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  1. 2maxwell

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    They'd work as British rifles like I use here or any hussars. Russians (light and line) and Prussian light infantry wore green jackets, but usually as double breasted jackets rather than this style.
  2. 2maxwell

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Used the new Boutique Hotel porter torso to make a 95th rifles officer.
  3. 2maxwell

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    The teal jacket from 71735 Tournament of Elements is perfect for a Napoleonic hussar officer. Here's how I'm using it:
  4. 2maxwell

    Ideas for CMFs

    Loving these as always! The crocodile guy and the hand is a clever joke. Now that we have Aztec eagle and jaguar warriors, I'd love to see your take on a coyote warrior some day to round out the group.
  5. 2maxwell

    Imperial Eras

    My era of interest is the long 18th century, particularly 1750s through 1815.
  6. The original B1 molds were really detailed for their time and hold up perfectly well imo. They changed one of the arms, and I think that's about all they needed. The split legs would be great in theory, but with how thin they are it would likely result in very weak joints. Any attempt to match the style of skeletons would make them very wide. And frankly, I don't think they should be making any major updates that makes the two groups of figures difficult to have in the same mocs/arrays when there's so little to gain.
  7. The AAT has such bizarre that it will be a huge challenge to ever create an accurate depiction that can stay up on its own. I'm going to mod the thing heavily, but this is definitely one of those Star Wars vehicles where bickering over dimensions seems silly. For me, this is the correct scale for play, and that's what matters.
  8. Seeing the reviews for that set was pretty disappointing. With its size i knew there wouldnt be a lot of usable space inside, but jeez. Having just the jail cell inside is such a rip off.
  9. 2maxwell

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I wont say which figure exactly, but someone bought out almost every US Bricklink store of a certain Star Wars figure (that was going for ~$20 new over the last 6 months) and now has 6 of them listed for almost 4x that price. They are now the lowest priced seller of that complete figure in the US. The scalpers are getting out of hand man.
  10. A mini Falcon would take up a huge amount of the piece count. I doubt we'd get that.
  11. What exactly do you feel is Lego's job? They're not providing you a service, where you can say the service has been poor. They provide a product. They can't provide every possible product for everyone that demands it, but they do have the next best thing: a product that is intended to serve as the building blocks for whatever you want to make. They've already done their job in that respect.
  12. The reason is that the original TIE fighters in ANH were only the grey they were due to the technological constraints of green screens at the time. In the later movies, the color was updated to be a light bluish gray. The lego designers were working off assets from the later movie and interpreted the color as being blue, especially in comparison to the much less blue gray they had at their disposal at the time. Although they recognized their error eventually, I think most of the original TIE fighter variants were done in that color scheme to maintain continuity before they eventually switched over to bluish gray for all TIEs.
  13. Even as an OT fan, I think the Lucrehulk is actually much more iconic and recognizable than the TIE bomber.
  14. What's the likelihood that a new UCS quality version of Greedo tanks the cost of the original Greedo with arm printing? I have the original and I've been considering selling it for a while now.
  15. Thanks for this. I'm really frustrated with that big black section in the center. Based on your picture it looks like the section not including the outcropping that supports the cannon is 4 deep, 2 wide, and 3 tall. Really wish something could be done with that space, but options look limited based on what I'm seeing so far.