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  1. mark6399

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    The color almost looks Dark Azure to me, comparing it to the minifigure outfits. That would be a cool color choice! I think this is a solid set. Yes, the engine is short and a little disappointing, but I love that it has two carriages that are longer than a standard train base plate. I have a feeling that we'll think that it looks way better in person once it is released.
  2. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    @lostdriveway Thank you!
  3. Looking good! I like the "mini-modular" feel to your buildings on the edge. The train shop looks fun!
  4. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    Thank you for the compliments, everyone! This build was actually inspired by the Pleasant Valley Bridge on the Yosemite Valley Railroad. Below are a couple links to images that show the scene. The exact picture that really inspired the build was from one of my books, Railroads of the Yosemite Valley. I couldn't find that one online, so I just linked these instead. 353491-L.jpg (1310×420) ( 353493-L.jpg (1208×1080) (
  5. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    Big update! I've finished the 6 sections of the River Canyon that I originally imagined. I'm really proud of myself for seeing this build through. It was definitely a marathon, but I'm beyond pleased with how seamless each section goes together. There's so many things I'm proud of, but one of the biggest is how I've sculpted the hillsides with the sloped plates. I don't recall seeing much of that technique used, so I thought it was fun to bring more of this method to the community. Those angles were both challenging and fun to build. The technic structure below seems pretty robust (from the initial IRL builds I've moc'd up). Oh, creating the river current was pretty fun too! 123456 Combo_1 by Mark, on Flickr 123456 Combo_3 by Mark, on Flickr 123456 Combo_4 by Mark, on Flickr 123456 Combo_5 by Mark, on Flickr 123456 Combo_6 by Mark, on Flickr 123456 Combo_7 by Mark, on Flickr 123456 Combo_8 by Mark, on Flickr 123456 Combo_9 by Mark, on Flickr 123456 Combo_10 by Mark, on Flickr
  6. mark6399

    Ritten railway cog locomotive

    Nice! I really like variant 2, and the bottom running boards you added really make the model feel more complete!
  7. Great progress! I like the marble decals as well!
  8. mark6399

    Ritten railway cog locomotive

    After looking at it more, I agree with you on the compressed look and understand wanting to stay close to 6-wide. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  9. mark6399

    Ritten railway cog locomotive

    Looking good! I like the roof and the slatted wood effect. Just a couple thoughts. It looks slightly compressed to me. Maybe you could add one plate to each of the four windows on the side (maybe switch the plates out with a transparent brick and plate). Also, I think the middle window on the front could probably be doubled in length. Maybe convert a white plate on either side of the window to transparent and increase the overall width of the model by a plate or two. Of course just my opinion. I like it and thanks for sharing!
  10. Well done! That looks really nice!
  11. mark6399

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I'm a fan of the new sets so far. The freight train has an interesting loco, and I really like the auto rack. I actually think the different colors go nicely together. The locomotive probably could have been one brick or 2/3 bricks higher to even the set out though. I love that they went back to putting doors in the passenger train. I'm thinking that this one will look even better in brick. I also really like the length of the train, and if you want to expand it, you can get two kits and you'll have a nice long train! I'm fine with the station. Where I'm at in the US, stations are basically non-existent, and the few that are around, aren't too far off from this design. I like that it has a lot of transparent elements and some nice colors, like the contrast of the teal and the nougat(?) masonry bricks. I also love the bus! Nothing that really blows me away, but I think they are nice offerings.
  12. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    @lostdriveway Thank you! I actually haven't opened the file it in about 3 months. Been busy and it requires a surprising amount of brain-power to design and conceptualize. I'm working on the last two sections simultaneously. When I left off I had substantial work on the river portion of Section 5 and had started on the mountainside of Section 6. Not sure when I'll be getting back to it, but hopefully soon. @2ndgen Thank you for the praise! I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip! Right now I'm planning on using a technic structure to elevate and support the layout. I have a couple pics of it on my Flickr. It'll need more supports IRL, but it conveys the idea for me right now.
  13. @michaelgale Thanks for the clarification and info! Looking forward to getting these in the future!
  14. He may have taken the picture down for some reason. I had Favorited it, but it isn't showing up in my Favorites Album anymore. He also showed prototypes of his metal wheels, which looked pretty cool!
  15. @michaelgale I had one question I wanted to ask related to the metal composition of the rails. I saw on your website that the rails are made from nickel-plated copper beryllium, and I was a little concerned seeing the copper beryllium as I've heard of health issues regarding beryllium dust. How durable is the nickel coating? Would it wear down over time at the rail joints from connecting and disconnecting tracks together or wear down where the metal wheels contact the edge of the rail, exposing the copper beryllium? If I were to modify any of the tracks to different geometries, would special PPE be required if I'd be cutting into or grinding the rails with a Dremel? I've heard that the main hazard with the beryllium alloys is breathing the dust. I might be being paranoid, but also just curious. Thanks