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  1. Good assortment of parts, but set itself is one of the ugliest ever. I might get it (for the diff if notthing else), but it will go straight to parts. Parformance is also dissapointing. For such small set, I was expecting this to "fly" not crawl as it is.
  2. Cwetqo

    [REVIEW] 42108 - Mobile Crane

    Thank you for the review. I'm not really a fan of this set, but I guess that for 100 euro, that's what you get. Oh, and I think that you got number of parts for 42009 wrong, for about 2000 parts.
  3. As Kim said, LEGO has whole department, which exists just because of fans, but the problem is whether they are heard inside the company. We also need to take into account that it would be futile to expect that LEGO would change something, which is not directly aimed at fans, like for example city sets and other stuff kids oriented stuff. For some sets, which are indeed primarily adult oriented, designers will often already know what those want and implement it, if its possible. I've been on many presentations and talked to many designers of afol oriented sets and they all knew very well what we want. Designers often include popular parts (even where its not necessary), look to use interesting colors and even go that far to include baseplates (which are rare these days) in as many colors as possible. So, from set design and structure, I would say that they listen, where it's possible (or makes sense). Another area is LEGO-LUG relations. Cooperation is very good here, although some changes were implemented too much in "take it or leave it" or "it is as it is" way, without any option to discuss it before. But (there is always "but"), some fails were such that they easily broke a lot of trust, gained over years. Let's take for example last such case, the infamous takeover of Bricklink. Whoever has access to LAN will know that it caused A LOT of negative feedback. At first, it was maye a bit unjust, since it was not really known what will happen. But then new TOS came out and some of the worst fears came true. And the worst thing is that it was really communicated badly, with basicaly no answers given from the team, no warning given before new TOS were implemented (in a way that everybody was FORCED to accept them, without even slight warning) and so on (list is long). I've been always a "promoter" of LEGO company in our LUG, saying that they are not so bad etc..., but what can I do now? Nobody from LEGO was able to present one good side of this, no questions were answered, and everything, which was done, it was done (at least seemingly) in complete ignorance of all AFOLs. And it makes the company look really bad.
  4. Cwetqo

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I would say Rebrickable, possibly Brickset too.
  5. Cwetqo

    New train wheels tested by LEGO

    Sorry, what I wanted to say is "how sets can be stored". True. About half year ago I was part of Workgroup on the future of Powered Up and guys, wich are in charge of it at LEGO confirmed that hub was designed so that battery holder could be replaced with rechargeable battery pack which is in develpment. Unfortunately, LEGO still needs to decide if they start selling it all, since numbers for PF variant were not that good (probably because price was insane).
  6. Cwetqo

    New train wheels tested by LEGO

    They probably used new rechargeable insert, which is in development. Unfortunately, its not very likely that we will see it in any of retail train sets, since it would significantly limit how and where such set could be sent and also put a lot of restraint on how such sets would be used.
  7. LEGO Community team shared this video: What do you think?
  8. City trains will almost certainly stay in 6 wide. They are expensive even as they are now and any rise in price would just make it worse. We may get another AFOL targeted 8 wide train, now that the ice is broken.
  9. Cwetqo

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Land Rover is continuation of "Mack" series. Chiron will most likely be suceeded by Maclaren (Senna?). Difference in size, packaging, special instructions etc...
  10. Cwetqo

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    If I understood TLG devs correctly, that should work out of the box, with only limitiation being that, with two channel remote, ports A and C (and B and D) will both answer to same command (which should be ok for crawler). More interesting for me is that app will control speed of motors, not torque. So, if crawler will go uphill, rotation sensor will detect lower revs and increase power, to keep motor revolutions on same level.
  11. Cwetqo

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    I think it will not be a problem to control it with train remote. I'm currently involved in workgroup with guys in charge of Powered Up system at LEGO and while there was no talk about "future products", there were some hints what might be in the works. First, control with train remote. It was said that everything should be compatible, so it should not be a problem to connect train remote to new hub. Problem is of course that remote has just 2 channels and new hub has 4 outputs. If I understood it correctly, in that case ports A and C will take controls from one channel and ports B and D from second channel. At least that's how it was explained for Boost connectivity. So you connect "drive" motors to A and C and steering to B and you can drive it. :) Of course, that will give us just "on-off" control of motors (or bang-bang as TLG calls it). We asked about proportional speed control and they said that it might happen. First stage would be to have option to switch hub from bang-bang to train mode (now it swithes automaticly, depending on the type of the motor conneted), which would give us "some" speed control, but not very usable for car driving. In any case, control will not be analogue, but there are 10 speed levels in the standard, which should be enough for smooth driving. They just need to introduce "proper" control (but it was not confirmed or even hinted in any way, so we will most likely be stuck with app or bang-bang remote). As you probably know, each Powered Up (or Control+, which is just Technic name for Powered UP) can be programmed similarly as Boost Hub. That would mean that Crawler could be programmed to do some preprogramed actions like driving or even following the line with addition of colour/distance sensor (or you can add it to stop before obstacle).
  12. Cwetqo

    The old yellowed Lego returns to shine

    But if you do it and keep parts in dark afterwards?
  13. Cwetqo

    My 1:8 collections

    Impressive. I recognize some models, but not all. Are any of those your design? There is white re-colur of 42056, OOB versions of 42083 and 42056, Mclaren from Brunojj and modified FXX (to Enzo) by Loxlego (nice mod, I may do it myself). I wonder if there are instruction available for any of other models too?