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  1. Mr Ogel

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    a new part for replacement of 4215b Panel hast just arrived from 71374 NES
  2. Mr Ogel

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Hi Christian, here are my comments to the pdf instructions, as you wished also with page numbers and step numbers if needed. For other topics please check page 6 and 7 of the thread, the hints from brickmarlin. Also the motor for the conveyor belt is missing. Some points were too easy to fix during build, others were not easy and will be most probably also not easy to fix in the instructions.. It was really a pleasure to build it. I still have to fix some panels on th ehullwhich are lying in a box, desperately waiting to get in operation. p.21. 11: free hanging pieces, fixed with next page p.33, 8;p.57, 8;p.61, 8: free hanging pieces, fixed with next page p.28, 16;p.42, 16;p.52, 16;p.70, 16;p.75, 16: free standing pieces, fixed with next step Technic bricks on pins and between plates at same time: p.83, 2,3; p.83,4; p.84, 4/6 etc. repeated action for whole base also p.217, 136 etc.: plates to put between technick bricks p.88, 17: technic bricks coming on p.106, 36 p.96, 26: bricks, liftarm in between comes with front door on page 426 p.112, 12: free hanging pieces, fixed with next page p.126, 45: technic bricks to build in afterwards p.183, 102: start of putting inverted slopes between bricks, whole front like this until p.215 p.271, 189: bricks came too late p.301, 8: wegde plates too late p.305, 17: round bricks too late p.308, 7: free hanging plate p.311, p.312 2,3: round bricks too late p.351, p.356 technic brick between pins and bricks p.353, 7 free hanging bricks p.354, 12 technic brick between pins and bricks p.352, p.358 actuator put too late on axle p.374 red technic brick coming too late p.381, 382 plate with hole and plate too early p.408, p.409 actuator to put on pin between bricks p.502, p.562, p.573 walls to put between hinge bricks p.539, hinges to be put between plate and tiles, fixed on page 559, tiles too early p.575, black tile and wedges not fitting with grilled tile on bottom greetings, Martin
  3. Mr Ogel

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Hi all, I want to mention that new pieces from 75275 A-Wing and from the Monkey Kid sets are now available on B&P So I had to order the trans-yellow 6x6 dishes and trans windscreens and some other stuff. Also the modified head "pig" was available but I had to shorten my order this time - it was getting too long again...
  4. Mr Ogel

    Exxon Version of 6371

    Sebastian from1000steine did a rebuild of the station, you can see here the pictures.
  5. could be the lower Yavin helmet with blue rebel logo and some more signs on the side asfar as I can remember
  6. Supremacy? Please in minifig scale
  7. actually I din't notice the specail figure - the remarkable one was the snowman with the printed helmet. And flgship? If you think of the Assault Walker or Star Destroyer from last year then I would not treat the Sandcrwaler as such one. Okay, both of them were also not shown last year, so there is still the new Millenium Falcon from the new movie.
  8. Hello everybody, actually this is my first post on Eurobricks - happy to join! So yesterday I attended the Toy Fair in N├╝rnberg (Nuremberg) and would like to share my impressions. Altogether you could see 7 new sets but none of the Han Solo film. First the advent calendar showed one Guavian Soldier and one blue rebel pilot, quite nice. There was also Rose and Rowan, a snowman with a rebelpilot helm and some printing. Next was Yoda's hut (nice build) with Luke, Yoda (similar to sw707) and R2-D2. The droid is very nice with dirt pattern on the body. The guy at the table told me that you cannot wash it off because the dirt pattern is printed...okay, I agreed Anakins starfighter was similar to 7669. The X-wing was similar to 9493, also with two pilots and two droids - especially there was one fully in flat silver or dark bluish grey which reminded me of the price of the Lego website Snoke's throne room had a nice emperor's seat, some wall elements and 5 figures. Snoke himself, Rey, Kylo and two identical guards but with different weapons. The guards in red had a pretty nice helmet, new molded arms and finally not minifigure legs and also not the usual slope but a new slope with rounded back side so it resembled more a falling cape. Slope and body were also printed. They were really close to the original design. On first sight they looked quite strange - the reason I could see on the turntable with the figures which showed that the slope was mounted wrong way at the displayed set...and of course the figs are glued so no possibility to correct it. Next was the sandcrawler which was a neatly shrinked copy of the last UCS sandcrawler. It has some nice play features, steering and a nice cockpit. Two Jawas, Luke, and three other droids were completing the set. One was a white astromech with yellow head, the other two were if I remember correct color modified RA-7 and a 2-1B, all of them pretty nice. Last one was Darth Maul as a Buildable Figure but since I am not into them I didn't looked closer but but the figure made a good impression. So in the end I missed some kind of flagship and I would give 4 stars of five for the whole bunch.