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  1. I have about a dozen black piston rods that I bought off of a bricklink seller some years ago. I don't think those were ever in any sets.
  2. With the emergence of the new crowkiller supercar with pearl/silver Lego Porsche wheels, I got to wondering what some of the rarest or most unique colored or unreleased technic parts were. And how do these parts get made and manage to find their way out of the Lego factories?
  3. Meatman

    Rezvani Beast w/ sidewinder doors

    Good representation of an interesting car. Usually not a fan of stickers, but they look very professional. I don't like the ones in the rear section though as they seem to be hanging off of the edges.
  4. Great review. I definitely don't like those bubble headlights.
  5. Meatman

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The perfect opportunity to bring back the #5 and #6 panels in yellow and instead they are black with yellow stickers. I think that I could almost give it a pass if it wasn't for that ridiculous rear spoiler on it.
  6. Meatman

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    My very first impression was "oh look, they recolored the 42056". But that is not the case at all. It looks great. I guess there is no hand of god steering and only in car which probably won't be as bad to use as the other larger cars since this is less than half the part count thus half the weight, just hard to get to and operate. A hidden exterior wheel somewhere would have been nice. The only things that I am on the fence about are those double bubble headlights(I am not sure if I love them or hate them). and that bottom front spoiler design.
  7. That is pretty darn cool!
  8. Meatman

    Build The Impossible

    Awesome! I love Rube Goldberg contraptions. Certainly not what I was expecting with the Tagline "Build the Impossible" but very cool!
  9. I wonder if these people were associated with the person who bid and won the car that you were selling on Ebay? Either that or they seen the amount and figured that it was a good time to jump in and use it to scam. It could be worth it to someone to pay a high price for a one off piece and then mass produce it.
  10. This is great.
  11. Meatman

    [MOC] Super-GT

  12. The worst part about the stolen Lepin model is that they do not have it built correctly and the promo pictures look God awful.
  13. Meatman

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Hmm. 2 licensed cars in the first half? Will be interesting to see a technic Corvette with so very few parts.
  14. I like to build to escape. When I am building something, I am in my own world.