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  1. Happened to me too. Got them the week before Christmas after they got restocked
  2. When is the DJ polybag going to be available?
  3. It appears the astromech in the X wing finally sits the correct way. This looks like it could be the best system scale X wing to date even just by looking at the crappy picture.
  4. Ski speeder looks great, will definitely get the set for it and the minifigs as well as the pieces of the extra builds
  5. Can I also have the pictures in a DM?
  6. I second this. He's playing it too safe with his descriptions
  7. Where can one find said pictures?
  8. Just post it on r/legoleaks
  9. Can someone put the pictures on a certain subreddit?
  10. 2018 Creator Sets

    Any ideas of a rumoured Modular building in the 150 euro range for 2018