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  1. Homersapien

    [TC18] BMW M1 E26

    WIP chasis now made the front suspension as easy I could, I need 2 5L links to finish the steering. Back suspension is not finish, dont know yet if it will work as I want. Needs a body :). Car is scale down to match the real model, I use the 15W as reference so I got a 21 stud wheelbase and 35 stud total lenght. It's not much yet but it's a start . Be back soon with some body work. Stay safe, stay MOCing.
  2. Homersapien

    [TC18] BMW M1 E26

    Hello EB people! This is my first Eurobricks contest. I want to make the M1 E26 Procar BMW car. Will post WIP chasis soon. Hope you like my choice.
  3. box dimensions, but I see that you set them since I entered today. well go go go :D
  4. yuhu, a little car contest, best for first EB competition for me. Hurry up with all details :D
  5. Homersapien

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Yeah, that metallic green is fantastic. Too bad but at least there will be new parts in olive green and some golden rims?
  6. Homersapien

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    Now I'm curios who is the eldest on EuroBricks :D
  7. Homersapien

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    I'm 36 :). many Lego to us :D
  8. 23 : 10 3 : 6 4 : 4 10 : 3 9 : 2 25 : 1
  9. Homersapien

    [TC17] Destroyer

    very detailed, will vote you :D
  10. 2 kg seems a lot, what general dimensions does it have?
  11. Homersapien

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    this one is a beast but the classic will be probably, It appeals to older AFOL, this beast will only attract teenagers.
  12. Homersapien

    Wire Mesh Machine

    do you have a photo of final product, can't say I see it in the clip. Great work anyhow. How much time it took to design?
  13. very strong steering, total weight?
  14. Homersapien

    [MOC] RC Merkava IV tank

    very nice details. how long did it take?