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  1. Very interesting discussion thus far. I'm an 'old-school' guy, mechanical engineer, and to me Technic is about mechanisms, moving parts, linkages, kinematics, gears, etc ... Unfortunately, lately styling has become ever more important than the hidden mechanical functions, and TLG is pursuing aggressively shape/forms over function. Not sure what that will accomplish in the end, though let's just call it a Technic Evolution phase ... In the coming few years we'll see where that leads us. In all honesty though, the 8455 and 8043 were masterpieces in mechanical functions ... whereas the Porsche/Sian/Bugatti emphasized more the styling. Why not both ... well ... ?
  2. A bit off-topic, but what is really the deal with this set? I see it is not widely available for purchase, and commanding very high prices on ebay and other places.
  3. Many of us have seen the evolution of Technic when it started with 'modified' system parts (e.g. System Bricks with Technic holes) into the plethora of Technic only parts we have today (lift-arms, connectors, gears, ...) However, still, Lego tends to still use a small amount of System parts such as the 1×1 round tile for lights and curved slopes for styling. Also, while the percentage content of system parts in official technic sets has dropped substantially over the past few years, we still see parts with 'dormant' DNA strands that never get used in Technic sets. For example, the engine block with its 4 studs on the top, or the bushing with 4 indentations. The question is: Would TLG ever move to 100% Technic parts only in official sets? This would require new part that are as functional as existing ones, yet with only technic-style connections. No one really knows what TLG is simmering for us, this thread is more to address this question and get a feel for the community's opinions/feels/desires.
  4. DrJB

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    That surely is an impressive build. I'm debating whether you're a Harry Potter fanatic, or simply have a lot of time on your hands Thank you for sharing.
  5. Simply stunning ... Looks like an urchin on wheels.
  6. Simply beautiful, thank you for sharing. I'm sure Ed Lorentz and Francis Moon would appreciate. I'm thinking that, if the CG's of the individual frames cold be brought closer to the rotation axes, maybe the time it takes to settle down would increase substantially. But again perfect contraption as it is, just me thinking how it can be modified. *Cheers*
  7. Personal Insult? ... when you ARE the original sinner/attacker? I was expecting an apology from such an 'accomplished' individual. Who are you to speak on behalf of the whole forum? Self-appointed Lego-I-don't-know-what? I've known Lego since before you were born, and been on this forum while you were still soiling your diapers!!! Better yet, the two books of yours that I bought, they go in the garbage bin now. You think getting free lego sets and reviewing them (because you can't afford them yourself) entitles you to 'special status' on here? Grow Up, show 'some' maturity (assuming you're capable of) ... this thread is simply NOT for you!!! To the rest you: Apologies, but this is proof that some of us do not take fame too well.
  8. You're giving me ideas now ... though I agree with you almost 100%. Yes, power to lift to batery weight ratio is such that 100% Lego will never fly. Not sure in Mars either as the atmosphere there is rather thin, and as such, the propellers need to generate a 'respectable' lift. Don't ask me how much as I'd need to run some calcs myself, and it'll take me some time to relearn the Pi-Groups from my Fluid Mechanics class. https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mechanical-engineering/2-25-advanced-fluid-mechanics-fall-2013/ Now, how about we rebrand this thread to something more descriptive, and collect other crazy-contraptions, that use Lego in some way, though not 100% ... any suggestions?
  9. That's funny ... and thank you for the beer (I don't drink though). Though, whether you like it or not, it IS flying Lego ... but I never said it was 100% *peace*
  10. Point well taken ... and maybe I should refer you to another thread of mine where we addressed 'miscommunication' in these forums and how some comments could be interpreted in different ways than the OP intended ... ... All this to say: I never intended for this to be a 'Click-Bait' ... and am truly sorry that you did not win a super-loaded iPad-Pro bundle by clicking on the link Sariel ... as much respect as I have for you and your contributions to this community, I must disagree here ... or maybe you're having a rough day, though it's irrelevant. Few points: 1. There was NO youtube or fancy lego technic 40 years ago (some would call your comment polemic, but let's pass) 2. The copter video showed up in my facebook thread yesterday, I looked on EB, and did not find it, so decided to post it. Did I do a deep search to ensure it was never seen before? ... No, sorry but I'll keep that in mind for next time, and opt to enjoy myself without sharing with anyone ... would that make you happy then? 3. Who said anything that I'm here to ensure everyone has seen the video? You're reading way too much into this. If the topic is of no interest, I just ignore it and move on. Are we now 'censoring' the information? ... sorry, not for me. 4. You're absolutely correct ... for all you know I'm an immature teenager who copies/pastes whatever he sees. Thank You! For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy whatever this hobby brings to you, and not get distracted by very different opinions... such as displayed/evidenced in this thread. *peace*
  11. Thank you. It seems we have a very 'young/immature' membership who only believe in their own view of the world. I am fully with you and enjoy anything that uses lego technic, be it purist, hybrid, shell only, or else. A while back I started a thread on non-Toy applications of Lego, and someone reported on the use of lego liftarms in a medical lab, where they build artificial bone. Did I b*tch about it that it was not pure Lego? Not at all, I found it rather novel that someone thought outside of the box to give us exposure way out of the boring dumdum supercar craze. It is My Lego, and I enjoy doing with it whatever I please ... To you all, this is a hobby, and for spending on it your hard-earned $$ (or Euros/Yens/Dinars), you've earned the right to do with it whatever pleases you. Fair enough, I'm sure not everyone has seen it. Hopefully it's of some use to some of us 'non-regular' members.
  12. We surely all have our opinions. Though I clearly stated the author uses many non-lego parts. One has to admit though, the resemblance to the original Lego copter is rather impressive. I too was debating (before I saw the entire video) how he did it. The give-away was, I quickly noticed he did NOT use the original propellers. Still, purist or not, gotta give the guy some credit, as he's put in quite a bit of work.
  13. Not sure this was ever reported here, but nonetheless it is worth a 're-visit' ... I stumbled upon the MOC below, it is not pure lego as the author added some custom hardware. The end result is a truly flying RC 9396. Enjoy! https://modellfliegersprossen.wordpress.com/hubschrauber/ein-lego-technic-hubschrauber-lernt-fliegen/
  14. DrJB

    [MOC] Mechanical Calculator

    Beautiful ... simply beautiful. Are we witnessing Lego Renaissance? This reminds me of the mechanical registers in use 40+ years ago in some department stores. The cashiers needed some special training as the operation was not too trivial (at least on some models). Think of it as the mechanical equivalent of the RPN logic still used on some HP calculators (if anyone still uses those). https://www.si.edu/object/national-cash-register-class-51:nmah_694236 Lastly, Thank you for NOT doing yet another 4-wheeled vehicle.
  15. Amazing build, Bravo! It seems the balancing is done purely 'mechanically' i.e., without any smart sensors/algorithms. That reminds me of canons on assault tracked vehicles, where the suspension is such that the canon can retain its aim and shoot while moving, even on uneven terrain, and all that was done purely mechanically. I wonder if one can use the part below for the legs. I bought few of them a while back for a similar project (though not as intricate kinematics) ... that never materialized. The part comes in many variants and colors. The challenge is how to attach it without altering the dynamics too much. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=32133ac01&idColor=9#T=C&C=9