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  1. [MOC] Ford Focus RS 500

    That is just awesome. But why the micro engine when the standard engine blocks would have been perfect for this huge scale? It's still really cool though. Did you also mention on Facebook that this was a commissioned build for just the instructions and not the actual model? If this took a year of your time, then those better be the most expensive instructions in the history of mocs.
  2. No mention of a gearbox.
  3. If they did in fact make a 20 tooth clutch gear, then they had to have made a 12 tooth one to complement it too right? I wonder how they could pull that off since it is so small? I assume that It would probably need some type of extender piece molded into it.
  4. Perhaps this gearbox isn't a gearbox for shifting gears at all. It could be that it changes various functions(spoiler, suspension, etc) similar to the 8070. With the gearbox failure of the previous "Ultimate" car model, maybe this is something that they decided not to use in this new model and went a different route.
  5. Very exciting news. On first view I am wondering why the A-frame house style engine looks so strange. Almost too large for the scale(or at least sitting up too high) judging where the wheels will be. Obviously once everything is covered up with panels, this may not even be noticeable. On to the wheels: If there is indeed a 6 hole spacer part that connects the wheel to the hub that represents a rotor, then this would add an extra stud length to the pivot point in the steering right? So the offset in the wheel would be less practical. Let's hope for a new hub. But the video is suggesting otherwise seeing the regular hubs in the rear.
  6. Great looking mini Porsche.
  7. CAT 434E by Martin Zbikowski

    That thing is amazing.
  8. Picked up a second set at TRU and finished this last night. 2 words-> GREAT BUILD. Plans were pretty easy to follow even though they are photos. It didn't feel like I was building the same model with the noticeable changes with the front engine drive train and shortened suspension. I commend you for taking the time to do this. Thanks Paul! By the way, that orange version with chromed wheels is gorgeous. I might have to look into making a switch with mine.
  9. [MOC] Mitsubishi Pajero

    Very nice moc. You captured the real vehicle very well.
  10. Holes in Technic MOCs

    I would have to agree with you there. I have paid for instructions for mocs that looked great, but turned out to be rather poor because the body had no structure and some areas were very flimsy or were stressing parts because the connections were too far off. When it comes to Technic, looks can be very deceiving. If you are going to sell instructions for a moc, you should be confident knowing that the person who is building it isn't going to complain that every time they look at it something needs adjusted or has fallen off. I think some people are just throwing together what ever they can hoping to make a buck instead of investing the proper time like other builders do.
  11. Aesthetics and Technics

    Interesting subject for this thread. One thing that I've noticed here is that different builders get criticized differently for the same thing. I am not even going to bring up names or models, but I do recall one guy getting criticized for "stacking beams" when he used like 3 beams on top of each other(I think for doors), but then other builders get heavy praised when their entire model is nothing but stacked beams to fill in gaps and create shapes. As far as popularity goes, from what I've noticed in my years on the internet, the people who seem to be most recognized are the one who are the most innovative.
  12. Wouldn't it make sense to allow your possible clients to take pictures to review? Or are they expected to make decisions on the spot?
  13. Agree. If anyone really wants pictures, they can take them. There are plenty of devices on the market small enough to record with that no one would ever know.
  14. Looks good. That rear end is wild.