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  1. V-2929

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Firestar's Aurra Sing and Ahsoka heads (the focus is a little off on Ahsoka; the print is more crisp than it looks here). And, yeah, I have no issue at all with how Aurra's hair looks from that angle, but I do still dislike it viewed from the side or behind. Oh well.
  2. V-2929

    Updating Your Minifigs

    It's how it looks from the side and the back that has always bugged me more than from the front. If there was a piece that became less bulky (though admittedly that may be a issue when it comes to strength of the piece, given the shape, and making it tough enough to not break through play) as it neared the end I'd be happier with how it looks. I'd tried adding an open stud previously, and it just ends up looking worse unfortunately. Thanks though. Maybe the original head exacerbates the issue, and the hair will look better once it's on the non-Clone Wars head.
  3. V-2929

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Now that Firestar have a non-Clone Wars head for Aurra Sing, has anyone found a good hair piece, official or custom, for her that doesn't look as cartoony as the hair that comes with the minifig? Doesn't actually have to be a piece intended as hair, if there's plume or similar that looks convincing.
  4. The Void, from season 5 of Clone Wars: R2, a new pit droid build for WAC-47 and 200 white plates (no tiles, so it just builds up to be two layers of plates with their studs visible). UCS version to follow, adding the other three astromechs and General Gascon - a similar size to the Palpatine hologram piece, so he can be stuck onto M5-BZ's head - and 2,000 white plates and tiles.