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  1. I can not tell for sure yet, but it's 90% that we will be able to come.
  2. Another set I will not buy. I bought ALL flagships (and then some) from 2008, until CAT, which in my opinion offered too little fo it's money (and I still have 8275 for my bulldozing needs). I was looking forward to another good Technic flagship, but this doesnt seem to be promising. Smaller set for more money? It really looks like they are testing boundaries of where they could go with us.
  3. Yes, me and my two kids are staying at the Legoland Village, in Vilderness Cabins. Maybe this could help with getting access to some common rooms? Cabin itself is not that big (35m2).
  4. I will have my Kfol and Tfol with me, so I would rather not oblige to anything. We are also still looking up possibilities to come. Regarding employee store: in 2020 it was under renovation, moving from previous location to Lego Campus. Since then, they allowed visit for Skaerbaek Fan Weekend participants, so maybe it's worth asking again (if last info is from 2020). Not a game changer for me, but it would be nice to visit. Campus too, but since it's part of (expensive) Lego house tour, I doubt that they will want to do it outside of that. Lego house has nice auditorium, which was planned for use for fans too (at least that's how Kjeld and other said). Getting acces to that would be nice. Maybe if we all but Lego house tickets? Idea house/factory/vault/model shop is probably impossible to get, but I guess we've more or less all seen most of those. Was there any contact with Jan regarding all this after Covid? In any case, I'm mostly looking forward to good company and seeing all of you again after long time and that something that TLG can not take away.
  5. My plan is to come with at least two older sons (wife does not know yet if she will come), so we will arrange our own accomodation.
  6. Whooa! Count me in. I may come with my familiy, so 1 is sure and 3 are optional (for now). I was in Billund not long ago. A lot has changed there in those few years.
  7. I see this finding it's place in discount shelf, as with Old Trafford. I'm huge Barca fan, but have no real wish for this. Ok, maybe for half price, but still , the question remains, where to put it?
  8. Sorry, did not know that selection is so limited there.
  9. Cwetqo

    [REVIEW] 10293 - Santa's Visit

    Nice set and very well made review, thank you!
  10. In last year and a half, LEGO whatever they put on shelfs for whatever price they put on it. During pandemic, people had too much time and a lot of money left over from all thing, which they were not able to do (like travel and other stuff). It loks to me that they became cocky and greedy. It will no last forever and then we will again see "suits" with tears in their eyes laying off people (with their bonuses resting peacefully on their accounts). There are way too many expensive sets (not just in tecnih but in genral) for normal market situation. All this costs and will have consequences. Regarding dozer: for me it's worth about 300-350 euro, so I will not buy it for anything more.
  11. I'm sure that it will soon be available for much reduced price, similar to another overpriced set, 42099, which could be bought for as low as 150 euro. Market always levels thing to its proper value. Same with Sian set, which was always on sale with good discount (I bought it for 260euro). On the other side, I've almost never saw 42100 with good discount.
  12. 400 parts does not boil down to 400 euro. I will assume 20€ average motor price and 60€ hub price (I expect them to be cheaper in set than standalone). I excluded supercars and smaller sets with "train" hub. 42100 - 4108 parts - 7 motors - 450€ - 140€ - 120€ = 190€ (C+, license) - 4,6 cpp (cents per piece) 42082 - 4057 parts - 1 motor - 230€ - 20€ = 210€ (PF) - 5,1 cpp 42055 - 3929 parts - 1 motor - 230€ - 20€ = 210€ (PF) - 5,3 cpp 42131 - 3854 parts - 4 motors - 450€ - 80€ - 60€ = 310€ (C+, license) - 8 cpp 42043 - 2793 parts - 1 motor - 200€ - 20€ = 180€ (PF) - 6,4 cpp 42009 - 2606 parts - 1 motor - 200€ - 20€ = 180€ (PF) - 6,9 cpp 42114 - 2193 parts - 3 motors - 250€ -60€ - 60€ = 130€ (C+, license) - 5,9 cpp 42129 - 2110 parts - 4 motors - 300€ -60€ -80€ = 160€ (C+, license) - 7,5 cpp 42099 - 958 parts - 3 motors - 230€ -60€ -60€ = 110€ (C+) - 11,4 cpp Bulldozer is VERY expensive. Still not more expensive than 42099, which means that I should value motors and hubs even more, but would make it even more expensive than others. I am of course aware that some cost more beacuse of new tires, LA's and similar stuff, but still, there is no excuse that it costs the same as 42100, with almost half less electronics and less pieces.