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Found 5 results

  1. Not for LEGO purists, contains modified LEGO parts. It has been a wonderful struggle, but it paid off: a super fast, relatively stable LEGO RC Boat, driven by a brushless elektromotor and two, counterclockwise turning propellors! No torque-roll anymore, almost no porposing (thanks to the trim tabs), direct steering and great fun! To get the balance right and to get the boat planning at higher speed was a challenge. But it works! The wet area can be reduced to a minimum, at high speed the boat is almost complete on top of the water (downside: hardly any control left :(( ). Based on a 54799 LEGO Hull with a few additions: - 3D printed stuffing tube to cater for an in-board, brushless motor (10 mm tube stuffed with LEGO parts to make it waterproof) - A gearbox to convert the motor output into two counterclockwise turning axles - A 2x2 3D printed LEGO brick to make the steering arm waterproof - And al the 2.4GHz RC parts: ESC, servo, battery pack, receiver Please have a look at the video and let me know your comments.
  2. Hi folks, This is not for purists. Contains modified and non-LEGO parts. My urge to build a super fast LEGO RC Car often stopped at the stage where the body needed to be build. Seeing all the great designs on forums like this, it somewhat discouraged me building my own. Besides the fact that these bodies come with some weight and will not hold a crash a higher speeds, I had to come up with something else. As a result of an earlier project (building a fast LEGO boat) a had some damaged LEGO Hulls (54779). Since a car body works basically the same as boat hull (but 180 degrees rotated), I thought I'd give it a try. Have a look at the result in the YT video. It works fine. Gives strength to the car, the aerodynamics work well for good driving stability and it is not that ugly :) Called it The LBOW (Lego Boat On Wheels). Included standard RC components: ESC, brushless motor, 3s Lipo battery, digital steering servo and .... a Gyro. Resulted in a very fast RC Car. Theoretically this should be able to reach 100 km/h. Speed test will follow (need to find a good track first). For those trying to do similar things, I'd strongly recommend to add the Gyroscope to your car. It prevents the car from breaking out at higher speeds. Very useful.
  3. Hi folks, Most LEGO boats have out-board motors. Not very elegant, not very fast. I felt a strong urge to find out if in-board was possible. And, if the LEGO hulls could handle some speed. Although it did require a 3D-printed part (a so called stuffing tube), it worked out well. Built in some 2.4GHz RC components to make sure the boat could be controlled from a distance. And included a modest brushed elektromotor. Please have a look at the result hereunder. Leave a comment if you wish to see more details. Happy to share. Currently working on a optimized version: The prop behind the boat, not under the boat. Less resistance, more speed, more control.
  4. For some time I'm working on a 2.4GHz RC controlled LEGO car. Trying to create maximum speed with a LEGO-based car using standard RC-components (sorry, not for purists). To make this work, I introduced some rules. The car must be build using LEGO parts, except for the battery, motor, speed control, steering-servo, remote-control and receiver (and optionally a car-body). Fully agree with comments regarding LEGO not being able to match RC-performance. But, nevertheless, I enjoy pushing the limits to see what speed can be achieved using (mainly) LEGO. It has been a great journey. Lots interesting problems to solve: reducing wear-out, maximizing traction, optimize direct steering, increasing control with suspension, etc. Happy to share the results so far. Haven't done a proper speed check, but some rough calculations show a speed above 50+ km/h. Please check the video: LEGO RC Car video. LDD available on request. Open for comments, suggestions, improvements.
  5. Hey all, I finished building my 2.4GHz circuit board for controlling Power Functions motors and servos with a hobby RC transmitter. It turned out as well as I hoped, giving full proportial speed control, all 7 servo positions on either side of 0 degrees, and the servo snaps back to center, just like you would expect it to when you let go of the steering wheel. You can drive two motors, or two servos, or one of each. It fits in a 4x6 stud area, 3 bricks tall. If I used a shorter voltage regulator I could have gotten it down to 2 bricks tall, so not much bigger than the IR receiver. I posted my bill of materials, the PCB etching art, and the microcontroller program on my blog so that anybody with basic electronics skills can build their own. There's also pictures of the process and a video of the final product. Here's the link: http://brianzawesome...ions-radio.html I have wanted to have radio controlled LEGO cars since I was a little kid, and now I can. I have also wanted to document a project on the internet for a while too, so I'm pretty pumped on both counts. Brian Z