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  1. Did Lego win the lawsuit?

    I asked Bali about that, when we met in LEGO House, and he said that they are "trying hard" and it's "very challenging" or something similar. He did not comment on me saying that more than one year ago they said that they will have "something to show" in "one year", so it seems that it's not quite going as planned. And I'm not sure that they said that they put in law suit, I think that this year was meant for collecting data and preparing lawsuit. All in all, it was my impression that it's not really a topic anybody at TLG would be happy to talk about at this stage. It was also my impression that focus is currently not so much on Lepin, but on current not-so-high-growth situation, which doesnt seem to be connected to Lepin case. Upon askig they said that they had really good growth in China and emerging markets and that they have trouble in more "traditional" areas (where Lepin is not really a threat, but they did not said that directly).
  2. Legoland theme?

    TLG could mark some sets (carousel, ferris wheel ...) as LEGOLAND, but (there+s always "but"): LEGOLAND trademark is owned by Merlin Entertainment, so TLG would probably need to pay some licensing fees or be at least in some ways dependant on their aproval, when designing those sets.
  3. They had plenty in LEGO House in Billund, but Danish price is even steeper (about 950 euro). I was there on pre-opening event and they had forty (40). At the end of the day they still had 15+ and they started un-packign them, to put them on shelves. So, here you can see rare case of ussing cutter knofe near falcon. :) So, maybe give them a call? Plane to Billund is THAT expensive if you really NEED the set. :)
  4. Well, Kim Thomsen from LEGO confirmed on LEGO Ambassador Network that this set will be "around for at least two years, like all other LEGO sets", so there is no need to worry.
  5. Online may get out of stock soon too. Or maybe even S@H crashing, like for example when sales of 41999 started.
  6. Yes. I use regular Tamiya RC pack and it works fine.
  7. Well, what's more important to LEGO is that it's during work day in Billund and Enfield (otherwise they would have to pay overtime, vault might not be opened etc...). Why Billund? Vault is there (of course). Why Enfiled (USA)? People who are doing digital content in TLG are there. :)
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    USD price is OK, but we europeans will again pay premium (and some others like Australians even more si - I think that price there is $1300 - and 7000 dkk in denmark).
  9. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Yes, but it's not correct time. Embargo will lift on: Please be careful. EMBARGO TIMING - AUG 31st @ 11:01am EST / 4:01pm BST / 5:01pm CEST (Munich)
  10. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Those dont have anything to do with rectangular dish, but are just part of "changeover kit" for new movie version. Those two bits go to the front of falcon and make it look a bit different (beefier).
  11. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Of course is Bullocks... And it reached TLG too, so they gave us this statement, which should calm down things (you do realize that rumors about set discontinuation always drive prices up, which of course suits some resellers). Dear Ambassadors, It has come to our attention that rumours have again surfaced claiming that the LEGO® Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V has been retired from production. As communicated in our July 11 blog post, we would like to re-assure you and the rest of our fans that the LEGO Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V set has NOT been retired and will not be retiring anytime soon either, as we wish to offer the chance for many more fans to get the opportunity to purchase a copy of the set. Although we fully acknowledge and understand the frustrations of our fans who have been waiting to purchase this set, please know that our teams are working tirelessly to ensure that the set will be available as soon as possible and therefore request that everyone only share information concerning availability from a verified source, such as the LEGO Ideas Team, the LEGO Shop or the LEGO Customer Service. In the future, we hope that you, the ambassadors of your respective Recognised LEGO User Groups and LEGO Fan Media, will get in touch with the LEGO Ideas team through the LEGO Ideas sub-topic here on the LEGO Ambassador Network to verify such claims before publishing news of this nature, especially when unable to credit a source. We hope that you will communicate this information to your RLUGs and your Fan Media, for their attention. Kind regards, Hasan on behalf of the LEGO Ideas Team
  12. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    There was big talk at ambassador forum about this situation. Fan media sites feel that they are at disadvantage because they have limits on what can post (as described in LEGO novelty policy), when man other media (and sites)can post wahtever they want (and that picture is basicly everywhere). LEGO officialy never proclaimd leaked picture as leak, since they never anythig official about falcon, but they did say that afol are free to talk about it in general way, but that anyone who will post mentioned picture will need to take it down. And now promobricks and other sites are dong exatly that: they post some general thing about the falcon, since they "need" to counter all news on other sites, but they post (and re-post) just those few basic things (to have at least "some" news about falcon). For me its just click-bait (when you post something with hugely popular heading, but without including anything new).
  13. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Maybe. But it would be really cool if it was something like this, with partial interior.