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  1. I assume this is because something has set a VERY WIDE FoV with a short zoom? At least that is my perspective, and something I had in POVRay a lot if you picked a bad zoom (50mm camera zoom in blender is the longest and I would say 30mm is shortest to avoid getting bad fish eye and things). You can see in your FIRST image that the front hood and the rear look like the actually are not "parallel"?
  2. P.S. I know the real Eleanor has a single solid tail light, but I can't resist being tempted to do the more classic 3 light sequential here... Eleanor Mustang Compare by Jeff McClain Mustang tail lights by Jeff McClain
  3. Just a little over half way through this build. Love the rear axle and suspension design. Pretty unique in today's fully independent suspension norms, but it is accurate to the '67 Mustang and I love it. There are a couple errors on photos early on that you have to be very careful on and check (pins that look like were later on in the design pulled out that you have to really pull a lot apart to get fixed, but nothing too major. Just look ahead in the photos and pay close attention. I've noticed 2 other locations where a pin placement didn't match the real location in later photos...again, nothing major. Really liking the build and the skinning on this is really nice. Of course, it was spendy getting all the parts and even more after deciding to just go all in with the chrome from Bubul's site, but it looks SOOO good...I'm very happy I did that. FB post on Lego Technic United
  4. Great detailed instructions. sexy lines and man, is that hood massive. Dodge Viper ACR Dodge Viper ACR
  5. Tried to do the Silberpfeil livery in the Black/White/Red AMG color scheme. I still need to replace two white panels with black on the backs and add the red bumpers. I used some custom AMG C63 DTM stickers from Attan #1601...though they are not as nice as the ones from Jaap.
  6. I did too. Wish I could take credit for it, but I just attempted to duplicate ones I saw from RaceMaenz video. I had to wing how to get the fog lights mounted, but it fell out pretty easily.
  7. Just wanted to say I'm done with this build, and if I could, I would give Dugald a standing ovation. This was a really great build, with great / intricate frame/mechanics design and just beautiful panel / body work. Everything fit together so nice. This is a beautiful car. Thanks for the design. Really love this.
  8. Just getting into this build. Great instructions, as usual from Thorsten. BTW, I also had concerns/binding on main step 10 with the 24 tooth gear being very close to the square frame. It rubs going one way. Even with the cutouts oriented up. Have to just ever so slightly file the sharp edge. Anyway, curious how tight the gears should be on step 27? They are pretty tight with the 12 and 20 tooth gears? enjoying so far!
  9. So, the mud guards used for rear bumper (61070 and 61071) seem pretty rare in black. I’ve never used them, so I’m wondering how close in size/shape they are to 24116 such that I could at least attempt some mod to use them, or no, they are quite different in size? The front steering hubs/arms (32495c01) also seem relatively scarce and I’m tempted to try to refit Porsche arms (23801) into it, but I think it won’t fit wheels? I have an original 8466 I could tear down, I guess...I need to just grab the instructions (pretty reasonable) but I’m trying to decide which livery. And damn if I don’t love the AMG stickers and color scheme, which won’t work with the curved black panels. decisions. Decisions. *edit* Near as I can tell from LDraw layout, I would need to have 2 studs more distance between top/bottom A-arms to make the newer one work. Also, just a quick check on size/match on the mudguards, and they are a bit "gapped". Might be able to fit with lift arms extending the "profile", especially a 2x3 lift arm for the long back part...hum...oh well, plans purchased (thanks Bruno!!)
  10. So, with the new Lego 42096 Porsche 911 RSR release and the black #18944 available, I guess the black top for the AMG color scheme is doable on the "Silberpfeil" designed livery? *edit* hum guess I didn’t realize that was already available in 41078 and 42083. Wow
  11. @DugaldIC, I just wanted to say how impressive this design is. Is there any way I can contribute to you or @Thorsten50the instruction maker? I just finished the last BrickLink order to fill out missing parts for this build without PF or pneumatics. Really looking forward to completing.
  12. jeffmcclain

    UCS Invisible Hand

    Hello, I have not gotten any email (possibly diverted to SPAM). I just now see this message here. I think it cost me around $350 for all the parts from bricklink from scratch, counting plans cost. You can use rebrickable to find parts:
  13. That's almost as beautiful as your McLaren MoC. :D BR, Jeff P.S. Wouldn't you know it that I *just happen* to own an original 8465 set for that air scoop you used as an exhaust (along with an 8466) I just need to find it in all my bins/boxes... :( I'm almost done with the bricklinking of parts...I'm purchasing plans now.
  14. This is *such* a beautiful MOC. And only pales in comparison to the Ferrari LaFerrari consigned build you did here that i've been pinning away over: