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  1. HundredHander

    Winter Village: Kirk

    I don't know! Flickr still has them and nothing has been changed by me on either site. They are in the Winter Village Group, And this is a URL for them on my Flickr page: Anyone have any ideas?
  2. HundredHander

    Winter Village: Kirk

    I'm glad you like it, I think I spent about as long on it as everything else combined. There was a little pulpit but then I had a thought about how to do an organ, so the pulpit went.
  3. HundredHander

    LEGO Napoleonic Wars

    It's like 1997!
  4. HundredHander

    MOC: Christ Church Spitalfields

    It's great! World Famous in Stratford Lego Store!
  5. HundredHander

    Winter Village: Kirk

    I've edited the original post with my final five picture, plus a shot of how it sits in 'my' Winter Village. I like a Dickensian Christmas, so I was disappointed with Lego started putting little old lorries and things in with the sets.
  6. HundredHander

    Brickville Update - Skyline

    It would suit Superman, Spiderman or Batman. Godzilla would fit in well too. Perhaps a large domed building, a giant roofed stadium or concert hall kind of thing? A little spire poking out of the lower buildings? A 'space needle' kind of thing? The twisty building looks like the cities 'statement' architecture already though. Stunning piece that lacks nothing really though.
  7. HundredHander

    Winter Village: Village Church

    I love the red trim! Very nice colourful roof. There is a risk in some of the Winter Village stuff that it's really just a city building with a white roof, this is proper Winter Village I think.
  8. HundredHander

    Winter village: Clock town and winter love

    I love the sleigh blades, very successful
  9. HundredHander

    Winter Village: Winterville Station

    I like the walls very well. Really nice Christmas look, but also very 'real'.
  10. HundredHander

    Winter Village: Candy House

    It's a nice build, and that street scene at the end is terrific.
  11. HundredHander

    Winter Village: Winter Town Hall

    That's nice!
  12. HundredHander

    Old car

    I really like that, more like a hot rod than old car to my eye though
  13. HundredHander

    MOC Airport Fire Truck

    Big fan of the steps up to the cab, don't know if they're novel or not, but they are great.
  14. HundredHander

    MOC: Copenhagen Christmas Corners

    It's the standard tourist complaint, that the Little Mermaid is little. I think it's a really nice build, much better than forcing a Lego mermaid to lie down.
  15. HundredHander

    MOC: Copenhagen Christmas Corners

    This is really nice. The brick built mermaid is too big though