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  1. For Sale - Lego 10210 Imperial Flagship

    SOLD! Topic can be closed. @TheLegGodt: Thanks for the advice, but too late. I feel a bit sad, but I think if someone has it who can display it, it's better than me having it stored in a box in the cellar for a couple of years.
  2. Hi, I'm planning to sale my Imperial Flagship. Because I move together with my girlfriend and she's not really into Lego, I want to sell it with a heavy heart. It's 100% complete, in very good condition. Box and instructions in excellent condition. It wasn't played with, just stood on my living room's shelf. I'm located in Germany, would ship worldwide. I'd prefer Bank Transfer, because of Paypal Fees. Pictures can be seen here: Feel free to ask questions. If you are intersted in buying PM me. Cheers Sebastian
  3. Hello, World, I present my Collection LEGO Pirates

    Awesome layout. Thanks for sharing this with us. Really cool to see so many pirate sets on one big table. Fantastic!
  4. MOC: Gatling Gun

    Well done! I like it.
  5. CCCXII - Honshū Rice Terrace

    Fantastic MOC! I love everything about it. Could you please tell me what the headpiece of the Samurai is? Looks great.
  6. Treasure Island - The Attack

    Absolutely lovely! Fantastic! Love it! I always wanted to build the blockhouse scene myself. I doubt it would've turned out as good as yours has. Could you post some more pictures from different angles and ranges? Does the blockhouse has some interior?
  7. [MOC] Krusty's Skate Park

    Well, i clicked on this because of the promising title. I don't really know what to say... I lol'd hard.... Maybe one could see it as WIP. Just reduce the baseplate to 8x8 and try to improve the ramp. I actually looks more like a wall.
  8. Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme - Themes Suggestions

    Theme: Treasure Island This theme is based on the adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. Fractions: Pirate Crew of Long John Silver/ Captain Flint - These are the bad guys. Trelawney's Loyal Crew - Jim Hawkins, Captain Smollet etc. So to say the good guys. One could also include a Redcoat/ Navy Fraction Possible Sets: The Island (huge set), better if split intor several sets: The Stockade, The discovery of Ben Gunn, Digging the treasure etc. Admiral Benbow "Spy-Glass" tavern Bristol docks Ships: Hispaniola (Navy Ship?)
  9. PTC - Cara/Legonardo

    Fantastic Moc! Congratulations to both of you! Question: Where's the torso from the lad with the broom on the right (crew picture) from? Thanks.
  10. Pirates Teamwork Contest - Voting Topic

    Entry 2: 3 points Entry 4: 2 points Entry 7: 1 point All those MOCs are outstanding. Thank you!
  11. Great bunch of soldiers! Wish I'd call them mine.
  12. MOCpages find: OLD SHIP

    Fantastic looking ship. Like her cabi really much.
  13. LOTR Beneficial to Pirates?

    LOTR has some interesting torsos, which fit perfectly to pirates. The ship, well I have to take a look at it, hopefully it's not too childish, but the LOTR theme isn't like this anyway.
  14. Quest For El Dorado

    Fantastic!!! I love it. Btw: I'm in love with those black muskets. I own about 20, they look so cool.
  15. Mushroom Gathering

    Great work!