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  1. Ullum Zurt

    Mercedes AMG GT3

    I create decals using the following method: 1. Print using a colour-laser printer on standard 70/80gsm paper. 2. Cover decal with clear packing tape, ensure no bubbles 3. Cut out decals 4. Soak cut-out decals in a basin of cool water until paper dissolves, or is soft enough to be rubbed out with your fingers 5. The decal should have transferred to the clear tape, and can be applied to the tile/panel.
  2. Great choice of scale, good amount of functionality and detail without being un-necessarily big or heavy. And despite requiring a lot of effort to design, build and make instructions for, kudos for releasing them for free. There are some on Rebrickble who think their highly repetitive MOCs are good enough to be considered "Premium" just because their artificially-boosted view counts consistently puts them on the 1st page of "Hottest MOCs". I will definitely be building this once I accumulate sufficient matching panels. Thank you!
  3. That's very good crawling performance even in high gear! I really need to learn how to build a 2-speed gearbox for my crawler.
  4. This is really cool. I love crawlers, and your thought processes in designing this were good to read through. What is the final gear ratio at the wheels?
  5. Ullum Zurt

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    Since TLG's been on a Batman's vehicle run recently, a Technic one would have meant functional steering (and possibly suspension)!!
  6. Good to see something different (superhero vehicle), but can not see why this has to beTechnic (light brick not-withstanding).
  7. Very well said. It is no different to a certain ex-president's insensitive references to the source of a particular virus.
  8. Ullum Zurt

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    I'm wishing the telehandler comes equipped like the Ideas set: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/a1fd723d-9a32-4500-b720-d5270ccf89d1 I would buy this in a heartbeat.
  9. Ullum Zurt

    Buwizz power limit

    Thank you!
  10. Ullum Zurt

    Buwizz power limit

    While really OT for this thread, what about Cada Pro servos? Do the Cada Pro L.motors trip on ludicrous mode with minimum/no load or only under moderate/heavy load?
  11. I look forward to your review of this C-model. In-fact, there should be more reviews of alt models.
  12. Ullum Zurt

    Buwizz power limit

    Apologies for digging up an old thread. I'm looking to build a small buggy, powered by Buwizz 2.0, with 2 L motors, and hoping to run in ludicrous mode. I will need to procure the motors though. Would it have to be PF motors so that the power cut-off is not hit, or can I go with cheaper MouldKing or Cada high-speed versions? Thanks!
  13. Wow! Now this is worth getting 42129.
  14. Ullum Zurt

    RC Motocross Bike

    Understand the rigid hose is to protect the motor, gears, chain when it topples. Would a 1L shorter hose on each side make any perceptible difference?
  15. Ullum Zurt

    RC Motocross Bike

    I've got a stash of PF servos sealed, so I'm good for now. Will look into getting the XL motor and other missing parts. Thank you!