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  1. That is actually a pretty simple, yet clever idea. I have noticed too in my Bugatti model that there is a few degrees of swing both ways with the orange shifting parts where they are still engaged. Yeah, that price is insane.
  2. At what point in the video is it shown how to attach the Porsche rims to the Chiron hubs with standard pins? Are you sure that you are not confusing how he shows to connect the Chiron wheel to the older standard hub?
  3. Probably be taking the kids to Brickfair this year. Hope to see the finished model there.
  4. At 13:32 you claim the Porsche rims are more versatile since they fit the standard Lego hubs, and with the addition of standard pins they fit the Chiron hubs, too. The Porsche rims DO NOT fit the Chiron hubs with standard pins. Unless you use 3L blue pins or something like that, which still isn't going to work right.
  5. Meatman

    Honda CR-Z

    Not sure what you are even talking about or what shipping the car to the buyer has anything to do with anything. The tape is cut crooked, is peeling, and and looks horrible. If you are advertising yourself about your commissioned models, they should look professional, and this one does not because of that inconsistent wrapping. Even the tape on the sides of the headlights looks rough.
  6. Meatman

    Honda CR-Z

    Car looks very nice! But for a commissioned project, all of that red tape or whatever it is doesn't look very professional. I think that you should have just primed and painted the parts with a nice flat red.
  7. Meatman

    Single crank W16 engine

    Nice solution.
  8. Yeah, I suppose that it can be used any way that you want. I like the shock being used instead of an elastic band. Nice and clean looking module.
  9. This just popped up on my youtube feed.
  10. Neither set had friction pins being used at the base of the suspension arms. They both used axles. So why do you suppose that this set has friction pins being used at the base of the suspension arms in both the front and the back?
  11. When people pay $350(and more than that around the world) for an "Ultimate Technic" set, the suspension should at least work. There is no way that TLG didn't know there wasn't a problem with it before release. In fact, they tried to compensate for it with friction pins in both the front and back.
  12. No one that designed this car is supposed to be an amateur. Maybe he is just not good at building doors, because they are quite poor in design.
  13. I just tried it out. You're right. They don't work. One would think that a new part like a wheel hub would be compatible with all of the wheels.
  14. Well. I finished my Bugatti model late last night. My overall impressions were that it seemed that I was building a model by 2 people, a Lego designer and an AFOL. Most of the build was enjoyable, but there were some instances where I was rolling my eyes. The gearbox is obviously the star of the show, but I don't care for the shifting system under the steering wheel. It seems like a step back from the Porsche in that area. My front suspension is non existent which just completely disgusts me(and yes, I have it built correctly) The doors seemed like they were built by an amateur and I hate the use of the panels(again) for mirrors. And also, why couldn't Lego make a 3L bush pin in blue to match the door so that we do not have a light blue gray piece that sticks out like a sore thumb? It also seems like a lot of stacked beams in the front of the chassis which isn't very "Lego Like" I also hate the ugly gaps under the 3 x 11 curved panels on the roof. The use of these panels seems to be hit and miss. They also do not flow with the wheel arch parts. Also I am quite surprised that Bugatti didn't ask Lego to place the rear brake caliper in the correct position. And I don't even want to get into all of the stickers. I hate using them, but in order to continue the swoosh on the bottom, a sticker is needed. Let's hope they can get the suspension figured out for the next car in 2020.
  15. It does look like the front suspension works better than in Sariel's video. One other thing that video shows is how flimsy and ugly the front end is. This model almost looks like it was designed by 2 different people.