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  1. That is an awesome micro build! Nicely done đź‘Ť
  2. Great to see another Kaliphlin build from you! Looking forward to seeing more...
  3. Mike S

    Victorian Vampire Mansion

    Nicely done!
  4. Very interesting and I love your final castle rebuild! Nice work!
  5. Mike S

    Temple of DaĂŻnna [Varlyrio, HSS]

    The cup and dome technique looks really good and the double arches add the necessary depth and detail!
  6. Yes the protein powder company. But I think it totally illustrates the danger of overthinking symbolism. I do understand where you are coming from and agree about coming up with original designs. However I think that real world religions will inevitably often be referenced in some way when creating fictional ones and that I do not think is necessarily a bad thing. The Aslanic Order is based in some ways on medieval Catholicism but yet I tried to give it its own symbols and theology which I tried to leave as ambiguous as possible. As in any religion, what one Historican in the Aslanic faith believes may actually oppose a belief of another member of the same faith. I just hope people are open minded enough not to associate the Aslanic Order literally as 100% Narnian nor attribute my fictional activities as a reflection of my real world beliefs. Fantasy is fiction and if I ever do include a cross in a build, it being an easy shape to replicate in Lego is not meant as a representation of the the real world. This is also not an advertisement for the Aslanic Order which after the Kaliphlin civil war is now reduced to a fractured entity run by individuals in the cities where temples still remain. I actually really have no plans to continue the Aslanic Order story line any further.
  7. Perhaps I misread but it did seem Henjin came down pretty hard on Narbilu’s use of a cross and suggested that the symbol did not belong in GoH universe. Personally I don’t care if the cross is used or not used. I just find it illogical to bring real world meanings to a fantasy world where symbols have the opportunity to develop entire new meanings.
  8. I find it illogical to identify symbols in a fantasy world as relating to the real world. When I see a cross, it doesn’t make me think of Christianity but rather merely a shape. If one begins to try to eradicate certain symbols from an environment, it won’t be long before all symbols will be banned because they may have real life religious symbolism. I can guarantee you that no matter what symbol you use, I will be able to in some way connect it to some real life religion. In fact the other day I had a “Christian” tell me that the shirt I was wearing was demonic because it was a pagan symbol. I simply was flabbergasted as it is merely a company’s logo I represent. Sun warrior is the company if you want to look it up. So please guys don’t go down the path of banning certain symbols because they represent something to you but rather empower yourself and imagine what alternatives the symbols could represent. I’m certain I’ve seen many crosses in D and D styled games and it never made me think there were Christians in the game. I think what is absurd is if you take a symbol in a totally other context and bring your own context to it. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of fantasy.
  9. I personally think you may be reading to much into the symbols. A culture without a history of crucification will have a totally different context/perspective for a cross than one with it. For example the cross which is of equal height and width could also be a symbol for perfection or total equality. A symbol by no means has any other meaning than that to which you yourself give to it.
  10. Nice build! I really like the design of the entryway and although a simple design, the placement of the cacti adds just the right amount of color variation to the scene!
  11. Mike S

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    Finally got caught up on this. I'm enjoying watching this play out.
  12. Yes, I stated Varlyrio as a whole because it seemed to be Varlyrio sanctioned military instead of some random mercenaries who happened to be from Varlyrio. But you are right, I seem to remember something like a falling out between them and Raavage as well, hence probably why they have disappeared from the scene for the last while.
  13. That is pretty much how I see the situation although didn’t Varlyrio support The Hand at one point? So highly unlikely Varlyrio is in support of the Queen... unless of course she managed to gain support there before coming back to Cedrica.
  14. It would be totally out of character for the Desert King to be subservient to Cedrica. He has always claimed he is the rightful ruler of the Guilds and it was mostly Nocturnus support that put him in power in Kaliphlin. His claim to the throne dates centuries ago so depending on perspective could legally supersede the Queen.
  15. Mike S

    Computer Generated Castles

    Awesome stuff!
  16. I would say Kaliphlin is just as fractured as Nocturnus with the Desert King still around. I’m waiting to see how Kaliphlin’s civil war is resolved in book 3.
  17. After days of climbing steep mountains, trekking through dense jungles, and wading through mucky swamps, our adventurous foursome have finally found what they were searching for, the superb orchid of Celestia. Growing atop the roof of an ancient temple, the orchid is the largest the group has ever seen. "This is it, my friends!" yelled Reynald Wilkins. "I know!" the other three responded in unison. "I don't have to be a botany expert to know that just has to be the rumored superb orchid," Fulk Goodere added. "I can already feel the fame of this discovery settling upon me!" Harry exclaimed. Unfortunately for the group of four friends, they did not see the danger literally right around the corner.
  18. Its all yours! Do with it whatever you want. It is just a slightly edited version of the official island map of Sabre Island that I got from Ska.
  19. Mike S

    [COR-FB] Having a ball!

    Nicely done! Great to see so many sigfigs in one place!
  20. Mike S

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Thanks again @CopMike! The figures arrived yesterday and were so much more attractive in hand than I had anticipated!
  21. With the uncertainty of events that have been unfolding in Historica, Masa has begun searching for a safe haven should things go literally south. He has sent his personal caravel in search of a peaceful land, a land that he and his friends can retreat to should the Desert King prove undefeatable. Well this is it... I was hoping to do a category A entry and have such a great idea but unfortunately time has slipped me by. Nothing much here but at least I was able to enter something for this great challenge....
  22. Xoram was another Coyle brother. Unlike Aidan, but like Simon, he was not in Oleon at the time of the family's tragic fall in Oleon. Being opposed to the strict rules the Clerics of Zeus imposed on Oleon society, he had at earliest convenience sailed across the Merlonic Sea for the more lenient climate of the nation of Carno. In Carno, he had partnered with a rather mysterious woman, Madame Rum, and together they opened their first establishment: The Captain's Daughter Inn and Tavern. Now years later, with the establishment having met with great success, Xoran decided to reunite with his older brother Aidan who he had learned had risen to Governor of Corrington's Northern Reaches. However as his brother's base in Stormhaven did not seem to be a very promising location for a thriving business, he decided to establish the second Captain's Daughter in the up and coming Jameston in Celestia. His timing was impeccable for no sooner had the inn been opened, there was a steady inflow of travelers arriving in Jameston seeking to find fame and fortune in Celestia's unmapped interior. Among the recent visitors to The Captain's Daughter was a group of four disparate men that seemed the unlikeliest of allies. First (from left to right) there was Harry Hotham, an older gent hailing from Mesabi's Landing. He was the group's "protection" and loved to boast that he knew one thousand and one ways to kill a man. Then there was Fulk Goodere, the group's financer. He was from Elizabethville and seemed to have a limitless supply of doubloons to spend. It was rumored he owned a large horse ranch that had a fat contract to provide horses for Mesabi's Landing. Next was Reynald Wilkins, the group's excavation and botany expert. A felon from Belson, he had recently been paroled after serving the remainder of his sentence in Stormhaven's work for freedom program. While in Stormhaven he had worked on the local plantations and quarry which he claimed had given him a vast knowledge of excavation and botany. Last but not least was Jeffrey Speir from King's Harbour, the group's chef and keeper of provisions. He made sure the group was well fed and did his best to keep them sober as well. Tonight the group was celebrating their last day in town. In the morning, they would be heading out into Celestia's interior to search for the rumored "superb orchid" and if they were lucky they would return with it before any of the other adventuring groups.
  23. A fun build! I like the roof design and the round windows of the upper floor fit surprisingly well!
  24. Mike S

    [Safe Haven Cat. A] Island of Aok

    Great story and some really nice builds! My favorite is Wukong's (not King Kong? ) palace entrance but the mushroom house and beach hut are also quite nice.