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  1. Meatman

    [MOC] Super-GT

  2. The worst part about the stolen Lepin model is that they do not have it built correctly and the promo pictures look God awful.
  3. Hmm. 2 licensed cars in the first half? Will be interesting to see a technic Corvette with so very few parts.
  4. I like to build to escape. When I am building something, I am in my own world.
  5. Nice car. I like the blue interior.
  6. Meatman

    Old Style beams

    There might be a lot of them now. The post that you quoted of mine is 6 years old, and at the time, this was the only studless replica that I had seen. I still don't think the old one looks as nice as the new one. It's just my opinion.
  7. Agree 100%. This 1:1 model is cool, but also kind of pointless as it is nowhere near being done completely with Lego. The entire chassis, steering suspension and wheels are made of metal and other non Lego materials, which is understandable as it would be impossible to build a driveable car completely out of Lego. They are also flexing the Heck out of some of those parts.
  8. Model looks great. Very faithful to the original. In aesthetics, one of, if not the best Technic model that represents a real car. Might have to break down and buy the plans to see how you pulled off some of the body building techniques. Shame there is no gearbox for a model of this scale, but I guess that it is understandable.
  9. Looks good! I couldn't make it to the show. Wanted to take the kids, but the wife had other plans. Was Paul (crowkillers) there?
  10. Nice B model. It looks great and nothing like he original model which is impressive. My only critique is that the angle in which the doors open is off. Imagine if there were a side window in the door and I think that you'll understand what I mean. The side mirrors and window should be more forward and above the front windshield when they are opened and not inwards toward the cabin. Out of curiosity, how many parts were left over?
  11. I would be concerned with those #1 connectors in the steering working themselves loose and pulling from the axle. There is no doubt a better way to do that.
  12. Meatman

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    This is amazing. Might be the best Lego set ever.
  13. New 180 limiter idea from crowkillers
  14. That is actually a pretty simple, yet clever idea. I have noticed too in my Bugatti model that there is a few degrees of swing both ways with the orange shifting parts where they are still engaged. Yeah, that price is insane.
  15. At what point in the video is it shown how to attach the Porsche rims to the Chiron hubs with standard pins? Are you sure that you are not confusing how he shows to connect the Chiron wheel to the older standard hub?