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  1. mark6399

    [MOC] LEGO KTMB 24 Class

    Awesome model! Great job getting your model so close to the actual loco!
  2. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    @zephyr1934 Thanks! It is going to do a 90 deg bend over the river. The river will curve 90 deg following the track just beyond the bridge. @Matt Dawson Thanks! Yeah, it's pretty tedious to build, but I like the realism and the challenge of getting the slopes to align correctly.
  3. mark6399

    Boston and Albany 4-6-6t (WIP)

    Nice progress! Looking good!
  4. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    Thanks everyone!
  5. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    Update time! Sections 1 and 2 are now complete (4 more to go!). This second section had quite a few challenging areas. It took a while to figure out how to get things to line up building the ravine on the mountain side. That curved slope by the trestle bent was also pretty tricky. I'm really pleased with how the trestle bent turned out and am excited to build out more of the bridge. Thanks for the inspiration for the trees @Pdaitabird! I expanded the idea a little bit to add some bigger trees to the mountain. They attach kind of sloppily at the base, but I'll fix that in later updates. I'm really enjoying this build. Each module presents new challenges that are fun and rewarding to solve. River_Canyon2_7 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon2_6 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon2_3 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon2_0 by Mark, on Flickr River_Canyon2_5 by Mark, on Flickr
  6. Really excited for these. They look great! I'm intrigued by the thought of moving back to 9V. I was really sad when it was discontinued. I got some power functions stuff for the Emerald Night, but stopped building for a while. Now I see Lego's moved on to Powered Up. It'd be nice to have a non-rotating power option.
  7. Cool find! Man, that's sad that this didn't happen. Maybe with Lego starting to dedicate more resources to AFOLs something like this could make a comeback. I doubt anytime soon, but one can hope, haha!
  8. mark6399

    [moc] Canadian Pacific MLW RS-23

    Looks good! Also, I love your description "shuffling around the living room in dad's shoes!"
  9. mark6399

    Trains forum banner

    New theme looks great! Good job guys!
  10. mark6399

    River Canyon Railroad

    Thanks for the suggestion @Pdaitabird! That's a nice design, I'll have to try it out! I'm hoping to have the next section done in two weeks or so. It has been a lot trickier than I expected to make plates line up to make smooth hillsides and interesting gradients.
  11. mark6399

    New England BrickWorks: 3rd party curves and switches

    I've got a ways to go before I ever build in narrow gauge, but I'd be interested in narrow gauge offerings as well.
  12. mark6399


    Welcome aboard, George! Looking forward to seeing your MOCs!
  13. These are awesome re-imaginations of the classics! I think the V100 Diesel is my favorite. I really like how you integrated the exhaust tower.
  14. mark6399

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    Cool loco! I like all the greebles you have on the side of the boiler