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  1. Acura NSX GT3 Type R

    The cars do look similar, but I was mainly talking about the height of the grill making it look a little bit like an Audi. Out of curiosity, how did you manage to connect the rear spoiler to the wishbone suspension parts?
  2. Acura NSX GT3 Type R

    Nice job. Another good car pumped out in so little time. I am kind of mixed on it though. The height of the front end gives it an Audi look. Also, the beams over flex axles technique for the wheel arches doesn't quite seem to work as they are giving it curves that don't exist on the real car. Perhaps they were not needed on this particular moc.
  3. 20: 10 10: 6 2: 4 22: 3 18: 2 9: 1
  4. [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    Wow! What a great review!
  5. Awesome build and so fast for a larger scale car.
  6. Corvette C7 ZR1 MOC

    Impressive for such a small model.
  7. [MOC] Peterbilt Truck

    Is this a MOC or was it built from instructions? When I had first seen the picture on the homepage, I thought that it was a new bricksonwheels model.
  8. [MOC] Peterbilt Truck

    Gorgeous, Great job.
  9. The physical model looks really cool. I thought that it would have a much tighter steering radius as well.
  10. I was actually referring this picture. It looks like the rear wheel is like a stud forward and off center. Maybe it's just the angle of the photo.
  11. It looks absolutely amazing But from watching the video, the body structure also looks very weak in many areas. I guess unfortunately, this is the trade off for the style that you build in. I think what could really push you to the top would be doing a manual style car with some new and exciting components(new style gearbox, unique suspension, etc) IMO, Cars this size are just too big and heavy for motorization and having them motorized gets old because they are just so slow. Just out of curiosity, is there a reason why the rear wheel is not centered with the wheel arch? That is like the only area that I can find odd when compared to the actual car. Everything else is very spot on.
  12. Looks really interesting. Not to change the subject, but what is your "Flex Less" avatar supposed to mean? I am assuming that it is some type of play on Paul's "Stud Less" one?