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  1. I don't know how to explain it in english, but lbg and dbg easily gets lighter than they were when they left the molding machine.
  2. Why not a new topic? This is about the 22 sets.
  3. I already use hydrogen peroxide for sundamaged bricks, but you if you're not careful, the bricks will be discoloured "the opposite way". The problem with my haul is not discoloration, as I mentioned, the bricks look like new. They just smell I'll try with some vinegar and maybe a small amount of bleach. And water of course :)
  4. Just bought a "pandemic" lot - it was all bought within the last two years, except one set. For 200 euro, I got 42110, 42124, 42099, 42095, 42111 (x2), 51515 and a 8275. All in very good condition, some of it have never been built. Unfortunately it's from a smoker's home, so it smells 😞 Any good advices to get rid of that ugly smell?
  5. mortenm

    Problems with PF IR Speed Remote

    Thanks for your reply. I have tried with fresh batteries (works fine in one of my old remotes). The other remote acts almost the same, the right knob works fine, but the left has problems like the first remote. I'm pretty sure my lights aren't flouroscent, but I'll try later with the lights off.
  6. Hello there. I've bought a couple of ir speed remotes and they doesn't work quite well; it's like the knobs are very unstable. Sometimes turning a knob one "tick" results the speed going from 0 direct to max. Also I can't count on the direction og the train, sometimes it's going backwards even if I turn the knob in the forward direction (I know I can change direction with the little black switch, but that's not the problem). I've tried to disassemble one of the remotes to see if the contacts should be worn, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyone with some tips? Thanks.
  7. 42131 is not even listed on the danish lego shop
  8. I can't click on the link in your first post, but in my quote I can, and that works great
  9. I just saw that it costs half of it on BL, but I didn't know it was in your back yard
  10. mortenm

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    r/legoleaks is dead - you mean Legoleak?