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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I was so impressed by Elon Musk's presentation of Tesla's brand new pickup, that I immediately have made a Lego recreation of CyberTruck! Here it is: It is full RC. 2XL for driving and a lot of other motors for functions. These propellers were the only possibilty to make smth like the original hexagonal wheelcaps. Interrior is filled with wires, but I tried to recreate some important parts like: -Big screen -Foldable third front seat -White dashboard -Wierd steering wheel Tailgate is made out of two parts. One tilts back down and another slides down for a Tesla Quad to get inside easier. Suspention is ajustable via 2L motors one for each axle. All doors can be opened with a help of a big amount of levers and gearworms. Video is here and I recommend you to watch it: Thanks for watching!
  2. Babo

    Lego Tesla Cybertruck moc

    Hello. This is my newest moc, Lego Tesla Cybertruck.
  3. Hello, this is my new creation. I submitted it to LEGO ideas, and I really appreciate your support if you like it! Support me here and help me reaching 10 000 supporters. I'd be really grateful to you :) Thanks a lot Nikola Tesla (my favorite): Leonardo da Vinci: Albert Einstein: Please support me to make it an official LEGO set. Thank you :)
  4. G'Day everyone, I'm Avanish Shrestha from Australia, currently at uni. It hasn't been too long since I started sharing some creations with the Lego community—but here's the first one from 2018, a Tesla Roadster, previewed at an event in November 2017. I hope you enjoy! Franz von Holzhausen—Chief Designer. Credits to Rolands Kirpis for the door hinge design.


    This is a forum that AFOL and of course Tesla fans, can share their MOCs. Also to join the forum, apply by reading the “Rules” set such but to a few like No profanity, no “arguments” of who’s better e.g) Toyota or Tesla, Chevy Volt or Audi Etron etc. ) Please ONLY upload links to Tesla builds or related things. This is a forum LEGO fans can also meet Tesla fans and build them. Please write this introduction C&P if you want just fill out blanks. “ My favorite ELECTRIC car = Favorite GAS car =. Do you own a hybrid or electric car? = “ Thank you. TESLA IS THE FUTURE
  6. Hello, This is a thread in which TESLA IS THE FUTURE and I are/will discuss progress on a collaborative project for LEGO IDEAS. I'm fine with anyone reading it (and posting suggestions would be appreciated!), but please do not take our Ideas and use them for yourself unless we allow it. Thanks!
  7. Here's my entry model for the TC13 competition: It was inspired by the real life Tesla roadster 2 both aesthetically and mechanically. The model uses 3 pullback motors in the following configuration: As you can see the rear two pullback motors power the wheel directly for best possible acceleration. BUT the front pullback motor is geared up. This additonal gearing gives the model a higher top speed and a greater range, which is a technique I have yet to see on any other pullback cars. Around 30 panels were used to give the car it's very smooth, organic shape. Notice the small yellow rubber band used to keep the front part tightly together: There is enough room in the back of the cabin to fit two or three small human beings: The rear boasts a difusor and a small spoiler in the back, just like the real thing: While this is one of my smalles models to date, I am very pleased with how it turned out. The shapes are very smooth and organic and the fact the car drives mere milimeters above ground, give it a very sporty feeling. Video coming as soon as I find enough space to run it
  8. Hello to all LEGO fans. Today I am presenting you the future of racing cars of 24 hours Lemans. TESLA concept race car. It is driven by 2 electric Buggy motors.Power suply is via freshly charged batteries. ( our future i think) It has a concept steering mechanisem for better driving propertis. It is a concept from Tesla and Michelin group. Its called Das koncept. The whole car inspired me to make someting like the real concept of Tesla T1.But not in the shape, only the steerin system. ( it is ugly ) So i decided to make my own version of the body shape and chassis. Lets see some pictures of my design: Some detailed interior with opening the cabin. Picture of the undercarriage. As you can see, nothing special. It has full independent suspension on all wheels. Rear axle is direct driven from iner output of buggy motors. Frot axle is steered via RC unit. Some dimensions: lenght: 62 studs, width: 28 studs, height:14 studs. weight is 1380 grams. Speed: I did not measure it, But for this weight and size its wery wery fast. After the shooting for the video, i was playing with this litle race monster abouth 1 hour or something. Spectacular driving. I was again a litle child. And the video. I hope you like it. Best regards, Valter
  9. Hey guys! After working on this model for more than 6 months, we finally want to show you our new Tesla Model S: Manual functions: - openable doors, trunk and frunk (front trunk) - foldable rear jumpseats RC functions controlled by 2x Buwizz brick: - RWD (8x PF l motor) - steering (1x PF servo motor) The biggest challenge was to bring the whole power to the wheels. The differential is powered from both sides and we use old style 9244a u-joints. What is your opinion about this high count of motors? Do more motors really make the model faster or do they only increase the weight and part wear?
  10. Hi everyone. As soon as I got the Buwizz I wanted to build a very powerfull, yet model powered by RC motors. At first i wanted to build a trophy truck which uses Claas's wheels, but I decided to put that project on halt, because I got a better inspiration. As everyone knows Tesla makes fully electric cars packed with all kinds of features and gadgets. I want to do the same, integrating the following features: All wheel drive with 6 RC motors (2 front and 4 in the rear) - I learned from my previous record breaking Buwizz powered RWD driven model that when it comes to braking you need front wheel drive too for motors to act as brakes. Spring supported pneumatic suspension - A combination of pneumatic and normal spring suspension which allows the ride height to be set at an optimum level to keep the drive axles as straight as possible, therebye removing any vibrations or losses Remoe controlled compressor - Using Sbrick order to adjust the suspension system of the model Detailed compact double wishbone suspension - Using the 5L suspension arms, new hubs and wheels I was able to make driven, steered suspesnion with brake calipers Working lights and blinkers - Using Sbrick I plan to make all the lights including blinkers work Motorized doors and trunk - This way I can remotely open the doors and trunk Central entertainment system - In my case I want to stick the speed computer in the center console to measure the speed of the model *Crash avodiance system - if I will be able to get an Sbrick plus and a couple of WeDo proximity sensors I can come up with an automatic steering and braking system for the model Detailed exterior and interrior - As name suggest the model is planned to be made in 1:8 scale with as much deatil as possible. And lastly performance - Since I plan to use a total of 6RC motors driving the Porshe wheels with 1:1 ratio from the outermost motor output, i expect the model even though it will be probably around 3kg heavy to perform very good. Special attention was given to the steering system in order to keep it as stiff as possible. I hope to see a top speed of 15 km/h I already started working on the front axle, I will post the picture tomorrow. Meanwhile here is the prototype made in LDD As you can see on one side of the suspension wishbones I am using a normal spring, while the other side uses a small pneumatic cylinder. Suspension geometry is set in such way the springs and cylinders end up as far away from the hub as possbile, since Porsche's wheels are just so deep. Also notice the 1x4 half width liftarms used to support the springs. I will post photographs of the WIP as I go along. Wish me luck
  11. The Story The Storm Riders once lived in one of the two moons of the Phantasy Realms world. But such a moon was consumed by a lightning storm destroying it. This is how the first drakes came to the world of Phantasy - they fled from their once peaceful home to reach to a land of turmoil and war. They first met the storm riders and shared their lightning knowledge with them and for a while they found a new home - a new place to live. Such knowledge gave the storm riders some leverage fighting the lava wizards whose quest for more land seemed insatiable. And peace settled in... Centuries later, some drakes decide to leave and explore the world, thus giving origin to the great Drake diaspora. In this path, drakes began breathing fire as a result of sometimes eating gold and drinking from lava pits. However, many drakes remained faithful to the riders. As time went by, the Storm Riders Dwarven neighbours, tired of being the only ones in Phantasy that held no special power apart from digging deep and trading expertise, decided to invest in a University to research archane powers to increase their influence. Needess to say they found no help either from the elves nor the mystical wizards - their magical secrets were not to be shared with the Iron Dwarven. So their investigation began exploring nature and if there was power to retrieve from it... and recently, they discovered the power of the spark. This began the Dwarven Industrial era. They built many machines and contraptions to help in their daily needs. But once the Iron Dwarven began applying their newfound technology on weapons and vehicles, the Storm Riders knew war was coming and they should act fast. Only one faction should control the power of the spark. Who will it be? You choose :D The set This set would portray a skirmish in the great battle for the spark. It includes two Storm Riders and a buildable dragon with wings that flap up and down and front to back, moveable tail and neck. It also includes two Dwarven Science Guild members in their steampunk tesla tank with moveable driving crank. 360º rotating cannon tower, two spring missiles and a crystal accessible from the back to power up the engine. And soon to be on ideas per friend's request :D