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  1. mark6399

    Cargo Railway Reimagined

    Thanks everyone! @zephyr1934 Thanks. The diaphragms might not be prototypical, but I thought they kept a neat aesthetic from the original model. I haven't tested it in brick, but yeah, I could easily adjust it if needed. @ivanlan9 Thanks! Yeah, I thought the same about the engines, but decided to keep them short to keep the aesthetic of a set that could be sold by Lego. The base is a standard 6x28 length. If the BNSF base wasn't so expensive, I'd have just used that. I may do a V2 upgrade in the future. The goal with this was to get an initial model complete. I've got some ideas for different variations of the cars. @M_slug357 Nice! @Evans That would be cool! Maybe you could build a custom motor and use PF/PUp. Some of the narrow gauge motors on this forum are pretty compact. You could probably adapt them to 6 wide and use them in the more compact space of the 6x34 bases. @TeriXeri I keep all of my childhood sets separated too. I'm still building my collection for modeling and layouts. I want to keep the sets separate so my future kids will be able to enjoy the sets I enjoyed.
  2. mark6399

    Cargo Railway Reimagined

    Cargo Railway, 4559, goes down in the books as one of the more interesting trains Lego has designed. I never knew that it was actually based off of a real prototype until this thread was created a couple of years ago: Is the 4559 Cargo Railway based on a real train? - LEGO Train Tech - Eurobricks Forums Anyway, Cargo railway was the first Lego train that I received growing up. I liked the train, but always thought that it was a little strange with the disjointed passenger compartments. I remember rebuilding the train into a more traditional consist, but I could never really build it how I imagined due to lack of pieces. About 3 yrs ago I decided to build a "Reimagined" Cargo Railway (There was a long break in between start and finish!). The goal was to build the train how I always wanted to as a kid. I wanted to make it a more realistic style train that embodied the spirit of the official set. As such, I kept different aesthetics and upgraded others. I wanted it to feel like it could be a set that you would see on the store shelves. I may one day go back and further upgrade this into 8 wide with more detail, but for now, I'm very pleased with my present rendering of Cargo Railway Reimagined! Cargo Railway Reimagined 1 by Mark, on Flickr Cargo Railway Reimagined 2 by Mark, on Flickr The cargo containers can slide out of the compartments. I'm thinking of making a forklift that goes along with the train as well. Cargo Railway Reimagined 3 by Mark, on Flickr Cargo Railway Reimagined 4 by Mark, on Flickr The passenger cars are a combination of the Metroliner Railroad Club Car and the passenger compartments of Cargo Railway. Cargo Railway Reimagined 5 by Mark, on Flickr Cargo Railway Reimagined 6 by Mark, on Flickr
  3. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    I finished revamping Section 3! In this section I updated the water, internal supports, and also the wooden trusses. While working on the 4th section, I thought that the trusses would look better if they were a little wider so I increased their footprint. I'm really pleased with how the updated water is turning out and I'm excited to push on to new modules! River Canyon 123 V2 by Mark, on Flickr River Canyon 123 V2_2 by Mark, on Flickr
  4. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    Thanks everyone! @Shiva Thanks for the tip!
  5. mark6399

    Rolling Stock

    Nice! They look good behind your loco's.
  6. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    Wow, it's been a few months since my last update. Since then I've developed actual supports for the hillsides (before they were mostly floating) and updated the water. I'm going back through my first three sections and implementing the changes, starting with the first. The hills in sections 4-6 will be much more complicated, so I wanted to standardize my angles and support structure. Pictures of WIP and final product below. Let me know what ya'll think of the "rapids" in the water of the last image. I think they may work in other parts of my build, but looking at it now, I think I may keep the water flat in this section. Comments welcome! River_Canyon1_V2 Supports1 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon1_V2 Supports2 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon1-V2_Flat water by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon1-V2_1 by Mark, on Flickr
  7. Awesome work @coaster! I've been following this project from the very start and it's awesome to see you persevere to create a product!
  8. Hopefully it is just a Covid delay. I really hope this project succeeds. I'd love to build my River Canyon layout using Fx 9V track. I was in my dark ages during the PF, PUP switch, so it would be cool to pick back up with 9V.
  9. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    Thanks, I think that would be fun! Things are kind of up in the air for me right now, though. I may be moving across the country for work in the coming months, so this is going to stay digital for the foreseeable future, unfortunately. Kind of a pet project right now. I'm designing the display to break apart into 6, 3 baseplate deep sections. I'll probably set each section on a wooden board or something so they can be moved more easily. Hopefully it'll be transportable. I know I'm going to run into a whole new set of challenges building this in real life!
  10. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    @Chromeknight Thanks, that's a really nice technique! I'll have to experiment with it. @Vilhelm22 Thank you! On this side, the track is going to continue curving forming a 90 deg into a tunnel (I think). I started thinking of ideas for what I want to happen on the other side too, haha. I think I would like the canyon to begin to level out and I'd like to have a small western town. Maybe just a station and a couple buildings. Then I'd have the track wind back around so the track can form a loop. That is waaaay down the line though. I've started on the the fourth section, but it will be well into next year when I finish all six of these sections, most likely. I'll have to look into joining a LUG so I can get in on LUGBulk, so I can hopefully build this!
  11. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    Thank you everyone!
  12. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    Halfway Point! This was a pretty tough section. The entire bridge side of the river was full of challenges. From the contours of the landscape, to the bridge bents, to ballasting the ME track (Seriously, please share if you know of a simple way to add the studs and anti-studs on complex custom parts!), they all required some extensive figure'n. Also, I'm thinking of redoing the water with dark blue tiles I think it'd probably look quite a bit cleaner. Next up is the truss span across the river! River_Canyon halfway_12 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon halfway_9 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon halfway_10 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon halfway_3 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon halfway_11 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon halfway_5 by Mark, on Flickr
  13. mark6399

    Train Wheel Size Naming

    I like it! Hahaha! I propose XS, XXS and Itty Bitty, haha!
  14. mark6399

    Classic Space LL-856 Hammerhead

    Really nice work! Kind of reminds me of a space version of the old Stingrays subtheme!