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Found 12 results

  1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Santa Claus is bringing gift for our little friend .. With him.. his faithful friend Rudolph that pulls the sled of .. to bring joy to all the children of the world .. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 1 by Giorgos E, on Flickr Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 4 by Giorgos E, on Flickr Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Giorgos E, on Flickr Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 2 by Giorgos E, on Flickr Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 5 by Giorgos E, on Flickr More pictures you can find here to my flickr album
  2. Willworkfortoys

    Winter Village: The Gift Ship

    The Gift Ship Hello all, nice to meet you! Here is my entry for the Winter Village contest. The Gift Ship! Sometimes Santa and the elves like to get out of the shop and take boat ride around the Winter Village. They go sailing around fishing for gifts and sharing them with children around the coasts. The Gift Ship comes complete with wrapping stations with ribbon and tape, rolls of wrapping paper, AND, get this, GIFTS! I wanted to make something convertible since I feel like the past WV could give the option for closing up the backs without sacrificing a lot and increase play value and display options. I also felt that while always awesome the locomotives have been stealing the spotlight away from other perfectly good forms of transportation! I had much more planned but unfortunately I only had last night to work on this and things escalated pretty quickly in the building department. Hope you enjoy the photos and can find some techniques and brick combinations you like! Let's set sail! Thank you for looking and have a Happy New Year!!! More photos here: http://s916.photobuc...mpetition/story
  3. DwalinF

    Winter Village: Skating rink

    Skating rink in the city park is the nice place to spend time on Christmas holydays. You can rent a helmet, skates or hockey stick and show your skill
  4. Decorating christmas tree with dad (& Bobby)
  5. One winter morning mr. Korzhikov was ready to go to his bakery to make croissants but has found it covered with snow . Instead he had a long time to dig it out and listen to the mocking sounds of magpies. too_much_snow by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr
  6. Jellyeater

    Winter Village: Winter Church

    This is my entry to contest "Expand The Winter Village".
  7. UPDATED: Due to concerns about the cold, the Heartlake Labour Board has requested that the tank is now heated and the girls have some fluids to keep them warm too. Presenting my entry for the Winter Village contest, these girls aren't afraid of the cold so they put together a working dunk tank attraction with great prizes to win. Friends Dunk Tank by dr_spock_888, on Flickr The dunk bench tips when the target is stuck. The water sure looks cold.
  8. LukeClarenceVan

    Winter Village: Santa's Section

    Welcome to Santa's Village! Step right up and get your photo taken with the big man himself, then continue shopping at the many stalls in the Winter Market. This is my entry to the Expand the Winter Village Market contest. One 8x16 module with one-stud overhang plus two 8x8 modules. Here's Santa's seat and the lineup. I built the tree how I figured TLG would, and the globe's for showing children all the places Santa visits. For only $100 you can buy a print of you with Santa from one of his elves. There are a lot of bad isms, but commercialism's one of the worst... One last shot of everything. Merry Christmas!
  9. Here is my entry for the competition! Sorry for the poor photography, I just moved and haven't had a chance to set anything up yet. Naturally, a Winter Market/Festival would be held in a village square. At the center of all the bustle and business of the festival prominently stands the clock tower. Here we can see the community band has set up a small grandstand and is about to play some holiday tunes for all to enjoy. That tuba player can't wait to start playing! It has been a tradition of mine to incorporate a hidden candy dispenser into part of my winter village every year, and now I share that with you...except that 3rd party elements are not allowed, which I am pretty sure includes candy. So here we have simulated candy with minifig heads (sorry to be so grotesque, but you get the idea--just imagine they were candy pieces. If you are having a hard time imagining, visit my Flickr page where you can see the candy for real) An illustration of how the dispenser works. Or, my kids can show you. Here is a more detailed picture of the clock face and ornamental architecture of the historic village square clock tower. You can see there is still some as-yet unmelted snow lingering on the stonework. See this set on my Flickr page for more photos, as well as some brief video clips showing the candy dispenser in action. Thanks to everyone at EB for making this contest happen, and thanks to all of you for your awesome entries! Happy holiday! rodiziorobs on Flickr
  10. Thanks to everyone who entered the fifth annual Expand the Winter Village Contest. Once again, it has been inspiring to see so much creativity in a relatively small space. This year, we have 36 excellent qualifying entries! You can now vote for your favorite entries by replying in this topic. Please read the voting rules below carefully and use this thread for voting only. We'd love to hear your feedback on the competition in the discussion thread. Voting closes on Sunday, January 18 at Midnight GMT. Voting Rules - You have a total of 5 points to award - You may not give more than 3 points to a single entry - Post your votes in the voting format shown below (list entry number, builder, and number of points awarded) - You may not edit your post (posts edited more than one hour after the vote was placed will not be counted) - Votes that do not comply with these (simple) rules will not be counted - You must have joined Eurobricks prior to January 1, 2015 Examples of Correct Votes 7. Bonaparte - 2 19. Hinckley - 3 7. Bonaparte - 2 15. Sinner - 2 19. Hinckley - 1 7. Bonaparte - 1 15. Sinner - 1 19. Hinckley - 1 21. Pandora - 1 22. Rick - 1 The Entries 1. Old Man Winter's General Store by ResIpsaLoquitur 2. Game Room and Hot Tub by BrickRally217 3. Holiday Cafe by Ranger_Elegost 4. Gingerbread House by Eureka 5. Christmas Frozen Fountain by sweetsha 6. the Gingerbread House by Athos 7. Buddy's Bunkhouse by GmaBlu 8. Ebeneezer's Books & Blends by stebai 9. Santa's Storage Unit by antp 10. Reindeer Barn by 6kyubi6 11. Winter Fun Fair by jaredchan 12. Lighthouse by Rustony 13. Nativity Scene in the Winter Village Public Park by parsom 14. Removed–this entry was disqualified as it was posted elsewhere before being entered into the contest. If you voted for this creation, please follow the instructions in this post. Thank you. 15. Food Mall by monkey_roo 16. Woodworker's Shop by Leopold 17. Santa's HotChoc&Cake Train by Gabor 18. Conservatory, Florist and Garland Shoppe by ShaydDeGrai 19. Elf House by boxyman123 20. The Little Cottage by nucleon 21. Santa's Garage and Stable by Ozp 22. Dance Hall by Emma 23. Sweet Shoppe by CM4Sci 24. The Barn House by Kristel 25. Cheers & Beers by soundwave_sw 26. Uni-Kitty is com-ing, to Town by Cara 27. The Elves' Bakery by Bayou 28. Ginger Bread Man House by keiththelegokid 29. "Reindeer" Games by MaineBrickFan 30. Market by tommi5 31. St. Nick's School for Elves by gazumpty 32. Jack Frost's Forge and Shoppe by JackJonespaw 33. The Water Mill by StevenV 34. North Pole Motel by eliza 35. Gingerbread Bakery by ---Vertea--- 36. Reindeer Maintenance Barn by LittleMsLaura
  11. HundredHander

    Winter Village: Kirk

    I designed this little Winter Kirk in LDD originally, but decided to build it for real. Which is when you learn that things you thought joined up in LDD don't... The brick count is slightly higher than most of the small Winter Village sets, but that's mostly down to the large number of studs used in the wall. I think the pricing would be pretty similar really. This is how it all looks in my Winter Village, set out on the kitchen table rather than the mantelpiece where it actually spends Christmas. IMG_8763.2 by HundredHander, on Flickr The Kirk is hinged, so while the back isn't open like most of the Winter Village stuff you can get in there. I think it looks better open too, less austere and more welcoming. I went with slopes rather than plates, it fits better with the medieval village buildings, and I'm not happy with the fragility of the plate roofs in the first two Winter Village sets. I have a four year old who expects to be able to play with this stuff. Kirk Front - open by HundredHander, on Flickr This is the 'set'. The kirk, a very fancy one horse open sleigh and a hovel. The children are taking alms to the poor. I've put in the soldiers as I like the church/ state tension. The rich/ poor tension should be pretty obvious, but for me it's a lot of what Christmas is about. The minifigs are: Minister for the church Two soldiers Two children Two poor people One sleigh woman. IMG_8788 by HundredHander, on Flickr And the hovel. It has a little fireplace, and though you can't really see it in this picture is built on a little rocky outcrop, where the fire is set. Hovel by HundredHander, on Flickr Kirk Front - closed by HundredHander, on Flickr Kirk Organ by HundredHander, on Flickr (croissants probably aren't right, but...)
  12. [EDIT] Finally due to a nice christmas present by flickr I was able to upload my pictures. They are now here [/EDIT] [EDIT] Did some changes. Photos will follow. I can't upload to flickr for this month any more. Until then the pictures are on Google+: Winter Village Christmas Market I will change the pics for the contest as soon as possible. [/EDIT] So, I made up something for the contest. It is not finished, yet. But I am running out of ideas at the moment - and of course bricks I hope this one will fit in the scenery. So here it is: the Winter Village Christmas Market MOC. Also I added a little game in here which is called "Where is Waldo?". Perhaps you like to find him Winter Village: Christmas Market von herrJJ auf Flickr Winter Village: Christmas Market von herrJJ auf Flickr Winter Village: Christmas Market von herrJJ auf Flickr Winter Village: Christmas Market von herrJJ auf Flickr Winter Village: Christmas Market von herrJJ auf Flickr Beside the contest relevant images, here is the link to all images. And also not relevant for the contest but just the proof of concept (it fits ): Winter Village Christmas Market von herrJJ auf Flickr Please tell me how you like it. CC always welcome