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  1. City trains will almost certainly stay in 6 wide. They are expensive even as they are now and any rise in price would just make it worse. We may get another AFOL targeted 8 wide train, now that the ice is broken.
  2. Cwetqo

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Land Rover is continuation of "Mack" series. Chiron will most likely be suceeded by Maclaren (Senna?). Difference in size, packaging, special instructions etc...
  3. Cwetqo

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    If I understood TLG devs correctly, that should work out of the box, with only limitiation being that, with two channel remote, ports A and C (and B and D) will both answer to same command (which should be ok for crawler). More interesting for me is that app will control speed of motors, not torque. So, if crawler will go uphill, rotation sensor will detect lower revs and increase power, to keep motor revolutions on same level.
  4. Cwetqo

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    I think it will not be a problem to control it with train remote. I'm currently involved in workgroup with guys in charge of Powered Up system at LEGO and while there was no talk about "future products", there were some hints what might be in the works. First, control with train remote. It was said that everything should be compatible, so it should not be a problem to connect train remote to new hub. Problem is of course that remote has just 2 channels and new hub has 4 outputs. If I understood it correctly, in that case ports A and C will take controls from one channel and ports B and D from second channel. At least that's how it was explained for Boost connectivity. So you connect "drive" motors to A and C and steering to B and you can drive it. :) Of course, that will give us just "on-off" control of motors (or bang-bang as TLG calls it). We asked about proportional speed control and they said that it might happen. First stage would be to have option to switch hub from bang-bang to train mode (now it swithes automaticly, depending on the type of the motor conneted), which would give us "some" speed control, but not very usable for car driving. In any case, control will not be analogue, but there are 10 speed levels in the standard, which should be enough for smooth driving. They just need to introduce "proper" control (but it was not confirmed or even hinted in any way, so we will most likely be stuck with app or bang-bang remote). As you probably know, each Powered Up (or Control+, which is just Technic name for Powered UP) can be programmed similarly as Boost Hub. That would mean that Crawler could be programmed to do some preprogramed actions like driving or even following the line with addition of colour/distance sensor (or you can add it to stop before obstacle).
  5. Cwetqo

    The old yellowed Lego returns to shine

    But if you do it and keep parts in dark afterwards?
  6. Cwetqo

    My 1:8 collections

    Impressive. I recognize some models, but not all. Are any of those your design? There is white re-colur of 42056, OOB versions of 42083 and 42056, Mclaren from Brunojj and modified FXX (to Enzo) by Loxlego (nice mod, I may do it myself). I wonder if there are instruction available for any of other models too?
  7. Cwetqo

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Fan Media Days? I know that you are not going this year, but I'm sure that some Technic guys will be there..
  8. Cwetqo

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    So it will most likely ocupy same slot as Mack and other 1HY "medium flagships"
  9. Cwetqo

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    @MajklSpajkl: quickly, buy a suit and tie. :P
  10. Cwetqo

    Next "Adventurers" Theme Ideas

    Well it seems that I was wrong. Information was from retailer and usualy reliable. From looking at this now, I think that most likely she talked about Monster Fighters.
  11. I have minifigure business cards from Kjeld, Jorgen, Tormod, Bali, Thomas Kirk, Yun Mi etc... I dont know if they that rare, but they are very percious to me. I also have few of LEGO Idea House minifigs, LEGO HMV fig etc... Out of sets, most rare is probably this years LEGO Employee gift set. I also have VW van polybag, Mini polybag and some tohers, but these may be fairly common. Most valuable to me is probably LEGO House set, signed by the desinger with special dedication to me.
  12. Nice review, thank you. In my opinion, motors from Batmobil (currently marked as WeDo motors) will be more used and above tested PUP Motor will remain limited to robotics sets.
  13. Cwetqo

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader V3

    I used tires from Fisher Technic. I think that profile matches LGO's nicely.
  14. Cwetqo

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes. But please take this more as a general warning, since at this stage really nothing has been confirmed. I would just not want to see another announcement spoiled.