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  1. Laui

    [MOC] Octan Diesel Locomotive

    Maybe it also helps to make the cab a bit longer, so that it fit's more the length of the body. But still nice work! (My uncle is one of the engineers of the G1700 )
  2. Laui

    And some of my locos at work.

    Hey Udo, Nice videos! I love your idea for the power pick-up. Ever thought of using this also in cars, like in passenger cars for internal light or for the last car to have rear lights?
  3. Laui

    Uaai 839 heavy railroad transport

    Huge work! How good are the 4-axle bogies in curves? Don't they grind? But i'm very impressed how the arms slide in and out when it goes through the curves and keeps the whole thing close to the radius of the curves.
  4. Laui

    PF XL Motor

    Well, i fully agree with andythenorth. It would be nice if Lego would improve and/or extend the PF system. But when i read a few of the complains here, a guess some of us, no matter what Lego is going to do, will be dissapointed. The XL motor sure is a bit bigger, but you can't expect the same power out of a motor half the size?!? Also with the battery box. To get 9 Volt you need wether the old good 9V Battery block or 6 1,5 V Batteries. So what you think should the battery pack look like if you still have to fit in these? But what would be really nice, is a very small motor like we used to have with the tiny red one at the 9V system. Not with much torque, just to be able to have some remote moving funktions like the bars at a railcrossing for example ;)
  5. Laui

    Decoupler bogie

    I was working on something similar since quite a while and my biggest problem was a proper guiding of the LA. Thank you for sharing this so i can finally stop many dissapoiting tries and start to have fun on remote decoupling :D
  6. Thanks for bringing back some wonderfull memories! The 8862 was the first bigger set i had when i was a kid and i guess i never had a more inspiring model until today... And i did a lot of modifications to it like pneumatics for the front bucket, later a drivetrain and first experiences with several different gearboxes, make the rear boom detachable and put a threepoint linkage on, several tools for it... and so on ;) And with all that it maybe helped a bit more to get me into what i'm doing now: Servicing and Instruct people about farm machines ;) Greeting from Germany and (for those who read this in time) a happy new year ;) Stefan
  7. Laui

    IR transmitter for NXT

    Since my normal job took more time than i thought, the project didn't go much further yet... The biggest point i'm struggeling about at the moment, is to put up a programm that does, what i want it to do ;) Maybe it's me, but though i'm able to understand complex farm machinery and write cnc programms i'm not able understanding the mindstorm software. Or maybe i'm trying to put too much logic in it? Anyone knows a good tutorial? Out of those that come with the programm, that tells what to do but not why? Or many any advices for an different software to use, but still able to work with the IR Sensor? I'll appreciate any help! ;)
  8. Long time to wait but here it is! RAILBRICKS 13 The Fall 2013 Issue Enjoy!
  9. Laui

    IR transmitter for NXT

    Thanks for the replies. Jim was already right, i'm just waiting for it to be shipped. As soon as this project get's some shape i'll let you know.
  10. Hi there, i already had a look around but didn't really find what i was looking for but maybe someone can help me out. I would like to have a "car" fitted with PF IR reciever and pf motor to be remotely controlled with a nxt module. The idea is to move this car on a fixed track depending to some conditions around, registrated by the nxt sensors. If i would use the nxt Brick to put it directly into the car, it would be to big. So is there something like a IR transmitter for the NXT? Thanks!
  11. Laui

    WIP MOC: Nameless Station

    Very interesting use of the monorail curves! :D
  12. Laui

    MOC: Fully automated Traverser

    That is Genius! I'm deeply imprest!
  13. Laui

    MOC Blue Pullman

    Very very nice detailes! Would like to see it driving through curves, seems like you put a lot efford to get the coupling as close as possible but still functionel...
  14. Laui

    MOC - COOP Agrocentre

    At least it's worth a try! Dunno if a project like this really get's the 10,000 supports but at least a respective respect... My vote u got! ;)