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  1. Lazertron

    2018 Lego Trains

    Huge thanks @retrotecchie for doing such great and rewarding work for the community. On a side note, new freight train set 60198 is classified 'rare' (selten) in the new German LEGO fall catalogue, whatever this may mean (60197 is not).
  2. Lazertron

    Trains from pavlo.

    Very nice, Nemo. Thanks for posting the lxf
  3. Lazertron

    9V tracks smell of cigarettes

    Holy smokes Must have been a steamer doing its rounds. Jokes aside - thanks for the tipp, JopieK
  4. Lazertron

    Trains from pavlo.

    Many thanks, Nemo. Of course none of them will be used for commercial purposes
  5. Lazertron

    Trains from pavlo.

    Huge thanks for the ldd files and many greetings to gifted Pavlo for his great work. Please keep them coming. I would love to look into the ldd files of the VL 80.
  6. Lazertron

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    Plenty to build :) I acquired in a moment of sheer madness: U-Bahn Silberpfeil 2 WLB Cargolock (built) Oldtimer Strassenbahn 2 (built) Wartehaus (built) Straßenbahn 3 (built) Straßenbahn Waggon 2 (built) Flachwaggon (built) U6 U-Bahn Vienna Ringtram some minifigs
  7. Lazertron

    My new MOC Tramways, page 2.

    Great stuff! These all look fantastic and the first two tram generations from Linz, Austria also are pictured! If you ever sell the building plans or the complete models from any of these, please let me know.
  8. Lazertron

    Which one looks best ?

    I would go for the left one. Nice MOC BTW.
  9. Lazertron

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    Ah, can't send more PMs today as I'm a forum newbie. Pelzer117 and me discussed meeting at Burgerista in 4040 anytime soon, of course close to the Umkehrschleife of Tram Line #1. You're invited BTW, is it off-topic to ask which other models you guys acquired from DerKlassiker?
  10. Lazertron

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    Would be nice to have a meeting at 1er Umkehrschleife in Dornach (Burgerista) or 3er Umkehrschleife (Mühlkreisbahnhof - is there a pub close by?) nonetheless to talk LEGO trains and DerKlassiker specifically
  11. Lazertron

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    ... or even better: @legotownlinz is so kind to modify our needed bricks at a local Linzer Train meeting for a Seidel or two
  12. Lazertron

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    Thanks for your valued insights, Legotownlinz. I built this model just a few days ago and haven't had the chance to test it on the tracks yet, which would have given me quite a surprise. I will also have to find a 'LEGO Solution' before making the test run. And also greetings from Linz ;)
  13. Lazertron

    [MOC] Intercity Rheingold

    Nice one, backed on Ideas
  14. Very nice build video - many thanks for that