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  1. That's the first time I see the Pick-A-Brick containers used in a MOC ... nicely done. However, where does the satellite get its power from? I do not see any solar panels.
  2. That looks really bad. It appears many parts with similar geometry have such weakness, including those shown below. The half-width cross-axle hole is notorious for this. The first time I saw this issue was with the 8480 Space Shuttle (Not sure how many forum members remember such set) . When I assembled it, all parts were fine. But few months later while on display, ALL 8 white thin lift arms that open the cargo bay, and the 8 yellow that make up the satellite had cracked.
  3. DrJB

    Are Closed-Loop Systems Possible?

    Thank you, good point. Care to provide more details? I have a 'hard time' understanding/accepting that a system keeps on moving forever as the first law of thermodynamics needs to hold. Or maybe, my understanding is off, regarding this specific topic.
  4. I do not support/condone these knock-off sets but it seems they are here to stay .... I thought the design has some merit. If only the instructions were available. https://www.amazon.com/Military-Building-Rechargeable-Construction-Yourself/dp/B0768LMQLK/ref=pd_rhf_schuc_p_img_5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=VP7AWS2YHR1XF0PCVS96
  5. DrJB

    Are Closed-Loop Systems Possible?

    I think all of us have different definitions of 'Closed-Loop' ... 1. Perpetual machine, compressed air keeps on moving downstream, and actuates many picstons, pumps, ... etc - Strictly speaking: NOT Possible, unless #2. 2. Same as above, with a constant supply of air - Very possible/doable. In fact, all you have are transducers/switches/pistons all connected in series, with a constant fluid input at some end. 3. Regulated/Controlled Systems. Where a variable is measured/sensed and then the system 'adapts' its dynamics to perform some function. The AC example above is valid. The AC measures the temperature, and based on such temperature it decides to turn cooling on/off. Strictly speaking this is On/Off control ... not continuous. The best example here is the self-balancing robot that came with Mindstorms EV3.
  6. Excellent proof of concept, as you captured precisely how pulley-based CVT's work. The weakness (as you've noted) is the pulley, as it bends easily ... I wonder what other options are out there. For example, two tapered discs, and a rubber wheel in between them.
  7. DrJB

    Warped Model Team Tire?

    The tire might be put on the wrong wheel. While 'most' tires are 'symmetric (left to right), some wheels are not. If you disassemble the tire, flip it, and reassemble, do you get the same deformation or does the deformation reverses as well? By performing the above test, you'd know whether the problem is the wheel or the tire. For example, the wheel below is NOT symmetric. The outer diameter of the rim (wheel's edge) is NOT the same on both sides. As such, only few tires are compatible with such wheel. If you put a symmetric tire on a non-symmetric wheel, you get the effect in your picture.
  8. DrJB

    Need help to Find this car

    I was wrong, the alternate model for 8070 is a roadster. Check the page below. https://www.lego.com/en-us/service/buildinginstructions/search#?search&text=8070%20Supercar%20Technic Back to your original question, there were a total of 4 RED 'official' cars put out by lego 8448 - Super Street Sensation 8070 - Red Car (???) 8145 - Ferrari FTB Fiorano 8653 - Ferrari Enzo It's very likely the car you're pointing to is a MOC i.e., NOT an official set. Nonetheless, based on the parts and colors of the seats, it looks like it uses the same parts as 8070.
  9. DrJB

    Need help to Find this car

    Looks like 8070, 2nd/alternate model
  10. DrJB

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    This might have been reported before (apologies if it did) ... but I see an error in the Smartphone App. In there, the icon for the vehicle shows the tires mounted backwards i.e., the chevron pattern on the tires is pointing up, not down (looking from the front of the vehicle). Second from Top/Right corner, in image below
  11. DrJB

    Help Identifying Part

    Thank you ... it came in blue in only one set, and I do have that set (assembled/on_shelf) ... but I never looked at such part from that angle :(
  12. I saw the Pagami Huayra by Jeroen Ottens and can't identify the blue part below. Anyone can shed some light? Thanks https://thelegocarblog.com/2019/04/18/buy-this-pagani-huayra/
  13. Just a 'minor' addition: For those who are not familiar with what a road train is. It is essentially a truck with multiple trailers one behind the other. The suspension/articulation geometries must be 'right' to ensure the convoy is stable. Can you rescale your image?!
  14. DrJB

    New personal Lego dark age looming?

    I'm in the same boat. I used to follow very closely the new Technic sets and get them as soon as they come out. Now, it seems all new sets are 'variations on a theme' ... but in fact I think it is me, It's like any other hobby, I've had few of them over the years (astronomy, reef tanks, FTA, electronics, 3D printing, ...), and interest 'disappears' after a couple of years. That and lately that the cost of Technic sets has gone way up. The one hobby I have not given up yet on is gardening ... what's the point in having a house/yard if you can't grow some greens? I'm now contemplating bee-keeping, but not sure the neighbors would approve. Back to Lego, I've reached the point where, just like SR71, I want to sort/clean/pack my many sets and find a good buyer.
  15. DrJB

    [MOC] Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    Great rendition of an icon. I had worked on the actual full machine few years back, together with the green (Deere) and AGCO versions. Been wanting to do/see a MOC and yours captures it superbly.