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  1. Looks impressive Doc, well done!!!!! As we have learnt with our recent bridge building sessions, building on this scale presents many challenges due to size and weight. What can seem fairly straightforward or "easy" on a small scale changes dramatically as sizes increase. Even the faithful "rigid" technic bricks have a lot of flex in them which we both learnt first hand LOL. Again, well done. Good to see the bulk parts put to good use!!!
  2. So damn cool man!!! You've captured the overall shape brilliantly I reckon. Raise/lower mechanism in the tight space is very clever indeed. Now to add it to my collection..... :-D
  3. Outstanding, You really nailed the front end on the F100 Well done!!!!
  4. I just received my 8376 "Hot Flame" $60 on eBay AU Stoked!!! :-)
  5. There are a few themes missing, probably just updating the site, removing sold out items etc.
  6. Nice haul!!! I've had a couple of interesting gum tree lots that I picked up recently 1st lot was a big lot of city/Mars/star wars but I saw some technic in there. It contained a complete 8674 ferarri F1 and a 99% complete 10178 motorized AT-AT walker. I just finished selling off all of the random stuff so those 2 ended up in my collection for $0 (I actully ended up about $200 in front) 2nd lot was I big bunch of technic sets bagged up very roughly, about 30 in all. I kept about half and sold on the rest to recoup my $$$ but the bargain is what was thrown on top of the box because they couldn't be bothered listing it, a 8880 (99% complete) a 10177 Boeing 787 (90% complete) and 6211 imperial star destroyer (99% complete) for free..........!! :-D
  7. Holy crap that's awesome! Tough as!!!
  8. There is a page in the instructions that shows the chassis and front and rear axles perfectly aligned. If the gear racks are over to one side when you built it this may be a cause of the problem. If however you lined it all up nearly when building as per the instructions then I'm afraid you may have a servo issue. Some close up photos may help us here :-)
  9. Could be a dodgy servo, a few of us on this forum have had dodgy ones. If you contact lego they will send you a new one. They will need the serial number printed in the servo and may send you a paid postage satchel to send back the defective one (this happened to a guy in my LUG)
  10. Series 12 are at coles now too. A decent effort considering the last series they had before the Simpsons was series 7........
  11. It's a heap of fun to play with, it certainly has some speed!!!! I even got it sliding around on carpet LOL!!
  12. This is freakin awesome. Loving the details, well done!
  13. 9 : 4 19: 3 22: 3 31: 10 so many great entries, well done to all entrants!
  14. All the 2H sets are now available on the Australian S@H site. Typical though, I ordered the new mini and 42024 container truck the day before......