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  1. wildly

    Gigantic Christmas Village

    Incredible display, I love the overall look and feel of the town. Does the holiday train really fit the theme and design (colors) of the rest of the town?
  2. wildly

    Expanding Winter Village Happening this year?

    Thanks for the tip. The earlier contests really look interesting and inspiring.
  3. wildly

    Expanding Winter Village Happening this year?

    I am new to Lego (as an AFOL) this year, could someone explain the contest to me. I cannot find the previous contest entries on the forum anymore. Was it a competition to see how you could creatively incorporate a 'normal' lego set into a winter village, or was it more on creatively expanding a winter village, for instance with your own lego creations? I have noticed this year how addicting lego and specifically winter village can be. I spend quite a bit of money to get my winter village into shape for this Christmas holiday and I really enjoy seeing creations from others on the forum for inspiration.