for the time lapse video bartneck! Looks like there was a fantastic turnout! Sounds interesting, is there a link to this article? CF
  11. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Warehouse Red Alert deals have 2 City sets for sale! Pretty good deals and still plenty of stock. CF
  12. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Toyworld have a queens birthday weekend sale! At least 20% to 50% off storewide! Should be good, hopefully some good Lego discounts CF
  13. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Thanks for the heads up! Will have to have a little browse of what they have CF
  14. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Welcome to our little NZ home topic here on EB Alternator! Looking at Trademe there are 7 for sale so far, all having little markups except for this guys listing which is alittle cheaper. I hope Red Alert continues to have Lego deals, could be some fantastic bargains to score! CF
  15. New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Yeah I just noticed that and came on to notify people. That seems like a pretty decent price, but im not into that theme so will let it pass. Here's a link if anyone is keen. CF