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  1. 2maxwell

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Don't need an update, but the most recent one is a pretty expensive fig these days. I just want more Dookus in circulation. Plus, the old chrome hilt doesn't fit anymore haha, but that's a minor concern.
  2. 2maxwell

    Future Star Wars Sets

    What's the likelihood that we get a new Dooku in the next few years? For such an important character it's wild to me that we haven't gotten him for 7 years.
  3. This kind of undersells it. That show was a huge critical and commercial success at the time. It was by Genndy Tartakovsky, a very famous and respected animator. Anakin's custom starfighter was super iconic. True, but I actually think that was a pretty interesting set because it's so easy to understand. I'd never seen a sandspeeder prior to the set but as soon as I saw it I was like "oh, its a snowspeeder adapted to a different environment. cool!" I thought that was a great set because it took something super iconic and changed it enough to be interesting but not enough for it to become to foreign to consumers. I assume at least, since I have no idea how it sold. Anyway, none of that changes that I don't understand why the new game isn't getting sets. I remember when The Force Unleashed came out, there was a ton of hype and fanfare surrounding it. The trailer for it is super famous and I still remember most of it. I admittedly was kind of out of the game scene when Fallen Order was announced; was the hype/marketing on a similar scale?
  4. We were never going to get 3-4 in a $15 set because Lego would be dumb to throw away money when fans have been literally begging for the chance to buy this lol.
  5. Anyone know what color Ahsoka's lightsabers are in the new AAT set? Are they trans light blue or trans medium blue like her appearance in the rebels set?
  6. 2maxwell

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Is there any reason why lego doesn't use 3L bar pieces for shoto sabers for characters like Yoda and Ahsoka? They already have it in the trans bright green and light blue colors so they might as well. Hell, I'm planning on using them for double bladed sabers myself since the 4L bars just seem too long and unwieldy in lego form.
  7. Price is in large part set by demand. The social media campaign to get the 501st BP was a bunch of fans basically getting on their hands and knees begging Lego to let them buy their product. Of course they were going to set a premium on it.
  8. Slightly confused, could people not just make their own yellow lightsabers using trans yellow bars? Or are people looking for something unique that lego hasn't made possible yet?
  9. 2maxwell

    [MOC] Pasaana Loader Skimmer with TUTORIAL

    This is awesome. It looks like it actually fits with the other one rather than being too overly complicated to be a genuine set.
  10. 2maxwell

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Lego won't miss a chance to add to their lineup of bobbleheads lol.
  11. Yeah I've seen those. I feel like that's a dangerous game to get involved in money-wise haha. Also re: Vader- count me as one of those who still feels that the current Vader helmet is a downgrade for all the reasons you'd already mentioned previously.
  12. The reality is that actual clone trooper models have a lot of black in small amounts to break up the white. Lego figures, until recently, couldn't come close. Even though clones dont wear black thongs, it looked more right from afar because it had the correct white/black balance on the whole. The new clone troopers have leg printing which helps, but they need more black sprinkled throughout to make it work. I don't see it looking right to me until clones start getting arm printing, because that's where a lot of the actual clones get their black coloring. It's part of why, to me at least, the white hips don't look as bad when the arms are colored.
  13. Is the Legends line even a well differentiated thing? According to Bricklink, there have been 4 new Legends sets since the new canon was established, but none of them carry any real "Legends" branding. The last one was the Republic Fighter Tank which was in 2017. That was 2 years after the first 3 Legends sets. I don't see that as so long ago that they'll never do it again, but it's worth considering that pretty much all of them other than the Anakin starfighter don't really contradict anything in the current canon. They're not exactly introducing new characters or anything. The fighter tank even got included in the Battlefront game making it canon again.
  14. 2maxwell

    Updating Your Minifigs

    With the new Ahsoka figure coming out, I wanted to ask about paint wearing on the headpiece. Other than just sealing the figure away in a display case, are there any good ways to prevent wear? Also, if I'm trying to get an older figure that already has wear (such as a Shaak Ti), has anyone found any good ways to convincingly replicate the original paint?
  15. For Anakin you could always hack the bottom off the mullet piece haha.