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Found 19 results

  1. lightningtiger

    MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    For a while I thought not of posting any new designs online, but then I thought I enjoy designing Lego projects so.......... To save time here I will just copy and paste from my Ideas page so I will now say my usual Brick On ! Lucky number three perhaps, well say hello to my latest creation. A single storey farm hardware store with an exterior based on designs from the Edwardian era (early 20th century) or better know in Australia as the Federation era. The colours of the walls, the curved windows the exterior trim on the front of the building all point towards that era. There is a lot of brick and Technic built fixtures and merchandise in this set idea with two minifigs, the store manager and a customer visiting the big city from the country. Brick built display counters feature various pieces of merchandise and behind the counter is a bookcase where catalogues, order books and account ledgers are housed. All the tools on offer hang on wall racks, there are boxes of fencing materials and a barrel of heavy chain, plus under the counter galv wire coils for sale also. The part count would be between 500 and 600 pieces, a cost price of around 100 dollars US. I usually have a brand name for any of my designs, but this time none so please feel free to suggest a name for this particular company. This design is only 16 stud wide so it can sit between the detective's office and assembly square modulars to keep the spacing between street light poles the same Lego Ideas link - Modular Hardware Store
  2. lightningtiger

    MOC - Warehouse Style Hardware Store

    Now for my latest hardware store and this one beats all my others hands down. "rt' stands for Rural Traders, a boring name so I call it "rt" The huge glass frontage allows everyone to see all the detailing, and yes it has a roof - a rare thing to come from my drawing board. The pump display gets another outing, but the racking is all new plus the hardware and irrigation merchandisers are also new. The chain saw display contains a fresh saw design - more realistic offset chain drive than the inline city style chain saws. On display also is a red ATV with roll-cage and chunky balloon tyres. Both the chain saw and ATV branding comes under the CITY banner. The irrigation brand is called Rain Brick, based on the real life brand Rain Bird. Garmadon is the brand for fencing and gate hardware, it's real life brand is Gallagher fencing products. Yes, I know and that's why I dropped the Lord bit off Garmadon ;) The chemical department has two products on display in bulk, Muster herbicide (weed killer) based on the brand name Round Up and Brick Chemicals Terrashield soil insecticide based on a Bayor product called Confidor Guard. You can see it's one of my largest builds in a long time, even bigger than my last modular in both build and detailing. Feel free to comment, oh yeah it will hopefully be up on Lego Ideas soon fingers crossed. Thanks for reading everyone and Brick On !
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to present my 7th modular building (or 8 to 11 depending on how you want to count them ;-)): A quad-pack of 16-wide modulars representing four different shops within an oldtown. A book store, an electronic store, a hardware store and a pawn shop. Every store has a designated owner. I always wanted to build a street with multiple 16-wide when I got the Pet Shop some years ago and kinda started with my Bakery and Fishmonger but then I got "distracted" with several 32-wide buildings. I wanted to start with another double pack but I still had ideas for the additional two already so I thought why not build four in a row. Moreover I kinda crossed 4 things of my "want to use for a modular" list: Build a modular with dark orange, olive green, sand green and use sand red (this one hurt a bit due to the cost though :-)). Below is a selection of pictures. All of them can be found at: As always building instructions are up for sale in case you want to build them as well (or a single one)! Statistics Time for digital design: around 90 hours Time for the build: around 16 hours Part count total: 11412 Bricklink orders: 36 (could have been less, but I did them in two sessions with two 16-wide each)
  4. lightningtiger

    MOC - ACE Hardware Store

    Well, it's been a long time for the tiger to post a new MOC and this time it's something I always do but with a completely fresh angle - the USA not Australia. ACE Hardware is a major hardware chain in the USA and I thought it would be a good starting point for my new sub-theme of creations "Small Town USA". I transfer some parts of other MOC's into this one like the paint tinting machine and key cutting machine. A new sticker systems I have worked out to gain more high resolution stickers. Yes, I have this on Ideas - Any suggestions and comments please feel free to post them. Brick On everyone !
  5. Okay, so this one isn't totally new but it has improvements.......which I have taken better photos of those and aspects of the MOC. People and more fruit & veg are coming......keep watching !
  6. lightningtiger

    MOC - Retro 1940's Hardware Store

    It's been a while since I've posted any new or modified designs on EB, here's one of my latest. A modern day hardware store in Lego City but it has an old store front giving it a bit of retro class. The inspiration for this..... More to come so keep watching and Brick On everyone !
  7. lightningtiger

    City Square Home Hardware Store

    I'm just waiting for Lego Ideas staff to approve this one but I might as well show it now. Since the feedback here on EB wasn't all that glowing on my previous builds I decided to ramp it up a bit while still trying to stick to maximise your minimums. That means using less to say or do more, trying to keep costs down because I'm going on and off so well off in the cash flow department. Anyway, I'll post a link to it's project page when it does pass. Brick On everyone !
  8. lightningtiger

    Hardware Mini Shop

    Yes, another one.......I like hardware favorite stores right after ones that sell Lego ! This one is a mini shop style on an old school 8 stud x 16 stud base plate and it has elements of the Home Hardware Store in it as well. Oh, and I have updated it already ! I thought the paint tins would look better this way and you can also see tubes of contact cement.......good old Octan again ! Oh, so if you want to here's the link - Thanks for looking everyone.........Brick On !
  9. lightningtiger

    Home Hardware Store

    Now I took myself to task to make an in-between size hardware store that might fit the current building scale for city while still packing a punch in detail, etc.,. Not much to say here, pretty much explains itself......yep, I've been sticker making crazy again. Oh, wait I updated this the other day....... Yeah, I've added more's the link if you like this....... Any comments and suggestions feel free to post them.......Brick On everyone !
  10. lightningtiger

    MOC - Big Box Hardware Store

    It's been a few weeks since my last design up here on EB, and yes, it's another hardware store.....but this one is a tad different. More city like, but using creator style building in it as well. There are self service checkouts, returns/special orders counter, digging tool rack, cutting tool rack, floor tile rack and finally plumbing rack. This is designed to fit in with the likes of city square and town square sets......oh, and there is more coming. Keep watching !
  11. lightningtiger

    MOC - HOME Hardware Store

    Well, it's been a little while since I have come up with a fresh MOC and this one is totally out of my norm.......NO STICKERS ! Everything is brick built including the sign, it has a plumbing department to the left and to the right digging tools. Soon a dump bin type of display will have paint rollers on sale in it. It's also different for me not to do something Aussie or to tile the interior floor. The name is just a common one used around the world for hardware stores, the brick built sign is basically two h's back to back. Keep watching for more is to come.
  12. lightningtiger

    Modular Hardware Store

    The new DO set coming got me fired up to try and do another modular so I present my latest MOC. The drawers behind the counter do open and you can place small items in them. This is going to go on the left of the DO when I get day, the other side might be the PR.....not sure, cash is a problem sometimes. Keep watching !
  13. lightningtiger

    MOC - Hardware Store (Rural)

    Another day, another hardware store. Only four stickers, and all brick-built everything else. Keep watching !
  14. lightningtiger

    True Value Hardware Store (Updated)

    After the mini show on the weekend I thought it was time to pimp up buildings again in NM so first is the hardware store. You can see new shop fittings, new key cutting machine and adding a paint tinting unit. Keep watching !
  15. lightningtiger

    MOC - ANVIL Hardware Store

    I'm back again with my favorite kind of MOC......a hardware store ! This time a bit different, no stickers at all, based on the new Lego shop design and an original logo/name/brand. You can see why it's called ANVIL Hardware right ? I still might have a few little changes staff and customers......and it will be forming a new series of MOC's by myself (no, not for NM). Keep watching !
  16. lightningtiger

    Oh, no not another Hardware Store !

    Okay, so I started designing shop fittings that would suit a hardware outdoors/ yeah, I though maybe another hardware store to go in my Avalonian seaside only a sign for the front I need to craft. Plus now a bonus modified design parked out the front........... Keep watching......more to come as usual !
  17. Once we started joining online LEGO communities we found several really amazing hardware stores. Having the proverbial plethora of tools and other hardware store staples we decided to throw our hat in the ring too. Stewart's Hardware store is just about the only place in Godwins Hollow where the DIY Minifig can purchase these sorts of materials. Formally part of the East End Shopping District it's now located near City Hall. Here's a few shots of our store, hope you enjoy. You can see more here and here.
  18. lightningtiger

    Art Deco Hardware Store

    To follow on from my gas station....... will give a tease to what's next and yes, I enjoy building hardware stores. Old Mr Hooper has moved on to this store now.........more floor tiles, merchandise and of course a roof/ceiling combo like the one on the gas station......keep watching !
  19. lightningtiger

    MOC - COOP Agrocentre

    The tiger is challenging himself......first a tease shot...... Not much to start with but you can see the shelves and racking start....a counter of course (my friend from CITY Motors is standing in for a COOP worker) and a lot more to come.....oh, yeah a different building style you will see over the next few days with this creation. Now some data.....COOP is Canadian, they run everything from gas stations, supermarkets, hardware stores and of course Agrocentres....which is to do with farming. Now any suggestions are welcome....more work with be done to this on Monday (CITY Motors will continue later in the week).....keep watching everyone ! Edit - here we have a real one from Canada....