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  1. another nice example of the NHOSAS class* *Never Heard Of Such A Ship
  2. Nice lines and smooth curves, almost without any gaps.Really well done -I like it even I don't know either the game or the ship itself.
  3. Mr Ogel

    [TC20] Red Forklift - 8835 studless

    yep, a beautiful studless version. Axles are a nice alternative to blocky liftarms. Anyway there were reasons why they introduced the technic forks - simply they look the best
  4. a hard question actually. First point is that you used also grilled tiles instead of normal tiles, this makes already two different versions. I would take them all as different versions as the colors are different with a reasoning behind and other differences in the ships are lost with the scale...But in the end it is your decision. If I think of other small builds with different colors to represent different themes this would justify the 16. Nice new builds btw and two more ships I don't know, easy to explain since I don't play and know the games.
  5. pictures ofthe buckshot you can find on Twiiter by Phil Szostak: but as you said it is more a concept ship - should have done it for the contest so...
  6. oh, that's life! But the ETA class was worth it - nice greeblings on the side and a perfect rendition. Also a splendid idea to insert it into the original picture! Other ideas: Moomo Williwaw or the Buckshot from Solo
  7. funny, had the same idea
  8. that's 70. That's all very cool. Beside the UCS ships or minifig scale ships I also like the mini or micro versions, here especially no 1, the defender class light corvette. Are you presenting them all also built? They don't need so much space as big ones but still would need to be presented well.
  9. Mr Ogel

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    Congrats to you for going this long way with all obstacles! I also need another time slot to post a proper answer to that huge challenge.
  10. Mr Ogel

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    These are not the bricks you are looking for.... (moving my hand) You can upload the inventory to rebrickable too - there you will get long lists of not working issues but you should of course copy the error log immediately and then you will most probably also find your brick. Sorrily a meditation group of younglings with Yoda cannot help here, too.
  11. Mr Ogel

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    this week my five bags with the letters came. A full alphabet of 35 dots in every bag as expected. ...36 dots and MINESTROLA is double
  12. And of course you should check out BnP from Lego itself - there are especially for lighter and new parts or fo rhigher quantities better prices than on BL e.g.
  13. I would not rely on any algorithm on such sites like bricklink or rebrickable. Prices on rebrickable are higher than you can get them on BL. As you have the more expensive pieces I would not be afraid. When you have finished searching in your inventory I would start buying the more expensive ones and to check what the sellers are offering and then the pieces with higher quantities. When you use autobuy or something like this most probably you still have to split it to more orders and also you will have most probably higher costs. For me checking out the cheaper orders is part of the game and will also allow you to spend your money for other projects, too (or other something useful like flowers for the partner)
  14. Mr Ogel

    [MOC] Galaxy Explorer SDR-926

    (Neo-) Classic Space is cool and this ship too
  15. Mr Ogel


    Hi Meatcan, thanks a lot - new link worked after some cookie preps. I like the droid but sorrily will not make it this year. But at some time it will be a good friend of R2_D2 standing here