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  1. Is Lego moving away from them? They didn't use any in the 42000 set and they've used plenty of them in sets since then.
  2. Have to agree with you. When I first seen this, it was instantly recognizable as your model from some years back. It seems that very few builders are original anymore while most of them just use other builder's ideas and work to make a buck.
  3. The Land Rover's gears were all wrong too. Well, they were backwards anyways. I'd love to hear someone from Lego explain the reasoning why they decided to start doing things like this. Is it on purpose or by accident? The Lamborghini is correct.
  4. I agree. It's not quite as special as I had hoped.
  5. Seems like an overly huge gearbox compared to the 42107 just to add a 3rd gear and reverse.
  6. That looks good, but what it supporting that wheel arch? It doesn't look like there is much holding it in place.
  7. People arguing over the 4 wheel steering being realistic, meanwhile the engine is driven by a chain.
  8. Since when do the Chinese care about patents or anything legal? They've been stealing and reproducing millions of items for years. I recall someone here saying that the knock off companies in China must take legal action against other knock off companies knocking them off.
  9. Lego sets most likely don't use a "park" feature because no doubt they will have complaints that the user broke something.
  10. No questionable green plant this time?
  11. I can't get past how ugly those short panels look on the tops of the doors.
  12. Lego made their entire fortune based off of conflict and battle. Bunch of hypocrites.
  13. My Kia has shift paddles, so I know which one is supposed to be pulled for upshifting. My question was whether or not the paddles in the Sian were correct or if I built something wrong. The Porsche was designed by the same Lego designer as the Sian, and even though the shift sequence is all wrong, the paddle on the right does upshift when pulled. When I pull the right paddle on my Sian it is downshifting. Is this how it is for everyone, or did I build something incorrectly?