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  1. Youtube is full of fantastic machinery for agriculture, construction, production plants ... Granted, most kids (and any adults) would not relate. How about some machine-tools ... lathe or milling machine? TLG is likely after machinery that most people can relate to, that is why cars are very popular. There are others though that are plain fascinating: Loom, Spirograph, and the like. Also, when it comes to off-road vehicles, it is often a delicate balance between functions and looks, and TLG has been leaning more towards looks. Another example: typical components/machinery inside a combine harvester: Header, feeder, rotor, sieve, auger. All of these are truly genius-grade mechanisms. Last one: there were books that show collections of mechanisms: non-circular gears, Geneva mechanisms, and the like. Again, not sure how much appeal those offer to the non mechanical engineer.
  2. I was able to download it. Fantastic job that you've done. I skimmed quickly and I do not recall seeing the planetary hubs that came with the extreme off-roader (I could have missed them)
  3. The two parts are in general equivalent, unless used to switch gears. If used as an in-line connectors for axles, then they both fulfill the same function. Also, my understanding is that the earlier versions of the truck came with chrome wheels, and later production batches came with gray. In fact, sometime back, the version with the chrome wheels/parts was more expensive than the gray version. If somehow the buyer replaced some parts, you also need to watch out for old gray vs. bluish gray.
  4. DrJB

    MOC: Gotham City Museum Heist

    Simply fascinating build. Thank you for sharing. I've been collecting Trans parts for a while, and now realize there are many more shapes I was not aware of.
  5. One here has to be careful and make sure this 'perfectionist habit' does not 'translate' to their work/livelihood. I'm an engineer as well, and often (at least in the past) get bogged down by 'needing' to constantly improve my design/solutions ... but one needs to know when to stop. I'll tell you this, when we hire people, we look typically for 3 attributes: 1. That the engineer/candidate knows their stuff - If I'm hiring a DSP engineer, he better knows everything about the math behind Windows & FFT 2. That he gets along with people - Many engineers are introverts and love to sit at their desk and talk to their computer 3. That he delivers on his promises - Many new hires meet requirements 1 and 2, but fail miserably at 3 ... because precisely of the need for non-stop improvement. Yes, Lego is a hobby, but in the end, one must know when to stop and say the design is 'good enough' ... The software industry has understood this extremely well: Release the software as is, there will always be time for future versions and bug releases. Also, releasing software enables the company to sell it, and make money to pay for the engineers, so they can work on the fixes. A bit of a digression, just to say don't let this Lego 'obsession' leak into your real-life job.
  6. That's truly what a hobby is (by definition) ... I've had many hobbies over the years, and they all have that in common. There is ALWAYS something to tweak, whether it's a lego suspension, a reef tank, or even a vegetable garden ... and now, it's Home Automation (HA). Of all the hobbies I've had, HA is the worst of all, so much learning/reading, so little doing, and always tweaking.
  7. DrJB

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Which sandwich panel ... the one below?
  8. DrJB

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Very nice pieces indeed. While these would definitely increase the building options, I'm not sure TLG can make such parts 'easily'. When building a cavity mold for such pieces, while the shape is 'easy' (relatively) to make ... de-molding seems like an unsurmountable challenge.
  9. Bravo, you obviously did not waste any time. How about a submission to Lego Ideas ?
  10. Don't forget the ZNAP system. Did not offer many options, but great for building large structures (a bit like Knex). I have several such sets, and they're a good 'distraction' from the conventional system/technic parts. In fact, some of the Znap parts can be used as lift-arms.
  11. There have been many 'flavors' of RC Cars over the past years. A while back TLG made some 'Racer' cars that were more robust than conventional builds (for example 8376). Later on, they made even more robust cars (8675), truly for outdoor use. Those came with rechargeable batteries and were very rugged (metal wheel axles).
  12. Not so sure about that anymore (assuming I understood your point correctly). In the past, they had to pre-mix specific batches of plastic to make specific colors. And that is why on older sets all the axles are either black or gray. I believe I've read somewhere that they changed their injection machines to 'on-the-spot-color-at-will' technology and now, it's 'cheaper' to build any part in any color. The first 'explosion' of colors in axles came with the Bucket-Wheel-Excavator ... or maybe they put in some incentive (new colors) to increase sales of such set. You still need individual storage and parts management for the individual colors though. In fact, it is such injection machines that are now having a hard time keeping colors consistent ... the smaller the batch, the more difficult it is to keep the color consistent. But, you already knew all of this :)
  13. DrJB

    General Part Discussion

    Sometimes it could be as simple as: Old mold is worn out, and they made a newer mold with a simpler geometry i.e, cheaper to manufacture.
  14. DrJB

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    You're absolutely right. I saw that part a while back on a Chinese copykat and thought TLG will never make it as the mold is a bit more complex than the straight lift-arm (due to perpendicular holes). Glad to have more options available to us.
  15. Yes, I know the feeling ... that is why I'm no longer a regular... I disappear for weeks at a time then an old flame comes back to life. Good 'hearing' from you again ... or maybe we're getting older (and wiser) and have less and less patience for non-sensical squirmiches. Also ... Not sure about the community at large ... but I find it 'impressive' (or is it disheartening) that a thread with so many answers ... does not have a single photo !!! I'm disappointed though, as when I come here, is to see pictures ... not read incessant rambling... To each his own I guess. *Peace*