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  1. i love excavators and this one is amazing!
  2. getting 4 wheel drive into such a small space is really impressive
  3. A_Dilophosaurus

    [ MOC ] Jurassic World Raptor Transport

    Very cool design andi love the little turret
  4. A_Dilophosaurus

    42121 MOD Grabber Claw

    This is very cool! The bucket not functioning well is my one complaint about 42121
  5. Very nice! Are you planning on creating instructions for it?
  6. I have created a modified version of the 8264 Hauler that is full RC and wanted to share it here It retains most of the features of the original, with added Power Functions components Driving: L Motor Steering: L Motor Dumping: M Motor Plus 2 IR recievers and a battery box Video:
  7. I can only think of one, but I got the 8264 Hauler for $55 recently, not sealed but 100% complete and in great condition