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  1. Cwetqo

    [REVIEW] 10293 - Santa's Visit

    Nice set and very well made review, thank you!
  2. In last year and a half, LEGO whatever they put on shelfs for whatever price they put on it. During pandemic, people had too much time and a lot of money left over from all thing, which they were not able to do (like travel and other stuff). It loks to me that they became cocky and greedy. It will no last forever and then we will again see "suits" with tears in their eyes laying off people (with their bonuses resting peacefully on their accounts). There are way too many expensive sets (not just in tecnih but in genral) for normal market situation. All this costs and will have consequences. Regarding dozer: for me it's worth about 300-350 euro, so I will not buy it for anything more.
  3. I'm sure that it will soon be available for much reduced price, similar to another overpriced set, 42099, which could be bought for as low as 150 euro. Market always levels thing to its proper value. Same with Sian set, which was always on sale with good discount (I bought it for 260euro). On the other side, I've almost never saw 42100 with good discount.
  4. 400 parts does not boil down to 400 euro. I will assume 20€ average motor price and 60€ hub price (I expect them to be cheaper in set than standalone). I excluded supercars and smaller sets with "train" hub. 42100 - 4108 parts - 7 motors - 450€ - 140€ - 120€ = 190€ (C+, license) - 4,6 cpp (cents per piece) 42082 - 4057 parts - 1 motor - 230€ - 20€ = 210€ (PF) - 5,1 cpp 42055 - 3929 parts - 1 motor - 230€ - 20€ = 210€ (PF) - 5,3 cpp 42131 - 3854 parts - 4 motors - 450€ - 80€ - 60€ = 310€ (C+, license) - 8 cpp 42043 - 2793 parts - 1 motor - 200€ - 20€ = 180€ (PF) - 6,4 cpp 42009 - 2606 parts - 1 motor - 200€ - 20€ = 180€ (PF) - 6,9 cpp 42114 - 2193 parts - 3 motors - 250€ -60€ - 60€ = 130€ (C+, license) - 5,9 cpp 42129 - 2110 parts - 4 motors - 300€ -60€ -80€ = 160€ (C+, license) - 7,5 cpp 42099 - 958 parts - 3 motors - 230€ -60€ -60€ = 110€ (C+) - 11,4 cpp Bulldozer is VERY expensive. Still not more expensive than 42099, which means that I should value motors and hubs even more, but would make it even more expensive than others. I am of course aware that some cost more beacuse of new tires, LA's and similar stuff, but still, there is no excuse that it costs the same as 42100, with almost half less electronics and less pieces.
  5. Cwetqo

    Should people buy Fake Chinese PF motors?

    For now. But PF is EOL-ed this year and those motors may become harder to get. True, there will be C+ parts, but, as we know, those are 100% replacable, besides that, a lot of fan made MOCS are designed for PF. And RC motors are already very expensive. I always bought only original LEGO electronics (except Sbricks and Buwizz), but this may change if PF will become too hard to get.
  6. Cwetqo

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Set will be announced on wednesday. It will be the first one with new packaging, which will be used for all future 18+ products.
  7. Cwetqo

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Either that or use rechargeable PF battery box, which has "dial" on top, where you can select speed. Cheapest way would be to use few gears and reduce speed with that. You can also use new powered up train hub and program your speed in PU app. You can also set up interval operation, gradual start and stop etc, so it may be most realistic option.
  8. Cwetqo

    Thomas the Tank Engine and The Lego Group

    First two seasons were even narrated by Ringo Starr (of Beatles). Some nice memories with my son about this.
  9. BTW; if anyone is interested in proposed program, individual tours are also available with about the same program for price of DKK2499 (500 more as offered here) . I've seen all parts of it, but for first time visitors it could be worth the price, although now with LEGO house there (which also has a kind of vault and museum) only real attraction for me would be factory tour. Unfortunately all spots for 2020 seem to be taken. Regarding meeting rooms in Hotel Legoland: I've been there on an event, organised by LEGO. They have 30 meeting/presentation/conference rooms of all sizes (from 16 to 1100 people) but prices are per request only (and I expect them not to be cheap) You can see rooms, layouts and other stuff here: As for my participation, something has came up so I might not be able to come, but I will know on 13th february for sure. I still have hope.
  10. There was no mention about any such change on LAN. You need to know that this option was not something all communities in general would get, it was (probably) made possible to EB because of good relations and multi-national nature of visit, so I would not recommend going on LAN and complainig, but rather try to have "unofficial" talk with someone from LEGO.
  11. Good assortment of parts, but set itself is one of the ugliest ever. I might get it (for the diff if notthing else), but it will go straight to parts. Parformance is also dissapointing. For such small set, I was expecting this to "fly" not crawl as it is.
  12. Thank you for the review. I'm not really a fan of this set, but I guess that for 100 euro, that's what you get. Oh, and I think that you got number of parts for 42009 wrong, for about 2000 parts.
  13. As Kim said, LEGO has whole department, which exists just because of fans, but the problem is whether they are heard inside the company. We also need to take into account that it would be futile to expect that LEGO would change something, which is not directly aimed at fans, like for example city sets and other stuff kids oriented stuff. For some sets, which are indeed primarily adult oriented, designers will often already know what those want and implement it, if its possible. I've been on many presentations and talked to many designers of afol oriented sets and they all knew very well what we want. Designers often include popular parts (even where its not necessary), look to use interesting colors and even go that far to include baseplates (which are rare these days) in as many colors as possible. So, from set design and structure, I would say that they listen, where it's possible (or makes sense). Another area is LEGO-LUG relations. Cooperation is very good here, although some changes were implemented too much in "take it or leave it" or "it is as it is" way, without any option to discuss it before. But (there is always "but"), some fails were such that they easily broke a lot of trust, gained over years. Let's take for example last such case, the infamous takeover of Bricklink. Whoever has access to LAN will know that it caused A LOT of negative feedback. At first, it was maye a bit unjust, since it was not really known what will happen. But then new TOS came out and some of the worst fears came true. And the worst thing is that it was really communicated badly, with basicaly no answers given from the team, no warning given before new TOS were implemented (in a way that everybody was FORCED to accept them, without even slight warning) and so on (list is long). I've been always a "promoter" of LEGO company in our LUG, saying that they are not so bad etc..., but what can I do now? Nobody from LEGO was able to present one good side of this, no questions were answered, and everything, which was done, it was done (at least seemingly) in complete ignorance of all AFOLs. And it makes the company look really bad.
  14. Cwetqo

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I would say Rebrickable, possibly Brickset too.