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  1. They're most likely knockoff or counterfeit. Knockoff must be clearly stated and is often illegal due to copyright infringement, while counterfeit or listing a knockoff as legitimate is illegal altogether.
  2. Yeah, months ago my antivirus detected multiple trojans in several of the files. The .dll files in the software appear to contain viruses; I brought this up months ago. Apparently the software creator hasn't reuploaded the file, as it still contains malware.
  3. GrahamSlam

    Next UCS Set

    Hey Eurobricks, I was just looking at the VIP poster you get at the Lego Store for Force Friday 2 when I noticed something. If you look at the sun on the poster, you can clearly see the silhouette of the bridge from an Imperial Star Destroyer. In addition, the poster shows of the UCS Falcon, so this could be hinting at another UCS ISD. Anyone agree with me? I can't attach the photo; file too large. Just look at the poster VIPS get after spending money at the Lego Store.
  4. GrahamSlam

    Rendering LXF on apple?

    Specifically, what isn't working? Does the software crash? If so, then it's your computer that's the problem.
  5. GrahamSlam


    If you want his plans, then you have to buy them. I saw your previous comments on Anio's thread asking for the LDD file. Problems with building it the way you want to: 1) It will probably crash LDD considering the piece count. 2) It will likely spark bad blood since you have to buy his plans. Chinese knockoff brands have already stolen his designs. At least get the plans the right way.
  6. GrahamSlam

    What pets do you own and what do they get up to?

    My Dachshund puppy likes to steal socks, and he waits for me to notice and then runs off to be chased. He's also extremely affectionate.
  7. GrahamSlam

    [MOC] Imperial Turbolaser Battery

    Yeah, a small turret made with more common pieces.
  8. GrahamSlam

    [MOC] Imperial Turbolaser Battery

    Please include a link for the speeder bike instructions. Also, maybe you should design a small version, like the one in the First Order Battle Pack.
  9. I brought this up before. My antivirus, Norton, still sees malware in a file from Blueprint. Some .dll file included in the .zip had malware, but Norton isn't naming it. Anyway, the download site was vulnerable to hacking, so Blueprint should be available to download elsewhere.
  10. GrahamSlam

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    My last post was deleted by someone, so I'll post again. I want to make a First Order Army as cheaply as possible. Any suggestions?
  11. GrahamSlam

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hey Eurobricks, I want to build a First Order army, but have two problems. The first of which is the cheapest way to get lots of troopers, some crew and a few officers. I don't want to buy more than three of the same set, even for battle packs. The other issue is figuring out a cool way to display them. I don't want a minifig case, just some sort of flat plate I can put many figures on. Any ideas?
  12. I just nearly got malware from the Google Drive download link...he either included the malware or the page was hacked. Either way, whoever made this needs to fix this. My antivirus detected the files and I immediately got scam ads after downloading the file- and the ads were on my Windows homescreen.
  13. Don't buy the Command Shuttle. Looks terrible and poorly designed. The U-wing is very bulky below, and is way out of proportion. I would get the Tie fighter; it's great all around.
  14. GrahamSlam

    Hoth mini-diorama

    Very nice, although it is a bit chaotic. There's a lot going on but I still like it.
  15. GrahamSlam

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    This is probably fake. You'll receive Lepin; it says unbranded. It's a scam. Can I have a link to the seller's profile?
  16. GrahamSlam

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I would definitely stay away from the U-wing, if you're only in it for the ship. It has an ugly, massively oversized troop bay in the bottom of the fighter (which can be modded to be smaller), but it just is way out of proportion. Good minifigs though. The TIE is great, but overpriced. I would go with a sandcrawler, but be careful what you pay. I wouldn't pay more than $250 for the more recent one. As far as Jabba's Palace goes, it is great. Amazing minifigs, but small model. I would either buy that, a sandcrawler, or something like UCS Slave 1 or the UCS Snowspeeder. Both are fairly recent and not yet overpriced, and they are Star Wars classics. But, go with whatever you want to buy that has both good figures and a good model.
  17. GrahamSlam

    Resistance Bomber - B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber

    I love it! I wouldn't change anything except for the engines. They look great, but there are five engines, not 3.
  18. GrahamSlam

    Webcam problems and Windows 10

    Don't buy anything until you speak to a Microsoft IT support agent. What is wrong with the webcam? When did it stop working in relation to new downloads?
  19. GrahamSlam

    Did Lego win the lawsuit?

    If you can't find real Lego, or don't like seeing scammers and the scum of Ebay, I would use search filters. Filter for brands that say specifically Lego, and Ebay will show those only. Or, if you're looking for an expensive set, set a price range in your search so you don't see the cheap knockoffs but rather only real ones that are still at good prices.
  20. GrahamSlam

    MOC: 31070 alternate Porsche

    Prova a parlare in qualche inglese. Con una comunità prevalentemente inglese, si dovrebbe cercare di parlare inglese come lo stato delle regole.
  21. GrahamSlam

    Next UCS Set

    I would love to see a Harrower Class, but it's not likely. The Resurgent Class is possible, as Lego is going to start releasing mostly TLJ sets for a while.
  22. I was hoping for a few Star Wars mini vehicles. Specifically, I was thinking of some Sequel Trilogy ships. For example, a mini Resistance troop transport. Maybe a Kylo Ren Tie Fighter in mini scale. If people want an OT collection, then maybe a Raider Class Corvette from Battlefront 2. Or even an Interdictor Class Imperial Cruiser.
  23. GrahamSlam

    Hi from Moscow! We need your support :)

    Just an FYI. Advertising is not permitted on Eurobricks. Please do not advertise anything. Look at the guidelines. EDIT: I just read the guidelines myself and found I was mistaken. Sorry about that. Ideas projects are allowed as long as they aren't obnoxious, so yours is fine. Again, sorry.
  24. GrahamSlam

    [MOC] RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor

    For something built from memory with a limited selection of bricks, this is pretty impressive! I agree about the engine section, however. They could've used source material, because they look a little strange. They don't flow. Also, the nose of the fighter is not very menacing or sleek, but for standard bricks, it still looks good. Everything else looks great!