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  1. I've built this set in the last few weeks and on features, construction and aesthetics this set is far superior to any 1:8 car I've built to date (even many of the awesome MOCs out there that I have built). I was a little worried for the fragility of this set, after building your awesome Centenario, but the LaFerrari is really sturdy when finished. One minor thing I've changed is replacing the CADA gearbox parts with Lego wave selectors, since the orange CADA parts make aweful 'screeching' noises when driving the car. Thank you T-Lego for creating this impressive MOC en giving us the opportunity to build it! 10 out of 10 for me... the best brick build set of the year for me 👍🏻 (Here is me hoping you, Bruno, etc keep making awesome mocs so my collection can keep growing 😁)