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  1. While I initially had no opposition to the "catch up" licence I see it setting a bad precedence for us. Now while the rules were created with the idea to get good quality builds instead of 4 quick mediocre ones (which I've never seen anything mediocre from Elostirion ) I think in at same hand this could jeopardize the "overnight settlement" (sure not this particular time as they are spread out) Who's to say that this sudden licensing doesn't bump four startup hamlets to towns overnight thus making the trade values jump drastically to the ports the factions ships "were already sailing to next turn" I know there's alot of speculation and hypotheticality (new word!lol) but I think the 3 rule should apply here... As it's been said challenges don't count towards this limit so I think in a matter of a couple months you could be caught up. It may be worth looking into a temporary 4 builds licenced allowance (case by case). Just my thoughts
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    This is very convincing as a gingerbread train... You make me want to have my own now lol!
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    Ballabreek 2018

    I had bought multiples of this set for parts and figs and used the turntables with the batman records and the cmf scientist with the batman shirt under her lab coat with one of the crazy friends hair pieces and "DJ Mad Scientist" rocked out the monster bash in my Lugs Halloween section at BrickWorld this year. it's blurry as its zoomed from the entire layout lol should have taken individual pictures. But I really enjoyed reading through this... It's neat the way you evolve the city with current sets.... I really love the way you used the balloon man and the cop! Your stories are really what take it to the next level. And it was nice to bring back memories... I used to set up a town this sized in the living room for a weekend as a kid (everything had to be put away on shelves)
  4. Thanks... If anything I think I would make her longer. By spreading out gun ports 1 stud each I think would solve this. However LDD is not liking the file anymore... Perhaps it's all the flex tubes and hinges (200) so I won't be working with this one anytime soon unless I upgrade laptops lol. I was barely able to finish the bowsprit and masts it was starting to not like simple rotations of bricks. I wish I was able to get one more render looking down the hull as she does have tumblehome
  5. The victory was a heavy influence in this even though she's pushing for the extent of our game system I thought she was tall as well but when you see her next to other ships (I grabbed Rahabs Gambit and put them next to each other) 92 gun ports aboard lol 44 broadside lol It was neat building her. There's things I would change and do differently next time. By the time I finished the yard arms LDD was crashing lol Well If hundreds of men aboard qualifies lol... Maybe we just drydock her and call it an apartment complex lol.
  6. So I want to thank you for sharing... This picture inspired a "small" SotL I've never built a waterline model before so that was new to me. I used about three different vessels to come up with the design. Two British one French from early 1700 to late 1700 . I gotta say this really pushed me to try new techniques and some I will use on other ships. She is 7852 bricks (with only partially interior. @bregir (or anyone on the licensing committee) What class would this fall under?
  7. @Ayrlego thanks! I will definitely use this in the future! I notice now that you mixed the old style flower with new... And I would have never guessed that the small leaf is the base to it all lol.
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    Coming soon, a whole fleet of ES44's

    Seems a good fit to me!
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Bricktuga Soldier Fort

    Do I see a bobs build in that fort? The layout is well done good job to all involved!
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    [ESL FB] Levanta, Jungles near Myzectlan

    Another great build! I too am curious is this based on an actual discovery? If so can you link it I would love to read more
  11. Great build really captured this well!
  12. @Mesabi thanks a Merry Christmas to you too son!
  13. Two nefarious sea Captains were caught in conference in Tortuga recently. Captain Larvey was seen examining letters from a what our source confirmed were signed by "The Phoenix" Larvey was overheard telling the Captain of LaPetunia " Aye if these be true mate we will be needing to procure more vessels" to which the response was "Aye they be true there already be a large fleet sailing south as we speak all on special mission from the Phoenix himself" Ooc: this serves to raise ship limits. Comments and Criticism welcomed!
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Das Rathskeller Letters.

    Lol admittedly None of these were "rendered" they are just screenshots from LDD. I was having trouble with bluerender... Had to uninstall and reinstall... Seems to be working now. But to give you an idea... It would not render LaPetunia and now it renders the Jilted Maiden rather quickly. As far as the build... The link Thaum provided will show you the full "bar" it was licenced as a large artisan. But this little corner booth fit perfectly for a ship limit increase lol. I built the bar with 12 sections that can be removed for better "photos". I'm building the ground level currently and most likely a second floor eventually
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] The Jilted Maiden

    Thanks! Man! Thanks Boss... Lol And if your trying to undermine powerful ships you really won't like the one I'm working on currently... I'm at 5500 bricks and counting lol Don't know if she'll make it to BoBs as she' was commissioned 1745
  16. After building Rahab's Gambit I rather liked the style and basic structure of the ship so I built a second this one is longer but still retains many similar features to each other. It would take a skilled watchman to tell the difference on the Horizon. But none thee less I've redesigned the cannon slides for the lower deck and if you open the hatches you can access the lower decks (they are functional). I struggled with how to paint and a figurehead on this until a few days ago. I wish I would have taken a WIP shot as it was a rainbow for a while. I've worked in some interesting features as well like the slopped doors off the weather deck and the posable sails. None the less here is the ship: I added some crew and the cannons and a couple other details I had forgotten after initial renders. Comments and Criticism welcomed!
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB - Dec 618] Ho - Ho - Ho

    Haha clever... You should submit it in the Santa challenge in the town thread! I will remember the use of the technic ski poles!
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Motorised tiny narrow gauge trains

    @scruffulous This is amazing intuition. I do have some questions about the implementation... If you don't want to give all your secrets away publicly I would love to pic your brain in a pm? -I'm assuming this is all built on a smooth bottom baseplate? Does the magnet need to "ride on" the bottom of the scene or is it just sheer magnetic pull? - I'm also assuming the "height" of the lower system is to allow for the PF components. Could this be shortened if using 9V. Would that effect the motor/magnets? - what's the "fastest" you can go without the cars separating top from bottom. I really want to animate a police chase in our club layout after seeing this. - how well does it handle uneven track? ... This is a constant struggle with the shows we do as you can only level folding tables so much lol.
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR Dec FB4] Watchtower on Lake Myzec

    The civilized culture is coming along nicely...
  20. I love that you chose to situate this on a rolling hillside... Really would love a tutorial on your bushes!
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    [OL MCRA Results] Oleon's Response

    I really loved the lawn chess... Makes a good story add on. I am curious to see this unfold. Loved the overall build!
  22. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] The Jilted Maiden

    Many thanks! Im really liking this the more I look at it too lol! The sails... I need to come up with a better solution but so far this is where I'm at with them lol. I got rather used to just being able to cut sails to fit lol. This woman is on a war path lol liquored up and pissed off lol a frying pan would do her no justice lol. You checked out my stern... Lol Glad you like her... I had fun creating her! Thanks! Hopefully just as intimidating on the brick seas! And don't worry I won't tell anyone you like blue instead of red lol
  23. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] The Jilted Maiden

    @Professor ThaumI have 5 days off it just may grow some more! Lol. Kings of Lords it is!
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] The Jilted Maiden

    Well so far I don't have Capt Wolfs luck with keeping ships afloat... But It will take more than a skiff with a couple pea shooters to take her down... Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned! Shes named Jilted Maiden for a reason as she's a force to be avoided.
  25. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] LaPetunia

    A fast and maneuverable little skiff she is ain't she? The Captain swigged another swallow of Bru-Haha seemingly talking to himself. Meanwhile the crew was busy running drills on the new guns they just acquired at rock bottom prices from a friendly pair of smugglers in a rowboat. She even got a lovely stern doesn't she boys? Again it seemed the Captain was talking to anyone who would listen. Captain seemingly drunk: Oh she's a lovely little Petunia with a pirate crew... With a Pirate Crew... With a Pirate Crew... Oh she's a lovely little Petunia ... With a Pirate Crew ... Oh won't yee come and sail with Meeeee! OoC: this ship will be featured in a later build comments and criticism welcomed!