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  1. mortenm

    Bricklink questions

    A bit late, but when you're at the "Shop" tab, you should see 4 links just beneath; "Featured", "All items", "New items" and "Wanted List" - click the latter :)
  2. I agree! I can't see why photos can't be hosted on the site. If the right filetype is chosen (and maybe resized during upload), they won't take up much space.
  3. Images aren't working
  4. mortenm

    How to test 9V train motor

    Okay, I see. I have all other possibilities for testing, than an 9V track. I'll try to power it from the top connector.
  5. mortenm

    How to test 9V train motor

    Hi. I've bought some train parts, and got a single 9V train motor I have nothing to use it for, so I would like to sell it again. In order to get the most out of the sale, I would, of course, like to know if the motor works. Is it possible to connect a batterybox to the connector on the top of the motor? Thanks
  6. mortenm

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    3rd half?
  7. There are several posts about this topic already. What is the purpose of this one?
  8. mortenm

    REVIEW: 10295 Porsche 911 Turbo/Targa

    @Clone OPatra thanks!
  9. mortenm

    REVIEW: 10295 Porsche 911 Turbo/Targa

    Thanks for the review - I need to get one of those :) I just got an email from LEGO, about this set. It says in the mail that it's limited, but is it just for now, or won't it be like the 10265 and the other Creator Expert cars?
  10. mortenm

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Now there are no reviews
  11. mortenm

    Cleaning Lego Technic parts

    I do this too.
  12. Just checked: it was 22AWG I bought and it was aliexpress, not ebay ?. 4p ribbon cable. It's the perfect size when split in two.
  13. It's a bit off topic. I think you should create your own topic. Maybe try the search function, the topic has been discussed before.
  14. I've had success replacing the rotten wire with new wire bought on ebay. It's not that hard to disassemble the connectors, but I couldn't manage to fit the new wires in the spikes, so I had to do some soldering.
  15. I build it during the holidays - it works somewhat fine. It's a bit loud when driving, but I can't figure out why. It's in one of the rear diffs, but I can't get the gears further apart.